Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday Tuesday Weekend Recap

Sorry for being so MIA this weekend until today. (which is technically almost Wednesday by now) I had a very bad start to my week, but I'll tell you about that in my other post.

First, here's how I faired with our football pool this weekend:

Raiders @ Chargers   WIN
Saints @ Falcons   WIN
Steelers @ Bengals   LOSS
Rams @ Browns   WIN
Bills @ Cowboys   WIN
Jaguars @ Colts   WIN
Broncos @ Chiefs   LOSS
Redskins @ Dolphins   LOSS
Cardinals @ Eagles   LOSS
Texans @ Buccaneers   WIN
Titans @ Panthers   WIN
Ravens @ Seahawks   LOSS
Lions @ Bears   WIN
Giants @ 49ers   WIN
Patriots @ Jets   LOSS
Vikings @ Packers   LOSS

I would have won, had I picked just TWO of those games the other way. Oh well.

And here's how I faired with the weekend: (keep in mind - BAD weekend)



Do some laundry
Work on cleaning the bedroom  - this actually got done on MondayBathtime for Natalie
MHR Friday postWork at 5:15


Work on cleaning Natalie's room
Some kind of Pinterest Project
Work at 4:00


Watch football games ALL DAY


Weekend Recap post
Finish cleaning the bedrooms - Natalie's is getting done on Thursday this week
Take Holly to Hubby's Dad's farm
Deep clean the kitchen (this actually got started today however - will be finished Thursday as well hopefully)

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Go somewhere fun, even if it's just to lunch or to a friend's house, or SHOPPING =) - I went to see my friend Amber on Thursday, but that doesn't really count.

How did your weekend go?

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