Monday, August 24, 2009

Day ONE!

So I'm officially starting today, this marks day ONE! And, good news I already have a few to check off!

First I would like to mention that a good friend, Sarah, has decided to do the challenge as well and is starting today too! I'm not sure if she is going to blog about it or not, but I'm excited that I have inspired her to do this as well! I know a few other girls that may be doing it as well and I'm excited to check #88 off my list!! (a few times over! good luck girls!)

I actually didn't have much trouble with my daily goals this morning. The alarm went off at 8 am (#12), and I laid there to wake up for about 5 mins with Indy, my kitten, and then it was easy to get up and trod out to the kitchen to make breakfast (#13) - waffles yum. Then it was easy to go to the bathroom, put my contacts in, and immediately think "brush teeth/floss." (#14) Done, done and done! =)

Drinking the water is going ok - its 3pm and I've drank about 40 oz of my required 97oz. I figure with the game today, I will fill my bottle up once before leaving work, and drink that with dinner when we stop.

Lunch was easy to pack today, because I had leftover $5 footlong from Subway from yesterday. Tomorrow may be more of a problem, I may have to go get "supplies" for dinner and lunch tomorrow when we get home from the game tonight.

Speaking of the GAME, there is a BIG check off my list! #46 - See an NFL football game live! WOOHOOO =)

I made a "mock schedule" of what my weeks are going to look like in order to get everything done, and I realized that I'm not going to be able to work out today like previously planned. I was going to do one of my three times weekly workouts after work, but now I can't. SO, to balance that, I am going to run up the stairs at the game, since we're sitting pretty far up. I think that can count as the equivalent of a workout, so I only have two more workouts this week, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. I will stretch, run a mile and do my push up challenge on Wednesday. On Saturday I will incorporate my ab lounger as well for my sexy tummy =)

So here is the schedule as it stands right now, barring anything having to be switched around:

Mondays and Wednesdays:
8:oo am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush and floss teeth - relax
8:45 am - Mike drops me off at work
5:00 pm - off work
5:15 pm - workout: approx. 1 hour- 1 mile- push up challenge- stretching- ab lounger (100 crunches) - only Monday (2x weekly)
6:30 - make dinner, pack lunch for next day

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
8:00 am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
8:30 am - take shower
9:15 am - take Mike to work
9:35 ish - dry hair, work on projects (crosstitch, story, reading, video games, address book, thank you's, etc)
10:15 - drive to work
6:30 - off work(Tues)
6:45 ish - make dinner, pack lunch for next day
(Thrs) 7:00pm - pick Mike up from work, go home make dinner and lunch

8:00 am - wakeup eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
8:45 am - Mike drops me off at work
5:00 pm - off work
5:15 to 6:30 - free time
6:30 ish - make dinner for food blog - take photos, and save recipe

8:00 am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
9:15 am - (optional - if needed) take Mike to work
FREE to do whenever:Workout approx. one hour : 1 mile, push up challenge, ab lounger and stretching

So, I'm well on my way! I will update again next Monday to let you know how the week went! I can do this!! =)

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