Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy House Challenge Week 4 Recap

So, I really suck at the daily tasks. I think I will try this week to do a few of them, but trying to get in the habit of 9 things to do EVERY day, seems a little hard at this point:

Make the Bed: 1/7
Empty the Sink: 2/7
Sweep the Kitchen Floor: 2/7
Clear the Clutter: 0/7
Sort the Mail: 0/7
Spray the Shower: 0/7
Organize Your Outerwear: 5/7
Write It Down: 0/7

This week we add:

Wipe the counters in kitchen and bathroom
Enjoy your Happy Home

These two should be easy, because every time I wash the dishes I wipe down all the counters. The bathroom I can do in the morning after brushing my teeth.

And for the extra cleaning:


Clean all light fixtures/fans
Strip all bedding and clean
Dust all furniture
Organize closets
Organize drawers
Clean mirrors and windows
Vacuum and/or clean floors

I got about half of our bedroom done, and didn't even START on Natalie's room. But, I'm not exactly going to be entertaining this holiday season, so I'm not THAT worried about it. My house is too small to invite people over...perhaps someday when I win the lottery and have my dream home.

This week it's all about the living room - which REALLY needs some work. Hopefully I can talk my Hubby into helping me get it back together.

Hope you had better luck than I did!

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