Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Planning Blog Hop

Hello! It's time for our weekly Weekend Planning Blog Hop with My Happy House! First though, I wanted to share with you my picks for last week and how they came out! =)

Jets @ Bills   WIN
Seahawks @ Cowboys   WIN
Falcons @ Colts   WIN
Dolphins @ Chiefs  LOSE
Bucaneers @ Saints WIN
49ers @ Redskins   WIN
Browns @ Texans   LOSE
Bengals @ Titans   LOSE
Broncos @ Raiders   LOSE
Giants @ Patriots   LOSE
Rams @ Cardinals   WIN
Packers @ Chargers   LOSE
Ravens @ Steelers WIN

And here are my picks for this weekend:

Raiders @ Chargers
Saints @ Falcons
Steelers @ Bengals
Rams @ Browns
Bills @ Cowboys
Jaguars @ Colts
Broncos @ Chiefs
Redskins @ Dolphins
Cardinals @ Eagles
Texans @ Buccaneers
Titans @ Panthers
Ravens @ Seahawks
Lions @ Bears
Giants @ 49ers
Patriots @ Jets
Vikings @ Packers

And now for the weekend planning:


Do some laundry
Work on cleaning the bedroom
Bathtime for Natalie
MHR Friday post
Work at 5:15


Work on cleaning Natalie's room
Some kind of Pinterest Project
Work at 4:00


Watch football games ALL DAY


Weekend Recap post
Finish cleaning the bedrooms
Take Holly (aka the cat who pees and poos everywhere) to Hubby's Dad's farm
Deep clean the kitchen (hopefully for the last time for a while)

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Go somewhere fun, even if it's just to lunch or to a friend's house, or SHOPPING =)
What are you doing this weekend?


Sarah said...

I like your Sunday plans!!
Good luck getting everything done!

Ida Jade said...

If you get off early tonight, maybe you can come over to hang out for a little? Josh is working so I'll be all kinds of lonely by myself. =(

Just a thought! =)

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