Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yesterday, I did one of the hardest things I've ever had to do...

::NOTE: This post had the potential to be sad, if you would like to skip it, please do. There is another post today, my better-late-than-never weekend recap::

I had to willingly give away a pet.

It was SO hard, and I cried like a big ol' baby.

So, I casually mentioned that we had a cat that was peeing and pooping all over our floors. Well, she has been doing this since pretty much day one. Meet Holly my gorgeous black and white tuxedo kitty:



At first, she would use the litter box, but she never wanted to get in it, so she would squat over the corner. Then we got covered boxes, and all hell broke loose. She would go anywhere and everywhere, just because she didn't like the litter. I think it's all because of the conditions she lived in before we got her. A small garage with 30 plus cats, no litter boxes, feces everywhere, fleas, and food just strewn all over the floor. So, we took the covers off thinking she would go back to squatting: NOPE. Then, a few years ago, we started noticing her losing hair on her hind end. It would come and go, so we thought it was just a mild irritation. Well, this summer it started happening to our other cats as well, so we started worrying. We took her to the vet three times, and each time all they did was give her some steroids and antibiotics, and it would go away for three weeks and come back. They never did any tests on her, and I didn't feel like they were going to help. So, last week we made a decision. She couldn't live with us anymore. We can't have these conditions once our baby starts to crawl, so we needed to nip it in the butt before it gets bad. (we already need to replace our carpet) It was a very hard decision because she is 6 years old now, and it made me sad that she won't be around for Natalie to love on. But, it was for the best.
We sent her to Hubby's dad's farm about 20 minutes away to live outside with his other barn cats. He feeds them cat food, and sets water out for them, and Hubby said that she settled in almost instantly. I just hope that she is happy and lives out the rest of her life that way. I will try and visit her, but I  didn't go with Hubby to drop her off. It was too hard.
I will miss her cuddles, although it already kinda felt like she was gone, because all she did all day was sit in the window. She wouldn't come to bed with us or cuddle with us or even come around for some love anymore. It made me sad. So, now I say goodbye to my beautiful little Holly-girl.

Mommy will miss you cuddle-bug. Be happy.

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