Monday, August 31, 2009

Update and Doug's Concert

So I'm going to do my weekly updates on Mondays.

I did one workout last week, and I felt good about it. Hubby says he is going to start going with me so we will see. I am going tonight after we get home from walmart before I cook my taco bake. (look for the recipe and photos tonight or tomorrow - sorry so late!) I don't think I'm going to start on the 100 pushup challenge until next Monday because I want to do the initial test on Wednesday so that I have a while to rest up to start the workout.

I'm doing well on the breakfast and "getup-time" in the mornings, although I did sleep in on Sunday and skipped breakfast. I tried to get up, but I was just exhausted. That's ok, though I am not expecting perfection right away. I knew there was going to be days that I don't make it through, but I pride myself in getting up, eating breakfast, brushing and flossing, and taking my vitamins 6/7 days last week!

***Later that evening***

I went and spent time with my girlfriend, Angie this past weekend as well. We had a good time, we cooked wings and cake and had some drinks, ate, and watch the movie "He's Just Not That Into You". It was a decent movie, but I probably won't watch it again. That's one down for #65, 142 more to go!

I have also finished my second of fifty books. I loved this series when I read it the first time, and this time is no different, although this time I think each book ended before I wanted it to, like there should be an anti-climax and there wasn't. I don't know what book I'm going to be reading next, but I'm thinking that until I have the money to buy The Time Travelers Wife (I'm waiting for it to come out on video so that I have more time to read the book) I'll probably re-read the Twilight Series in preparation for the movie in November!

Goals for this week:

21. Work out at least three times a week - Monday is down! Wednesday and Saturday to go!
26. Complete the 100 Push Up Challenge: do initial test Wednesday, and implement this and the ab lounger into workout. (and stretching)
51. First movie on 100 list: Citizen Kane (1941) - watch this (probably Saturday)
53. Work on crosstitch kitty project
10. Work on design for recipe book pages.

I also get my nephew next weekend (9/12), so that's #64 down for this month! I'm excited to have him to myself for a day.

I made the taco bake for dinner, it was good, but it wasn't FANTASTIC. I'll post about it tomorrow evening when I get home.

Doug's concert was great! (I forgot to blog about this earlier) Everyone got up and danced and clapped and had a good time. He plays some great stuff. If there was a way to post some of his music I would. They're a christian rock band called Doug Farris and Company. Keep a lookout for them, if they can get some exposure I think they will be pretty big on the Christian Music circuit! Here are some photos from the big night:

Doug (lead vocals and guitar)

Doug (guitar)
Backup vocals (long haired Dougs wife if I'm not mistaken)

Rockin a solo
The group at the end for a final song
I had a great time!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling off the wagon already?!

So, Wednesday I totally fell off the workout wagon. I know that I didn't say EXACTLY what days I HAD to do my workouts, but I was supposed to go run and because of the work news (getting my hours cut) I really was upset and didn't want to do anything. Mike cooked dinner, because he's a good hubby, and I read my book the whole evening in order to escape a little bit.

Thursday, I was lazy and read the whole morning before taking Mike to work. I barely ate breakfast, and I felt bad for it. Like literally, I had no idea how fast my body would become accustomed to having food in my tummy in the morning. (3 DAYS! that's it?) Not to mention that the multivitamin I've been taking (one a day women's) makes me feel sick if I don't eat with it. I made sure that I got some milk so that we could make dinner (crappy hamburger helper) and so that I can have breakfast in the morning. On top of that, I woke up on my own at 7:57 that morning! Already my body is telling me to get up! I had no idea it would happen that fast.

Today, my body woke me up at about 6:00am, but I stupidly fell back asleep instead of getting up. I feel so run down because my body tried to shut back down and didn't have enough time to with all the distractions. (aka Indy trying to sleep on my head - again) I did eat breakfast and my multivitamin didn't make me sick this morning as bad, but I think I may still try another brand. Or maybe, I'm getting too much in those vitamins and that's what is making me sick. I don't know. I'll ride it out for another week and see what happens.

Water goal is going great now, I haven't had but a half a soda since I started, and I'm going through about 50-60 oz a day just on my own not thinking about it. Brushing and flossing is going well, and my gums have stopped bleeding! My teeth feel healthier already. I've managed to get up at 8am everyday, and eat breakfast too. (however pathetic it was)

I don't think the cooking blog is going to happen until maybe Sunday night, so I apologize in advance! Anyone who wants the taco bake recipe, be ready for it this weekend, because I am going to make it, even if I have to go to the store myself! We're trying to hold out, and take his dad on his shopping trip that we always take him on. (He doesn't drive)

I'm excited for this evening! It's hubby's uncle's concert! He's a Christian Rock singer, and from what I've heard on his cd, he is very good! I can't wait to go and hear/see him sing. (This is also my boss, just in case you were wondering)

My only disappointment this week is I wasn't able to bring myself to get on the workout wagon. Yes I climbed the stairs at the football game, but I would've done that anyway. And I'm going to try to work out tonight before the concert, but I'm not sure that I'm going to have time. I'll at least run when I get home and then hop in the shower. Tomorrow I'll do my run, stretching, abs, and push up test. Then I'm going job hunting. Hopefully I won't have to look any farther than Buffalo Wild Wings. Monday, the Workout War begins! I will DO THIS!

Wish me luck, and have a good weekend all!

My Husband Rocks!

So even though I'm not sure if the Hubby reads this blog or not, I want to do this for him, and as inspiration for all you new married ladies out there!
In this day and age with the divorce rate being so high, it is common to get caught up in all the bad and none of the good. I am guilty of this, and it almost split Hubby and I up before we ever got married! A lot of people have this twisted idea of what marriage should be, and what it's not. With all the romance novels out there spinning these perfect love stories, it is hard for us to grip the reality of the work it takes to make a relationship, and a marriage successful. One of these things is regulary telling your partner about the good that he/she does in the relationship, and telling him/her why you love them so much.
I encourage you bloggers to do this for your special someone as well, even if he's your husband-to-be or even if there is no ring on your finger yet! Do it! He may do nothing but grunt when he sees your post (like mine most likely would) but inside it will make him feel like a million bucks!

That being said - here is my reason for this week that my Hubby rocks:

He supports me in everything and anything I want to do.

I'm sure that he didn't WANT me to do this blog, and I'm sure that he doesn't WANT me to go back to serving, but he is supporting me. He has never once said that I shouldn't do this Day Zero stuff and he's been encouraging me almost on a daily basis. And when something rocks my world and makes me sad, he is right there to hug me and kiss me, and come up with a plan and a solution. I don't need much help with coming up with a plan, because I am a constant thinker - I swear my mind goes a mile a minute - but he is always there to provide another angle on something that I may not have thought about.

My husband rocks =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Water, water, water...

So, I really struggled these past two days, and today as well, with my "required" water intake. I really think that 97.5 oz of water a day is a little too much. At best both days I think I injested about 70oz. So I am going to change the wording to this:

Cut soda out of my diet except for one soda/tea a week, work toward none at all. (0/143)

This doesn't give me an unrealistic amount of water to drink that I can't obtain, it basically just says "drink only water." I think I can handle that.

Other than that, daily goals are going well. I had to DRAG my behind out of bed this morning, but I finally made it up and to the kitchen for breakfast about 10 after 8, but didn't fall back asleep during that time. I just hope it gets easier soon.

To make matters worse, I just found out today that I'm going to have my hours cut at work. I am going from 35 hours a week down to 20 hours. If I don't make my minimum goals I no longer get commission. So, I am going to have to go back to serving (waiting tables) on Friday and Saturday nights. Mike wants me to work at Buffalo Wild Wings so that he can come in and watch sports while I work. I'm going to go fill out applications on Saturday.

This I know that we'll be ok if I go back financially, but will we be ok mentally? When I worked for Applebees, it was a big strain on our relationship. I hope it's not that way this time around.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day ONE!

So I'm officially starting today, this marks day ONE! And, good news I already have a few to check off!

First I would like to mention that a good friend, Sarah, has decided to do the challenge as well and is starting today too! I'm not sure if she is going to blog about it or not, but I'm excited that I have inspired her to do this as well! I know a few other girls that may be doing it as well and I'm excited to check #88 off my list!! (a few times over! good luck girls!)

I actually didn't have much trouble with my daily goals this morning. The alarm went off at 8 am (#12), and I laid there to wake up for about 5 mins with Indy, my kitten, and then it was easy to get up and trod out to the kitchen to make breakfast (#13) - waffles yum. Then it was easy to go to the bathroom, put my contacts in, and immediately think "brush teeth/floss." (#14) Done, done and done! =)

Drinking the water is going ok - its 3pm and I've drank about 40 oz of my required 97oz. I figure with the game today, I will fill my bottle up once before leaving work, and drink that with dinner when we stop.

Lunch was easy to pack today, because I had leftover $5 footlong from Subway from yesterday. Tomorrow may be more of a problem, I may have to go get "supplies" for dinner and lunch tomorrow when we get home from the game tonight.

Speaking of the GAME, there is a BIG check off my list! #46 - See an NFL football game live! WOOHOOO =)

I made a "mock schedule" of what my weeks are going to look like in order to get everything done, and I realized that I'm not going to be able to work out today like previously planned. I was going to do one of my three times weekly workouts after work, but now I can't. SO, to balance that, I am going to run up the stairs at the game, since we're sitting pretty far up. I think that can count as the equivalent of a workout, so I only have two more workouts this week, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. I will stretch, run a mile and do my push up challenge on Wednesday. On Saturday I will incorporate my ab lounger as well for my sexy tummy =)

So here is the schedule as it stands right now, barring anything having to be switched around:

Mondays and Wednesdays:
8:oo am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush and floss teeth - relax
8:45 am - Mike drops me off at work
5:00 pm - off work
5:15 pm - workout: approx. 1 hour- 1 mile- push up challenge- stretching- ab lounger (100 crunches) - only Monday (2x weekly)
6:30 - make dinner, pack lunch for next day

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
8:00 am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
8:30 am - take shower
9:15 am - take Mike to work
9:35 ish - dry hair, work on projects (crosstitch, story, reading, video games, address book, thank you's, etc)
10:15 - drive to work
6:30 - off work(Tues)
6:45 ish - make dinner, pack lunch for next day
(Thrs) 7:00pm - pick Mike up from work, go home make dinner and lunch

8:00 am - wakeup eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
8:45 am - Mike drops me off at work
5:00 pm - off work
5:15 to 6:30 - free time
6:30 ish - make dinner for food blog - take photos, and save recipe

8:00 am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
9:15 am - (optional - if needed) take Mike to work
FREE to do whenever:Workout approx. one hour : 1 mile, push up challenge, ab lounger and stretching

So, I'm well on my way! I will update again next Monday to let you know how the week went! I can do this!! =)

My Best Friend's Wedding

Sorry I've been gone so long! We went on vacation for our friends Trish and Eric's wedding and I just got back to work today. We want to go back, like now. We actually didn't want to go home!

So let me backtrack. The last time I posted I told you that the guy had our stuff. Well we went to check on it, and really the only thing that we "lost" was a box of Mike's old wrestling tapes. We're sad, but we'll get over it. We're just going to have to make it a goal to start transferring them all to DVD as soon as we get the unit paid off and go get our stuff. We ARE just going to go get our stuff once everything is paid off. Right now our balance is $250.00. Each month that we don't pay he is adding on the price for a small unit, which is $55.00. So, hopefully we should be able to pay it off sometime in January or February and get our stuff back. Until then he's holding it hostage, which is totally understandable. At least we got it back, and can learn from our mistake.

I also posted about us getting our internet back, which is so nice. I really should be posting this tonight from home, but for some reason I think better here at work, and it's easier to blog here.

I finally got over my cold, I still sneeze and sniffle and cough every once in a while, but mostly the coughing is brought on by laughing, so I'm willing to make the exchange. The flea problem apparently wasn't solved, so we have to get to Walmart and get some kitten safe drops to put on her neck. Hopefully that will get rid of them for good, because it is ANNOYING. But, she's too cute, so she's forgiven. We'll get it taken care of.

So, we saw the mobile home - and loved it, but here's the kicker, it's not a privately sold kinda deal. They are dealing with a realtor, and that means financing. We're still going to try, but I'm not very hopeful about it. I'll send in the application, and if they tell us no, it will be what I'm expecting. I loved the place and I could see JUST where everything would be, and it was PERFECT, but we just don't have the credit.

Now, on to vacation. Everything was PERFECT. On Saturday, Mike and I just lazed around. Same thing Sunday and Monday, lazed around, did a little shopping, packed for the beach. Monday night we went down. I drove for probably about 5 hrs straight on NO sleep. The sun was up when we got down there for the rehearsal, so I didn't get to nap. Rehearsal went good, then we went down to the beach. The water was BEAUTIFUL that day! We floated in the ocean, did some boogeyboarding, and just played around. About six we finally left and drove an hour to our hotel, checked in and I slept the clock around - almost thirteen hours, but hey I was running on 29 straight hours of being awake! So, we get up the morning of the wedding and drive in. We get ready and get going.

The wedding was beautiful. Trish looked gorgeous, and everything went perfectly for them. There were dolphins playing in the water behind the arch before the ceremony (SO perfect) and the ceremony itself was beautiful. There are pictures on my facebook, if anyone wants to look at them, comment and I'll add you. After they were pronounced, the coolest thing happened. They got a FREE FLYOVER! That's right, we're thinking the two planes saw the ceremony and decided to flyover and tip their wings to the happy couple! It couldn't have been timed more perfectly and it was the icing on the top of the cake of a perfect wedding day! We went in and ate dinner, and lazed around, and then Mike and I called it a night and drove back to the hotel.

The next day, Mike and I drove back down and went shopping. We bought our requisite shot glass, a picture frame to put a picture of us from the beach in and hang in our new lighthouse themed bathroom (once I get the and I bought a shirt. We looked for a turtle buddy for Donny, but apparently its illegal to sell them anywhere but SC. So now Leo for us this trip. We'll get them all eventually.

Then we went to the North Carolina Aquarium. I have to admit we were a little disappointed at the size of it, but we're spoiled with the Baltimore Aquarium being so large. From there we went to the Wright Brothers First Flight Museum, and took photos at the memorial and at the "reinactment" sculpture. We saw jockey's ridge from a distance, but I knew I was not in the mood to roll down some sand dunes, so we're saving that for next time. Then we went back to the beach. The riptide was CRAZY that day! Mike and I got out of the water at least three times to walk back up the beach after being carried down the way! It was because of the storm out in the ocean, and they red flagged swimming the next day. So after that, Trish and Eric invited us to dinner and to stay the night, and we all went for a walk on the (CRAZY) beach that night! The waves were CRAZY and we all got soaked, but it was fun. And there were crabs EVERYWHERE! It was fun taking pictures and chasing the little guys.

The next day we packed up and went home. My eyes swelled up for some reason, and it was pretty bad, I had to keep ice on my face for almost 5 hours before it died down and I could drive. We got back into town and hung around the apartment, and just decided to be a little lazy again.

Then Sunday we went and saw Summerslam at BWW. It was fun, I guess. I'm starting to get bored again with wrestling. None of my favorites are really doing much right now, so I'm just kinda "blah" to it all.

Tonight, is the football game in Baltimore, which means I can cross another thing off my 101 list!! I'm so excited to see an NFL game live, and I have a feeling it won't be the last!

If you got through all of that, I applaud you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The goals are set, the starting date is too!

So, I finally decided on all my goals. Some are easier than others. Some I'm starting right away, and some I will need to wait to start on until we figure out our current situation. I will edit/add new goals if this house thing goes through, because I'm sure there are things that I will want to do to the new place if we get it (like paint the kitchen a light yellow color =) ) because some of those goals will no longer be needed. I'm going to break it down into categories to kinda help me keep better track of all the ones I need to do daily/weekly/monthly and so forth.The starting date will be the Monday after we get back from our vacation August 24th, 2009. That will put day 1,001 to be May 21, 2012. Which means there are 3 Thanksgivings, 3 Christmases, 2 and 1/2 baseball seasons, and 3 football and basketball seasons.

12. Get up every day at the same time – 8:00 am **NO MORE sleeping in!!**
13. Eat breakfast every morning
14. Brush and floss every day **this one will be hard for me - I never floss**
11. Drink 96.5 oz of water per day (based on 193) weight x .5 = oz H20 needed ( new water bottle = 32 oz - 3 bottles a day)

1. Start a 1001 days blog and document progress weekly
21. Work out at least three times a week
26. Complete the 100 Push Up Challenge (implement this and the ab lounger into my thrice weekly workout - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays)
15. Pack lunch 4 days a work week

8 and 9. Make something new for dinner once a week and post in blog
51. Watch all movies on the AFI 100 list (4 movies = Sept 2009, 3 movies each month after)
64. Spend time with my nephew at least one day a month
65. Have a girls night w/a girlfriend once a month
90. Read 50 books. I have decided that my first books are going to be: Born in Ice, then Born in Shame, then The Time Travelers Wife.

So I looked up the AFI 100 list for movies and I think I'll go in order. The first four are:
Citizen Kane (1941) - never heard of it
Casablanca (1942) - been wanting to see this movie
The Godfather (1972) - been wanting to see this too
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - never heard of it

I had to skip Gone With the Wind because it's not available yet, but the rest are queued in Netflix and ready to go!The first "other" goals I'm going to work on once I'm back are:

2. Write thank you cards for the wedding
10. Design and complete recipe book.
22. Lose 50 pounds - healthily **this is kind of combined with the running and water weekly/daily goals**
53. Finish crosstitch kitty project
27. Get some of my flexibility back by stretching (each and every time I run)

I do believe I'm ready to start! =) One last week of freedom and then I'm cracking down!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Having a mind block

So I did good for the most part with my goals, but I have nine left and I seriously cannot think of anything more that I want to do in the next three years that I haven't already written down. I didn't include any work goals because I have to write up a business goal worksheet every year anyway. I didn't include Tupperware because EVERYONE is getting into those kinds of businesses now, and I don't have many friends to network through, so I'm not sure if I will succeed. This may need to be put on hold for a while anyway, with the news that I just got today. We might be buying a mobile home! It's exciting, we're going to look at it tonight, and maybe talk to the finance place that it is through as well. If that happens, then alot of my goals for the apartment will be non-usable! lol So, say a little prayer for me! =)


Well, the drama isn't over but there is some good news. The guy they sold our stuff to still has most of it. It was supposed to be delivered back to the storage unit guy this past weekend. The bad news is he hasn't called me, so I don't know if it's there or not. I'm going to be giving him a call sometime today if I haven't heard from him.

Also our internet is back, and apparently we have alot of uploading on the computer that needs to be done. Hopefully we'll get everything settled and be able to be online tonight to check everything. Thank GOD.

I am sick as a dog. The sore throat started Saturday night and has steadily gotten worse. Sleeping was horrible last night, especially with the kitten constantly trying to sleep on my head. LITERALLY on my head. Plus, we have fleas from the kitten. That's already been taken care of, I gave her a bath last night and she did ok, but I think I made the water too cold because she kept trying to jump out when I wasn't holding on tight. Her little heart was going a mile a minute. As soon as I got her in the towel and rocked her a bit she was fine. She's such a little sweetheart, I love her to death. The other four cats got their hertz treatments and the fleas should be gone by tomorrow or Wednesday - hopefully.

I'm really excited about doing this 101 goals in 1,001 days blog, but now everything may be put on hold for a while and here is why: (get ready for the good news!) We may be buying a mobile home! Mike says it's great - he's already seen it. He delivered furniture to this couple today who moved out of it and moved in next door, because it was too big for them to clean! It's three bedroom, huge kitchen, huge back porch, fenced in yard (we can get a puppy!!), and two huge storage sheds as well. We're going back to look at it tonight, and might be talking to the finance people as well if we're interested! I don't really care what it looks like, it sounds fantastic and it's only 15,000! That's how much my car cost! So, I'm excited. Say a little prayer for me that everything goes well and I'll keep you updated!! =)

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Beginning

So I actually got the inspiration for this from another blogger, and thought it was something that I really should do. I have ideas about what I want to do next after getting married to Mike, but I'm wasn't doing anything about them because they were just that - ideas. Now, this is how it works. You choose 101 goals that you want to complete in 1,001 days (approximately 3 years - it's two years and 9 months) and then you can blog about them (or choose to keep them personal), and check them off as you complete them. (Duh lol) Each goal has to be consise in meaning and attainable, no generalizations, and they have to require a little bit of work. So I've begun working on my list, which I will try to complete this weekend, and then officially start on Monday! Until then, happy blogging!

Fair warning...I'm going to whine.

So, it's not really a secret that Mike and I aren't sound financially. The wedding really strapped us and we SKIMPED (not that my wedding looked cheap, it just WAS cheap lol) in order to still pay our bills. Well apparently one slipped through the cracks - our storage unit.

Now, its five months later - and our stuff is gone. No letters, no phone messages, no phone CALLS, and I call to see if we can settle and he tells me he sold it about 5 days ago. We are devastated. Alot of my childhood things were in there, and his collectible transformers that they no longer make, and our spare bed and....well alot. I couldn't believe that he wouldn't leave a message, because I THINK he may have called ONCE but I didn't recognize the number because he called from his cell phone, so I didn't answer it. But STILL why would he not leave a message?

So now, he said he would contact the guy he sold my stuff to about getting it back, but he can't guarentee that we'll get everything, if ANYTHING, back.

Included was my grandmother's toy chest my mother gave to me full with my old baby stuff, blankets and my classic (antique) pooh bear lamp. I feel like crying, and I know I can't take him to court because we violated the lease agreement by not updating our address with him. BUT STILL, if he wanted his money bad enough WHY would he not leave a message? Because of his laziness our stuff is gone - I would have found a way to get him the money sooner if he had just left a message!!

I'm so depressed about this. I know it's just "stuff" but I really feel a HUGE sense of loss over this. I feel so stupid, like I can't make it out here in the "real world" because we're struggling financially, and because of that now I have lost almost half of my possessions. And I feel bad about Mike losing alot of things that were really special to him, too.

This sucks. This

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm going to kill a photographer....

UGH! My stupid photographer!!! Hubby just called and said that our photos came in the mail today - should be a "yay" right??? NOOOOOOOO.


Are you freaking kidding me????? You would THINK, being a PROFESSIONAL, that she would check and make sure the flucking CD works before sending it to me! And now she won't answer her phone, I left a message on BOTH phone numbers and an email! I am trying VERY hard to keep it in check, because nastiness ONLY gets you so far, but I admit that my voicemails were a TAD less than nice.
I mean seriously, she SUCKED at the wedding, had to ask ME which photos I wanted instead of posing and clicking, because I SHOWED HER what I wanted and gave her photo examples to KEEP, and then this happens???

I am about to EXPLODE. She better respond or I am booking my AZZ to her house and DEMANDING my photos AND my money!!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

No Florida Oranges in my future...

That's right folks. No honeymoon. We were supposed to leave yesterday. It makes me sad, because I really wanted to go to the aquarium in Atlanta, and spend the week in Orlando and go to the Tupperware conference.

I am now officially no longer an active member of Tupperware. I just can't concentrate on it right now. I was paying more money in than what I was getting out of it, and I could have paid more but didn't!! I bummed ALOT of stuff off my mom. I'll get back into it when I have some money to start up again and some more friends that I know would be interested in having parties for me.

So, instead of the vacay, we're taking a whole week off work the 16th through the 20th. We have to go to Trish's wedding Tuesday and come back Thursday, but the rest of the time its sleep in, be lazy, or take day trips to D.C. to the Smithsonian or to a theme park or something. It will be fun, but definately NOT a honeymoon. Maybe we'll get to take a week in January or February and go somewhere - just the two of us.

We also had a pregnancy "scare" this week. I say "scare" with quotations because we're not really worried about it. If it happens it happens. It may still be too early to tell, but I took one just in case. It came out negative. Oh well. I'm sad but I'm not. It will happen when it's right for us.

So, in the meantime I am getting back into a workout routine. I am going to go running with or without Mike three times a week. I need to, I've gained almost ALL my weight back and I had lost TEN pounds! I'm devistated, but also motivated. We shall see!

That's the update folks =)
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