Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinterest Project Saturday #2: Hairbow Organizer/Pegboard

NOTE: After tomorrow I am going to move this back to Saturday where it SHOULD have been posted, but I didn't want anyone to miss this post, because I am so proud of it! =)

This pinterest project is something that I have been working for since before Natalie was born. I didn't know exactly what to do with this particular piece until I saw these inspiration photos on Pinterest.

I already had this:

Which I am going to do something like this to:

And combine it all together!

What you will need:

1 pegboard - any size
Paint if you want to paint the frame
Fabric to cover the pegboard (if you want)
Ribbon to make the diamonds on the pegboard and to hang from the bottom
Hooks to screw in to the bottom
a hot glue gun and glue
a hammer and nails (to hang it)
Hairbows and hairclips =)

I already had the frame painted. From there I cut the fabric to the right size and hot glued it to the corkboard and tucked the extra fabric under the frame. I then glued a ribbon down the center to hold extra hair clips and other things.

I hung two additional ribbons to the bottom for more hairclips and hooks on the inside for the headbands.

Done! Simple. Easy-peasy. Here it is on the wall - I'm thinking one side for a calendar, and the other for little things like appointment cards, birthday cards, mementos, little fun things, maybe a picture or two. We will see! I'm going to decorate it a little more this week. I'll post a new photo when it's finished!

There you have it! My first Pinterest Project! =)

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