Monday, August 16, 2010

"Ketchup" continued...

Hello again!

Super excited for today, I've got lots to do plus tonight is my first night serving (officially) but I wanted to take the time and finish my post on my Day Zero Challenge:

I believe I left off with #40:

40: try 2 new recipes a month - I'm am SO far behind on this. I should have 24 recipes in already but because of the break I took I only have 3. I hope to get cracking on this soon!

41: I'm (hopefully) going to get one of these out of the way this coming weekend, depending on my schedule! Laurel and Tom are hopefully coming over for dinner, I just have to make sure I'm off work and they are too.

42: I don't know when I'm going to do this, as classes cost money, but hopefully soon - I think it'll be fun!

43: Will be taken care of this November, because even if I don't have a full blown party, I'm still baking this cake for myself!!

44: I'm not sure if I'll do this this year, or next - but either way it will be simple because it will only be for the two of us.

45: My recipe book is in progress - I decided on which one I wanted to use, and have started filling it in, but some of the recipes I want to try before writing them into my book, since I only have so many pages

46: Bread is one of those things I am totally afraid of in the kitchen because it's so easy to mess up. I hope to get up the guts to do this soon, so that we can stop spending money where we don't need to.

47 and 48: Pending funds to buy them.

49: Birthday cards have always been a hard thing for me. I always forget until its too late. (like today is my best friend's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS! but alas, no card sent) I'm trying to work on it.

50: I can't WAIT to send out Christmas cards, even though Mike thinks its totally pointless.

51: Girls night out once a month is going well, I seem to just keep up with this goal without really trying. Mostly if Mike is going out I'll find something to do with a girlfriend.

52: Dunno when, dunno who.

53, 54, and 55: These are in the designing/planning stages. I still have to determine which pictures I want and what will look good on that size of a wall. Hopefully I'll have some plans soon.

56 and 57: These two will probably be done some time next spring, because I don't want to plant my tree this late in the year.

58: The yard sale will probably have to wait until next year since we don't have our storage unit paid off yet.

59 - 68: These are all in the future. Don't have the money right now.

69: Date night is good - Mike and I are actually planning to go more than once a month, probably closer to twice.

70: In the works. Need money.

71: Have two payments left! WOOHOO

72: I don't think we'll trade my car in right away. We have to get some money back in case they want more of a down payment (since my car isn't worth much)

73 - 76: Not really working on these so far, but will get to work soon now that I have a steady job again.

77: Haven't started on this yet.

78: I've found a pattern that I like but it is hard to read, so I may have to choose another one. I will also have to buy the colors a few at a time, so it will be a process.

79: again - need money.

80: I've got a great idea (write about what you know) and I will probably end up posting bits of it here to get an idea on if it's any good or not.

81: I love to read, so this one is easy.

82 and 83: these are going well, but I haven't worked on them lately.

84 and 85: I haven't started doing this yet - I'm thinking maybe I'll start on Thanksgiving? That seems appropriate.

86: This has been started but I haven't worked on it lately - again, need money to print off the pictures

87: This one is so hard, because Mike is a very narrow interest guy - sports and gaming. That's, about, it.

88 and 89: In the works, but no luck so far.

90: Actually this one should be 2/6 so far, I'm down one for this past year, and for this current year so far.

91: Ha! Nowhere near starting this right now, need money for the program

92 and 93: These will hopefully happen for my birthday this year, that's what I want.

94 - 101: Not started yet, or waiting on money. Nothing to report on those goals.

So you see, I have alot started, just not alot to show for it yet. I'm super excited for all these goals, and I hope I get some of them checked off soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's 2:08 am....

...and I am sitting here at my computer screen. My kitties are laying all around me, (they've been relegated to the spare room every other day because Marty does not understand that they-are-NOT-food) now sleeping after peppering me with pleading meows for food and fresh water and of course, lovin. I'm tired but not sleepy, I'm sure you've all felt that way a time or two, so I decided to get started on my "ketchup (catch up) post."

First, I'd like to talk a little about my new job. Over the past five years of Mike's and my relationship, I have held five jobs counting this one. I started at Applebees, as a server/expo/bartender/togo runner/host - you name it, I did it. (except cook, which is suprising to me now that I think about how much I want to learn to be a good cook) I was there for four years total. Then I tried my hand at retail, with Friedmans Jewelers. I would probably still be there, (hopefully) as a store manager, if they hadn't have gone out of business. After that, I got a job as an insurance agent. I took a side job at a pizza place at the same time for a few months while I was put down to part time hours. Recently, I lost that job, and have had to go back to where I started - serving, this time for Outback Steakhouse. And let me just say two things:

1. It is SO much different from Applebees and the pizza place. Applebees was MUCH more fast pace oriented, and the pizza place was just badly organized and had a horrible front manager who did NOT know what she was doing. (Not to mention she was immature and had a MAJOR attitude problem)
2. I can NOT believe how rusty I am! I come home and my feet hurt, my back hurts and I feel like I'm coming apart at the seams. I end up going to bed and sleeping like a baby, and it sucks! I know eventually I will get used to it again, but the adjustment period is going to be SUPER hard.

Besides all that, though, I do have to say that I already love it there. The people are great, the atmosphere is GREAT, the organization is on point, and the management team are on top of things. It's laid back and fun, but still structured. There are a few familiar faces, from when I served before, and that always helps. I'm hoping to reconnect with a few of my regulars and to get a bunch more! Because that's what it is all about, meeting people, taking care of them, getting to know and care about them, and making sure that they have a good time while they're sitting with me.

I officially start on the floor on Monday, and I am super excited!


Now, next I want to get into my Day Zero Challenge. I originally started this project at the end of August of last year. Since then I've done two major revisions to my goals. I'm hoping to stick with these goals until the end, because even though it's not really a "RULE" I'm pretty sure that I'm not supposed to be changing my goals as my interests change. But, hey it's my list and I'm making the rules now!

So, I've already completed thirteen of my 101 goals, which isn't bad for the first year, although it could have been better. I've got quite a few in progress at the moment, and a few that I should be working on but just haven't seemed to be able to get started on them.

14 and 15. Scanning and renaming photo files: I've been slowly working on this, but I haven't really taken too much time with it. Every time I get on the computer I seem to get sidetracked. I really need to get this done, though, so I can free up some space on our (ancient) computers harddrive.

16. Beat The Lion King for SNES : I could never get past this one part in level 2 for the life of me as a kid, and I recently looked it up online how to get past it, and it is SUPER hard. I'm getting there though. I haven't had much time to play lately, and I don't even have it set up in the room yet, seeing as we just moved and haven't quite finished unpacking everything yet.

17, 18, and 19: Right now Mike and I are watching Stargate Universe, so I haven't been watching these other shows, plus I need to start the Netflix back up to complete TNG and Gilmore Girls. In the works, but not a priority at the moment.

20 and 21: Haven't even had time to watch the first few movies I got off of the AFI list, and I'm still compiling my personal list, which I always seem to be adding to. I'm thinking I might have to revise these or just pay the $5, because it doesn't look like I'll be finishing them by May of 2012....but we will see.

22, 23, and 24: I am putting on hold for now, as they are financial in nature, and I just now got back to making money.

25: easy - this is my journal and here is post number 2 for the week! I'm holding myself to this one, I think it's important for me to keep myself accountable.

26: My Husband Rocks Fridays is something I came across on a blog. Every Friday I will be posting about a reason my husband rocks my world. (which there are many of course) I didn't do one this past Friday because of training, but I plan to start this Friday.

27: I tried to do this earlier in the year, but had very little success. I am putting this on hold until I get a professional camera (which is #22)

28-31: I am having a hard time with these. I just can't seem to get up in the mornings like I want to because of the late nights I constantly have. Eating breakfast shouldn't be hard, but it is. Soda is super hard to cut out, as I am trying to cut out tea, too. I'll have to do that anyway if I get pregnant, so the sooner the better.

32-39: On hold at the moment, although I am going to start working out again soon if the pounds don't come off from the increased activity from work.

Well, the husband is wanting to go to bed, so I will pick back up where I left off maybe on Monday or Tuesday. Have a great weekend!
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