Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Planning Recap & A Big Thank You!

Before anything I want to send a BIG thank you to Molly @ My Happy House for nominating me for her Link Love this week! What an awesome thing to do!

Football did NOT go well for me this week. I'm very sad to report that my Jets lost...again. They pretty much have to win all the rest of their games in order to make it to the playoffs, and with's just really up in the air right now. Florida State also got knocked out of the Championship chase, with their loss this week. Hubby is devistated. Here's how I did:

Jets @ Broncos   LOSS
Jaguars @ Browns   LOSS
Panthers @ Lions   WIN
Buccaneers @ Packers   WIN
Bills @ Dolphins   LOSS
Raiders @ Vikings   WIN
Cowboys @ Redskins   WIN
Bengals @ Ravens   WIN
Seahawks @ Rams   LOSS
Cardinals @ 49ers   WIN
Titans @ Falcons   WIN
Chargers @ Bears   WIN
Eagles @ Giants   LOSS
Chiefs @ Patriots   WIN

I finished out the week 9/5 - not to shabby.

And here's how my weekend went - not very well:


52 in 52 update
Work on family binder - print out worksheets
Sort through all old mail

Work at 5:15

Pinterest project - possibly two, since I didn't do one last week.
Work on photo renaming and organizing - try to get two folders completed

Work at 4:00 - closing


Thanksgiving get-together with Hubby's Dad's family
Drop Natalie off with a babysitter
Go see Breaking Dawn Part 1


Work on cleaning the living room and moving furniture
Work on family binder
Maybe work on my sodoku puzzle

Weekend Recap Post
ADDED: Dishes, dinner and Saving Private Ryan
ADDED: Natalie's 4 month pictures

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Watch the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that I just got on Blu Ray =)
Have some cuddle time with Hubby and
Natalie - We really didn't have time Sunday to cuddle as a family, but munchkin and I had some AWESOME cuddle time Saturday morning =)

Hubby and I ran into some more financial troubles this week, so I had to put off seeing Breaking Dawn, again - maybe for good. (or until it comes out on video) I'm very depressed by this, but a roof over our head this Christmas is more important - no matter how cheap the tickets are.

Be on the lookout for Natalie's 4 month update tomorrow, I finally got her pictures done today!

How did your weekend go? Link up with us!

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