Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Beauty Voxbox

So, I have been a member of the website Influenster for a while, and I recently qualified for the beauty blogger voxbox. How? I have no idea because the closest I come to being a beauty blogger are my once in a while nail polish posts. But, here goes nothing!

In my voxbox I recieved:

An eyeshadow set in silver from New York Color

Not Your Mother's curl defining hair creme

Bath and Body Works candle

A set of artificial eyelashes from Kiss

Goody simple styles spin pin

A sample of Eboost (which I plan on trying this week)

And Vitabath fragrance mist

My opinions? The fragrance is a full size sample, but I have so much already I will probably never use it. The spin pin sounds like a great idea, but my hair is fine and straight and it wont stay in my hair, and that goes for the hair creme as well: I have straight hair so have no use for a curly hair creme. I have no reason to wear false eyelashes, but I will probably wear them at least once more. The candle is ok, but I probably wont buy it.

My favorite by far was the eyeshadow from New York Color. I definately want to try more shades!

Disclaimer: Influenster sends me these products in exchange for my honest opinions. I am not compensated monetarily, but all opinions in this post are completely my own.

I highly recommendNYC New York Color eyeshadow! It's great.

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