Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

Or at least it will be soon! We rearranged our furniture tonight, vacuumed the carpets in the living room to prepare for steam cleaning tomorrow and then it's time to break out the tree and GET TO DECORATING!!

The Farris Family Christmas Decorating Extravagana 2011 has officially commenced!!

P.S. - Today was a great day - we spent it with my Dad and Stepmom, Natalie was in a great mood despite her cold (which is hopefully on the mend!) and the Jets won!

Yep. Great day!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

I saved this post for the day after Thanksgiving because I wanted to be able to share with you some photos of my little girl's FIRST THANKSGIVING!

First I have to tell you I am SO thankful for this guy:

He is my world, my rock, and has been SO supportive of me through my pregnancy and beyond, and has been immensly understanding and patient with me in all aspects of our relationship. He is making some very smart, adult choices in his parenthood and I love him for it! He is amazing with our daughter, and I couldn't ask for a better father for my child =)

Speaking of, I am desperately thankful for this little munchkin:

My poor little girl has quite a cold right now, but she is still in SUCH good spirits. I don't know how or why I was blessed with such a WONDERFUL, beautiful little girl, but I will cherish her until the end of time! She is amazing and my favorite part of my life (other than her Daddy of course!)

I am also thankful for these little buggers:

They are my daily entertainment and they all love to cuddle which is SO rewarding. I can't imagine my life without them!

And we wouldn't be anywhere without our wonderful family, great friends, and wonderful people we work with. We are truly blessed in all aspects of our lives.

And now for pictures! =)

Happy Thanksgiving from our little family to yours =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four Months Old!

Dear Natalie,

On the 15th you turned four months old! On the 17th you turned 18 weeks old! You are getting closer to your doctor's appointment but it's still not for another month, so I will be weighing and measuring you this month!


Weight -

Birth: 4 lbs 0 oz
1 mo: 5 lbs 13 oz
2 mo: 8 lbs 3.5 oz
3 mo: 10 lbs
4 mo: 14 lbs!!

Length -

Birth: 18 1/4 in
2 mo: 20 1/2 in
3 mo: 21 in
4 mo: 22 1/2 in

Last month you were drinking 4-6 oz every 4-5 hours, this month you are up to 6 oz every feeding and drink between 4-6 bottles a day. You hardly ever spit up anymore, and only burp once or twice each bottle! If we sit you up, you burp another time maybe, but that's it!

You are a STELLAR sleeper! You sleep from between 11pm and 1 am all the way to between 10 am and 12 pm!! Then you take a few naps during the day, but you have alot more "awake time" than you used to, and we take advantage of it and play alot!

You are now starting to be in between sizes, due to your STELLAR weight gain this month! You are in newborn or 3 month sleepers, newborn, 0-3 mo, and 3 mo onsies, and you even have a few full outfits you can wear now! You are now wearing size 1 diapers during the day, but they are still too big for overnight, so you wear newborn size to bed! We will have to stop that soon, Momma is having a hard time getting those little diapers closed on you now!

Your baby acne is GONE for the most part! You occasionally get a bump here or there, but they usually go away pretty quickly!

Your hernia is STILL there, but it's actually starting to go away! I am actually hoping that it is gone by Christmas time but we will see!

You LOVE to stand up! I try to sit you on my lap and you push yourself up to a standing position every time! Your head control is so much better (if that's even possible, because you were doing GREAT last month!) and you like to hold my hands and sit up with me now! We got you an exersaucer, which was a gift from your Pap a few weeks ago, but so far you haven't gotten the concept of bringing your feet underneath you on your own, so you just sit in it and look at Mr. Giraffe or the mirror that shows your pretty face!

Earlier this week you fell in LOVE with your lovey bear! She's a little purple blanket/bear and you can't get enough of her! You hold her, and hug her, and you occasionally nap with her! Momma will not let you sleep with her just yet, because you are still not rolling. But that's ok, I'm sure you will before I can blink! You are such a smart little girl!

You are smiling ALL the time now! You have also started laughing and giggling this month, and Momma LOVES it! We play a little game at bedtime where you stand on my legs and look at your name letters on your wall and just giggle away! Occasionally when I raspberry your neck, or nibble on your cheek you laugh too! You LOVE your changing table, for some reason it is SO amusing to you and you just laugh and laugh every time I change your diaper! You also LOVE football, and stare intently whenever it is on. As soon as a commercial comes you stare at anything else until football comes on again! You are just like your Daddy already!

You had a blast in your costume on Halloween! It was very hot, though, so after we went and saw your Godmother, Auntie Jess, we took it off and went out to dinner. It was a fun evening. You are such fun! Momma is having a blast spending time with you! I can't wait until Thanksgiving, where you get to meet some of your "cousins" and your great aunts and uncles! We are so excited for you to see everyone and will be sure to take lots of pictures!

Momma and Daddy love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Planning Recap & A Big Thank You!

Before anything I want to send a BIG thank you to Molly @ My Happy House for nominating me for her Link Love this week! What an awesome thing to do!

Football did NOT go well for me this week. I'm very sad to report that my Jets lost...again. They pretty much have to win all the rest of their games in order to make it to the playoffs, and with's just really up in the air right now. Florida State also got knocked out of the Championship chase, with their loss this week. Hubby is devistated. Here's how I did:

Jets @ Broncos   LOSS
Jaguars @ Browns   LOSS
Panthers @ Lions   WIN
Buccaneers @ Packers   WIN
Bills @ Dolphins   LOSS
Raiders @ Vikings   WIN
Cowboys @ Redskins   WIN
Bengals @ Ravens   WIN
Seahawks @ Rams   LOSS
Cardinals @ 49ers   WIN
Titans @ Falcons   WIN
Chargers @ Bears   WIN
Eagles @ Giants   LOSS
Chiefs @ Patriots   WIN

I finished out the week 9/5 - not to shabby.

And here's how my weekend went - not very well:


52 in 52 update
Work on family binder - print out worksheets
Sort through all old mail

Work at 5:15

Pinterest project - possibly two, since I didn't do one last week.
Work on photo renaming and organizing - try to get two folders completed

Work at 4:00 - closing


Thanksgiving get-together with Hubby's Dad's family
Drop Natalie off with a babysitter
Go see Breaking Dawn Part 1


Work on cleaning the living room and moving furniture
Work on family binder
Maybe work on my sodoku puzzle

Weekend Recap Post
ADDED: Dishes, dinner and Saving Private Ryan
ADDED: Natalie's 4 month pictures

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Watch the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that I just got on Blu Ray =)
Have some cuddle time with Hubby and
Natalie - We really didn't have time Sunday to cuddle as a family, but munchkin and I had some AWESOME cuddle time Saturday morning =)

Hubby and I ran into some more financial troubles this week, so I had to put off seeing Breaking Dawn, again - maybe for good. (or until it comes out on video) I'm very depressed by this, but a roof over our head this Christmas is more important - no matter how cheap the tickets are.

Be on the lookout for Natalie's 4 month update tomorrow, I finally got her pictures done today!

How did your weekend go? Link up with us!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Planning

Today I will be having my mini photo-shoot with Natalie so that I can finally post her four month update, which is now a two days overdue.

I will also be finishing up cleaning the kitchen, now that the grossness has stopped and I won't be cleaning for nothing. I need to scrub the windowsill, windows, cabinet doors, reorganize the lower cabinets, clean the stove, crush cans, deep clean the floors (scrub brush and pine sol), and do the dishes and baby bottles.

I'd like to say I really am going to get this done, but I probably won't...I'll probably end up being lazy with Natalie all day - GOD, I love spending time with her!

So, without further ado, I will share my picks for this week in football:

Jets @ Broncos
Jaguars @ Browns
Panthers @ Lions
Buccaneers @ Packers
Bills @ Dolphins
Raiders @ Vikings
Cowboys @ Redskins
Bengals @ Ravens
Seahawks @ Rams
Cardinals @ 49ers
Titans @ Falcons
Chargers @ Bears
Eagles @ Giants
Chiefs @ Patriots

And now for Weekend Planning, which I will be linking up with Molly @ My Happy House:


52 in 52 update - though maybe I might post something else because there's really no change
Work on family binder - print out worksheets
Sort through all old mail
Work at 5:15


Pinterest project - possibly two, since I didn't do one last week.
Work on photo renaming and organizing - try to get two folders completed
Work at 4:00 - closing


Thanksgiving get-together with Hubby's Dad's family
Drop Natalie off with a babysitter
Go see Breaking Dawn Part 1


Work on cleaning the living room and moving furniture
Work on family binder
Maybe work on my sodoku puzzle
Weekend Recap Post

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Watch the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that I just got on Blu Ray =)
Have some cuddle time with Hubby and Natalie

What are you doing this weekend?

Happy House Challenge Week 4 Recap

So, I really suck at the daily tasks. I think I will try this week to do a few of them, but trying to get in the habit of 9 things to do EVERY day, seems a little hard at this point:

Make the Bed: 1/7
Empty the Sink: 2/7
Sweep the Kitchen Floor: 2/7
Clear the Clutter: 0/7
Sort the Mail: 0/7
Spray the Shower: 0/7
Organize Your Outerwear: 5/7
Write It Down: 0/7

This week we add:

Wipe the counters in kitchen and bathroom
Enjoy your Happy Home

These two should be easy, because every time I wash the dishes I wipe down all the counters. The bathroom I can do in the morning after brushing my teeth.

And for the extra cleaning:


Clean all light fixtures/fans
Strip all bedding and clean
Dust all furniture
Organize closets
Organize drawers
Clean mirrors and windows
Vacuum and/or clean floors

I got about half of our bedroom done, and didn't even START on Natalie's room. But, I'm not exactly going to be entertaining this holiday season, so I'm not THAT worried about it. My house is too small to invite people over...perhaps someday when I win the lottery and have my dream home.

This week it's all about the living room - which REALLY needs some work. Hopefully I can talk my Hubby into helping me get it back together.

Hope you had better luck than I did!

Share your Happy House Challenge here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yesterday, I did one of the hardest things I've ever had to do...

::NOTE: This post had the potential to be sad, if you would like to skip it, please do. There is another post today, my better-late-than-never weekend recap::

I had to willingly give away a pet.

It was SO hard, and I cried like a big ol' baby.

So, I casually mentioned that we had a cat that was peeing and pooping all over our floors. Well, she has been doing this since pretty much day one. Meet Holly my gorgeous black and white tuxedo kitty:



At first, she would use the litter box, but she never wanted to get in it, so she would squat over the corner. Then we got covered boxes, and all hell broke loose. She would go anywhere and everywhere, just because she didn't like the litter. I think it's all because of the conditions she lived in before we got her. A small garage with 30 plus cats, no litter boxes, feces everywhere, fleas, and food just strewn all over the floor. So, we took the covers off thinking she would go back to squatting: NOPE. Then, a few years ago, we started noticing her losing hair on her hind end. It would come and go, so we thought it was just a mild irritation. Well, this summer it started happening to our other cats as well, so we started worrying. We took her to the vet three times, and each time all they did was give her some steroids and antibiotics, and it would go away for three weeks and come back. They never did any tests on her, and I didn't feel like they were going to help. So, last week we made a decision. She couldn't live with us anymore. We can't have these conditions once our baby starts to crawl, so we needed to nip it in the butt before it gets bad. (we already need to replace our carpet) It was a very hard decision because she is 6 years old now, and it made me sad that she won't be around for Natalie to love on. But, it was for the best.
We sent her to Hubby's dad's farm about 20 minutes away to live outside with his other barn cats. He feeds them cat food, and sets water out for them, and Hubby said that she settled in almost instantly. I just hope that she is happy and lives out the rest of her life that way. I will try and visit her, but I  didn't go with Hubby to drop her off. It was too hard.
I will miss her cuddles, although it already kinda felt like she was gone, because all she did all day was sit in the window. She wouldn't come to bed with us or cuddle with us or even come around for some love anymore. It made me sad. So, now I say goodbye to my beautiful little Holly-girl.

Mommy will miss you cuddle-bug. Be happy.

Monday Tuesday Weekend Recap

Sorry for being so MIA this weekend until today. (which is technically almost Wednesday by now) I had a very bad start to my week, but I'll tell you about that in my other post.

First, here's how I faired with our football pool this weekend:

Raiders @ Chargers   WIN
Saints @ Falcons   WIN
Steelers @ Bengals   LOSS
Rams @ Browns   WIN
Bills @ Cowboys   WIN
Jaguars @ Colts   WIN
Broncos @ Chiefs   LOSS
Redskins @ Dolphins   LOSS
Cardinals @ Eagles   LOSS
Texans @ Buccaneers   WIN
Titans @ Panthers   WIN
Ravens @ Seahawks   LOSS
Lions @ Bears   WIN
Giants @ 49ers   WIN
Patriots @ Jets   LOSS
Vikings @ Packers   LOSS

I would have won, had I picked just TWO of those games the other way. Oh well.

And here's how I faired with the weekend: (keep in mind - BAD weekend)



Do some laundry
Work on cleaning the bedroom  - this actually got done on MondayBathtime for Natalie
MHR Friday postWork at 5:15


Work on cleaning Natalie's room
Some kind of Pinterest Project
Work at 4:00


Watch football games ALL DAY


Weekend Recap post
Finish cleaning the bedrooms - Natalie's is getting done on Thursday this week
Take Holly to Hubby's Dad's farm
Deep clean the kitchen (this actually got started today however - will be finished Thursday as well hopefully)

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Go somewhere fun, even if it's just to lunch or to a friend's house, or SHOPPING =) - I went to see my friend Amber on Thursday, but that doesn't really count.

How did your weekend go?

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Husband Rocks Friday #2

So, I got this idea from a blog I read almost two years ago when I first started my blog called The Great Adventure. Basically how it works is this:

Every Friday, I will be posting a story, or photo, or quote about how and why my husband rocks! And I invite you to do the same!
No husband is perfect and it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how I set myself up to think about him. If I focus on his failures, his annoyances, or ways in which I’ve felt hurt by him, then I will interact with him as a hurt and frustrated and disappointed wife. That makes for miserable living for me and my husband and those around us. But if I focus on his strengths, his potential, and the ways in which I feel blessed by him, then I will interact with him as a forgiving, blessed, and contented wife. And there’s no greater need a man has than to feel respected by his wife. If he feels like all he does is hurt, disappoint, and frustrate, then the same atmosphere and the same actions will be perpetuated. But if he feels that his wife can be happy and responsive regardless of his shortcomings, he feels respected and empowered. Then a positive atmosphere is perpetuated and actions, once destructive, can improve in an environment that is rich for cultivation and growth into deepened respect and intimacy."
::Taken from Katy Lin's blog::

If you would like to join in on My Husband Rocks Friday, just write a post about how your husband/significant other ROCKS and why! Then mosey on back here and link your post with mine with the tool at the bottom! It's that easy and fun!
My husband rocks this week, for helping me to celebrate my birthday. I got dinner out on Sunday, shopping on Monday (I'm rocking my head to toe new outfit below - the hat my daughter grabbed off the shelf (!!) the shirt was a gift from my bff, the skinny jeans and boots were my present to myself =) ), dinner on Wednesday, and we're not even done yet! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world =)

I know it's not the GREATEST photo, but I love my new outfit =)
My husband rocks =)

If you'd like to share the blog hop on your post simply go here and copy the code into your HTML section on your post! If you don't have a blog, feel free to tell me why YHR in my comments section!

Blog Lovin: A Fun Little Award

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning
 dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome

To keep this award going and pass it along to other new deserving blogs, the recipient must now recognize five other bloggers with less than 200 followers that have really stood out in the crowd.

The rules for the Liebster Award are:
1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love too!

I was given this blog award from a good interwebs friend, Cari who has a blog called Adventures of the Roberts. Thank you Cari, super sweet of you, and what a fun idea!

I was also given this award by Ida at Eternity Kind of Love. We are great friends, and I'm so glad to have met her when we were planning our weddings, even though I ended up getting married a year earlier instead! =)

My awards go to:

1. Kari @ La Doce Vita - A knottie friend who inspired me to do weekend planning posts and like up with Molly @ My Happy House.

2. Ashley @ Oh So Ashley - Another knottie friend of mine, who just started her blog back up. I am enjoying reading her "I Am Thankful" posts this month!

3. Jen @ On a Rock in the Pacific - A fellow blogger who lives on Maui in Hawaii. (JEALOUS!) She is just starting a nursing position and I am enjoying reading all about her work and home!

4. Kate @ Some Dreams Come True - Another knottie friend, who married her wonderful hubby the same year as my husband and I got hitched! I love her posts about her kitties and I'm excited to see how her NaNoWriMo writing turns out this year!

and last but not least...

5. Val @ This Whole Mommy Thing - Another knottie friend! She may not have time to respond to this, because she just had a BEAUTIFUL baby boy (ON my birthday!) and has her hands full! But I have loved reading about her pregnancy, and hopefully her journey through mommyhood, as we have alot in common!

Pass it on girls! =) I'm so happy and blessed to know you all!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Planning Blog Hop

Hello! It's time for our weekly Weekend Planning Blog Hop with My Happy House! First though, I wanted to share with you my picks for last week and how they came out! =)

Jets @ Bills   WIN
Seahawks @ Cowboys   WIN
Falcons @ Colts   WIN
Dolphins @ Chiefs  LOSE
Bucaneers @ Saints WIN
49ers @ Redskins   WIN
Browns @ Texans   LOSE
Bengals @ Titans   LOSE
Broncos @ Raiders   LOSE
Giants @ Patriots   LOSE
Rams @ Cardinals   WIN
Packers @ Chargers   LOSE
Ravens @ Steelers WIN

And here are my picks for this weekend:

Raiders @ Chargers
Saints @ Falcons
Steelers @ Bengals
Rams @ Browns
Bills @ Cowboys
Jaguars @ Colts
Broncos @ Chiefs
Redskins @ Dolphins
Cardinals @ Eagles
Texans @ Buccaneers
Titans @ Panthers
Ravens @ Seahawks
Lions @ Bears
Giants @ 49ers
Patriots @ Jets
Vikings @ Packers

And now for the weekend planning:


Do some laundry
Work on cleaning the bedroom
Bathtime for Natalie
MHR Friday post
Work at 5:15


Work on cleaning Natalie's room
Some kind of Pinterest Project
Work at 4:00


Watch football games ALL DAY


Weekend Recap post
Finish cleaning the bedrooms
Take Holly (aka the cat who pees and poos everywhere) to Hubby's Dad's farm
Deep clean the kitchen (hopefully for the last time for a while)

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Go somewhere fun, even if it's just to lunch or to a friend's house, or SHOPPING =)
What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Express My Happy House Challenge Plus Week 3 Recap

I am totally bombing on this challenge. I am getting super frustrated with always having to clean something I JUST CLEANED 18 HOURS BEFORE. Sometimes even less than that. I'll clean my kitchen counter by the sink (underneath where the DIRTIEST CAT IN THE WORLD sits in the window) and by the time I wake up there will be hair all over it, and the baby bottle drying rack will be lying on the floor - AGAIN! So, then I say eff this, and don't clean for the next three days, and it just is SO bad that I don't wanna touch it when I DO get around to cleaning again. I really need to get rid of that cat. I love her, but she has GOT to go. Luckily, Hubby's Dad has a farm. Hopefully she will be happy there. I will miss her, but not as much as I miss a clean house!!

I'm not going to even post my stats on the daily challenge, because I didn't do it - not ONCE the whole week. I feel like a dirty, lazy, loser!

I don't have pictures of my bathroom, because somehow they got deleted. But here's how the bathroom shakes down:


Deep clean shower/bath
Deep clean floor and baseboards
Clean all mirrors and glass
Clean light fixtures
Scrub toilets including the base
Clean cupboard interiors/exteriors- discard unnecessary items
Clean counters and all items on counters
I think I did pretty good. Not the best, but not the worst. I hope this week is easier. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today I was supposed to...

Today, I was supposed to share with you my finished family binder project. Well, it's not finished. So, I will be moving the deadline back one month. I WILL have it done by December 14th! (Four Tuesdays from now, or is it five? ::shrugs::)

Today, I was supposed to rock my new skinny jeans and boots to dinner with Hubby and his mom. But, I could not find anyone to work. So I am stuck working for two hours, not making any money, having to do sidework, and wasting my precious family dinner time. Outback sucks.

Today, I was supposed to do alot of things. And now I don't want to do any of them.

Birthday Weekend Recap

So, I know I am posting this super late, but I can't sleep and I wanted to tell you all about my birthday weekend! It was great =) We had alot of fun, alot of good times, and alot of good food!

Here goes!



52 in 52 update post
Work at 5:15 pm


Make my rainbow cake I don't have a mixer. And didn't want to have to eat it by myself!
Pinterest Project Saturday - plastic bag dispenser
Babysitter - work at 4:00 pm Mike came home early again.

Sunday (BIRTHDAY!)

Wake up - watch Jets gameLunch with my nephew and his Dad He did drop by to say hi, poor buddy was so cranky!
Shopping at the Outlets - pick up my Jets quilt purse
Shopping we did Monday, the guy ended up not having the right purse. I will be posting about what I DID buy tomorrow =)
Dinner with Hubby and Natalie @ Outback - they sang to me: gotta love my co-workers!


SUSHI with Jess while hubby is at workMaybe some cleaningRelax and enjoy time with Hubby and Natalie
Dinner @ the mall and SHOPPING!

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Purchase some boots and skinny jeans!
Go to see the new Justin Timberlake movie "In Time" The movie was SO good! A definate recommendation from me!

I still have more festivities to come! I am taking tomorrow off work, and Hubby's mom is taking us out to dinner, hopefully to Winchester, where I can shop for a new, cute shirt to wear for our family photos that I want to do. We also have a few necessities that we need for the baby as well. Then Wednesday, Hubby's Dad is supposed to be taking us out, and MY Dad and Stepmom still want to take us out as well! =) I love my family!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Stealing" from a friend...

Note: There are two posts today, so make sure to check out my Pinterest Project as well!

So I thought it would be fun today to share my NFL picks for the week (Like Ida does on her blog)

Week 9:

Jets @ Bills
Seahawks @ Cowboys
Falcons @ Colts
Dolphins @ Chiefs
Bucaneers @ Saints
49ers @ Redskins
Browns @ Texans
Bengals @ Titans
Broncos @ Raiders
Giants @ Patriots
Rams @ Cardinals
Packers @ Chargers
Ravens @ Steelers

And just because I can't resist: a few pics of my munchkin =) She's getting SO BIG!!!

Pinterest Project Saturday # 3: Grocery Bag Organizer

So for this project, it's going to be a quick one. I'm thinking about instead of waiting until Saturday to do these projects (HELLO procrastination!) I am going to try and complete them earlier in the week.

The pinterest pin I decided to do for this week comes from a blog called Tatertots and Jello. It was one of the first things I found when I joined the site and I thought it was a fantastic idea, rather than my Outback bag full of balled up plastic bags. Here is the tutorial - I'm going to adjust it a bit. Here is the inspiration photo from the website:

You need:

Empty wipe container

Grocery bags, any kind

Duct Tape - they have awesome patterned ones at Walmart!

And scissors (for the duct tape)

Here we go!

First flatten out your first and second bag

Fold in half

And lay the handles of the second bag on top of the bottom of the first bag like this:

Flip the handles of the first bag up and roll! Stop when you have a big enough roll to fit inside your canister. Mine was a large canister and I think I got about 30 bags or so in it. (I didn't count silly me, and I wasn't unrolling that thing and starting over!)

Stuff it into your canister and pull the first handles through the top.

And decorate!

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos. All I have right now is my camera phone, and it's ok, but it's not a professional or even DECENT camera by any means.

There you have it! Another Pinterest Project complete! =)

Friday, November 4, 2011

52 in 52 Update: Week 16

Here I am again! I am going to have to make this quick because I have to be at work in 30 minutes! Ahh!

For my last update click here.

#1 - I haven't done anything with my photos the past two weeks. I keep remembering and then forgetting.

#11 - Week 3, Day 1 was complete today - I had to take some time off due to an ankle tweak, but I'm back on track and determined to gain ground back!

#24 - I totally went to start working on this last night and ended up on the computer instead. OOPS!

#47 - Still in progress. I found my papers to work on the sodoku puzzles just haven't picked it back up.

#52 - Still in progress with the family binder as well. I will finish it soon, it's almost complete! I am also planning on organizing a "portable office" since we are going to attempt to turn our desk into a hutch/buffet table.

#23 - I will be baking my rainbow cake this weekend! How I'm going to do that without a mixer is beyond me! lol

#49 - My wedding album will hopefull be completed soon because I am ordering the rest of the photos with the snapfish code SPOOKY300 this weekend! I'm excited =)

I think that's it! Pretty much NO I need to get on the ball! Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekend Planning - Someone's Birthday is this weekend!!

Once again I'm linking up with Molly over at My Happy House. Wanna join in? Click here.

THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE =) That's right, oh yeah, it's my birthday on Sunday! I'm going to be 27 21 again for the sixth year in a row! Here is what's shakin this weekend:


Run (catch up on my C25K - haven't been running due to an ankle tweak, but I only have one month left!!)
52 in 52 update post
Work at 5:15 pm


Make my rainbow cake (although I'm going to cheat I think and use store bought mix)
Pinterest Project Saturday - plastic bag dispenser (since I emptied my last can of wipes yesterday)
Babysitter - work at 4:00 pm

Sunday (BIRTHDAY!)

Wake up - watch Jets game
Lunch with my nephew and his Dad
Shopping at the Outlets - pick up my Jets quilt purse I've been lusting after for two years
Dinner with Hubby and Natalie


SUSHI with Jess while hubby is at work
Maybe some cleaning
Relax and enjoy time with Hubby and Natalie

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Purchase some boots with my (hopefully....) birthday money?
Go to see the new Justin Timberlake movie "Time" if we can get someone to watch Natalie

Wanna participate in the blog hop?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Express Happy House Challenge Plus - Week 2!

Well, I'll be honest. I am hating cleaning! Ugh. I'm just lazy I guess. I'm hoping I can get off my butt this week and actually get the Challenge done early in the week so that I can enjoy it. With five cats and two dogs....all of my work goes to crap in....oh, about a day. So I feel like I'm cleaning OVER and OVER...well, you get the picture. I love my pets, but it's getting rediculous...
That being said, here's how I did:

Make the Bed: 2/7
Empty the Sink: 3/7
Clear the Clutter: 1/7
Sweep the Kitchen: 2/7

Not too great.

Week 1 Leftovers:


Clean out the cupboards- interiors and exteriors
Wipe down all appliances (was completed last week)
Clean windows
Clean blinds/drapery
Clean out fridge
Clean out pantry - I don't have one, it's in my cabinets
Deep clean counters and small appliances
Deep clean floors and garbage/recycling containers

Not good. I will have to work on it more this weekend.

Week 2:


Clean the furniture
Clean the windows/blinds
Deep clean the floors
Dust the lighting

Hooray! Here is the evidence:

My Arsenal of Weapons =)

Before: (Kinda more of a during, as I had already taken curtains and tablecloth to the washer)

(excuse my cute kitties in these photos - they can't resist a window)


Any ideas on how to turn that desk into a hutch? I want to get rid of the monitor and make that my "mantle" since I don't have a fireplace.

And just because a clean kitchen makes me giddy - even if it's only for one day:

Well, on to Week 3 with My Happy House! THE BATHROOM....dun dun DUN...
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