Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling off the wagon already?!

So, Wednesday I totally fell off the workout wagon. I know that I didn't say EXACTLY what days I HAD to do my workouts, but I was supposed to go run and because of the work news (getting my hours cut) I really was upset and didn't want to do anything. Mike cooked dinner, because he's a good hubby, and I read my book the whole evening in order to escape a little bit.

Thursday, I was lazy and read the whole morning before taking Mike to work. I barely ate breakfast, and I felt bad for it. Like literally, I had no idea how fast my body would become accustomed to having food in my tummy in the morning. (3 DAYS! that's it?) Not to mention that the multivitamin I've been taking (one a day women's) makes me feel sick if I don't eat with it. I made sure that I got some milk so that we could make dinner (crappy hamburger helper) and so that I can have breakfast in the morning. On top of that, I woke up on my own at 7:57 that morning! Already my body is telling me to get up! I had no idea it would happen that fast.

Today, my body woke me up at about 6:00am, but I stupidly fell back asleep instead of getting up. I feel so run down because my body tried to shut back down and didn't have enough time to with all the distractions. (aka Indy trying to sleep on my head - again) I did eat breakfast and my multivitamin didn't make me sick this morning as bad, but I think I may still try another brand. Or maybe, I'm getting too much in those vitamins and that's what is making me sick. I don't know. I'll ride it out for another week and see what happens.

Water goal is going great now, I haven't had but a half a soda since I started, and I'm going through about 50-60 oz a day just on my own not thinking about it. Brushing and flossing is going well, and my gums have stopped bleeding! My teeth feel healthier already. I've managed to get up at 8am everyday, and eat breakfast too. (however pathetic it was)

I don't think the cooking blog is going to happen until maybe Sunday night, so I apologize in advance! Anyone who wants the taco bake recipe, be ready for it this weekend, because I am going to make it, even if I have to go to the store myself! We're trying to hold out, and take his dad on his shopping trip that we always take him on. (He doesn't drive)

I'm excited for this evening! It's hubby's uncle's concert! He's a Christian Rock singer, and from what I've heard on his cd, he is very good! I can't wait to go and hear/see him sing. (This is also my boss, just in case you were wondering)

My only disappointment this week is I wasn't able to bring myself to get on the workout wagon. Yes I climbed the stairs at the football game, but I would've done that anyway. And I'm going to try to work out tonight before the concert, but I'm not sure that I'm going to have time. I'll at least run when I get home and then hop in the shower. Tomorrow I'll do my run, stretching, abs, and push up test. Then I'm going job hunting. Hopefully I won't have to look any farther than Buffalo Wild Wings. Monday, the Workout War begins! I will DO THIS!

Wish me luck, and have a good weekend all!

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