Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day Zero Update (sixteen weeks)

So, it seems like lately the only time I have to post anything is on Saturdays, and occasionally Friday nights. So, without further ado, here is where I stand currently with my Day Zero Progress:

Today is Month 4, Week 16, and Day 110.

- I never got to my new recipe this month, because I am very short on cash. I'm sure now that I am moving in with my sister, that we will be able to try some new things, because we are going to sit down and figure out meal plans.
- Still not doing the getting up, eating breakfast, brushing/flossing thing. It's just SO HARD when Hubby sleeps in to get up and to not sleep in on my days off since we always stay up SO LATE!

- Girls night/Christmas decorating w/Trish did not go over because of snow. However, we did go out on a double date with Laurel and Tom last week, so I think I will count that as my girl's night this month.

- #'s 72, 73, and 74 may have to be changed, since we're probably looking at longer than three years before we are able to buy a house.

- I recently read two more books. The first was Through The Storm by Lynne Spears. I'm not sure how I feel about the book, but it does give you some insight as to what was happening to Britney BEHIND the paparazzi photos - which involved a man giving her medication that made her unable to make her own decisions, and alot more which is pretty scary. I'm glad that she is starting to get back on track, though. Let's hope it stays that way. The second book I read was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. The movie for this book comes out in February, and I have to say the book made me cry, which isn't hard, but it was still a very powerful story. The sacrifice that the main character makes for the happiness of the female main character is AMAZING. If you have the money and the time, READ IT. I guarantee you won't be sorry.

- I have changed #64 from spend time w/my nephew once a month, to complete a 25 x 25 sodoku puzzle. I TOTALLY forgot that I had one, and it was quite difficult to start, so I have decided that I am going to complete it, because it just might take me three years to do it!

That's all for now!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

I know, I know. It's becoming a MHR Saturday instead of Friday, but this is when I have the most time to blog it seems!

Ahem...anyway, the reason my husband ROCKS this week is a simple one: He has a very kind heart. And this is why:

We are MOVING - again - for the 1 billionth time (it seems)!

Now, you ask, why does that have ANYTHING to do with him having a kind heart? Because, we are moving in with my single-mom sister and my nephew! We are having some trouble financially, and aren't able to save as much as we would like to, so we are moving in with her to help her with my nephew, and help her with her finances as well!

When we originally agreed to move in together, we had decided NO ROOMATES. We just didn't want the hassle and trust factor that is involved with having someone else live with you. But, (1) we trust my sister, (2) the economy is pretty much forcing this on us.

I am excited, because I am going to get to see my nephew grow up before my eyes, and that is a wonderful thing!

My Hubby ROCKS

Happy First Birthday to my nephew!!

I remember this day last year like it was yesterday. My sister called me, said that they were back in the hospital and that Gabe was coming that day!! I went to work, and basically told my boss I was leaving. He, of course made me come back that day at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME because he had to leave, so I BEGGED God to let my sister wait until I could get there in order to push! I finally got there with Uncle Mike (my hubby) and we went up to the waiting room. I went in and helped Andrea (by holding her leg) and I have to say it was the most DISGUSTINGLY beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life! He was beautiful, and still is!!
Here he is fresh and clean after birth with his mommy.

And the next day with his Auntie Rachael =)
And here he is with his mommy on her birthday back on October 8th. He has gotten so big! I can't wait to see where this next year takes him, other than walking and talking!! =)
HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY GABE! Auntie Rachael and Uncle Mike love you bunches and can't wait to move in with you after Christmas!! =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Farris Family Christmas Decorating Exravaganza 2009!

So, I told you all I would post pictures when I have everything completed! Let's just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas, and my house feels SO cozy and warm (even though TEMPERATURE wise it is FREEZING right now!) and I am loving my decorations! So without further ado, lets just get to the good stuff =)
With the lights on

Lights off

It says, "First Christmas Together" and 2009 in the heart

In honor of my favorite Christmas movie

And one of my childhood obsessions =)

Stockings (on a bookcase, cuz I have no chimney or mantle LOL)

Kitchen lights

Desk area with all my Christmas baubles and nativity set

Front porch

And what everyone sees from the road!

Merry Christmas!! =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

SO, this week, I've been all about Christmas. And my hubby, well, lets just say that he is NOT a Christmas kind of guy. But, the reason my husband rocks this week, is because he actually WENT THROUGH the Christmas section with me and let me pick out WHATEVER I wanted! Granted, we still have to get stockings and holders for the "kids (cats)" but that's all we have left and then we will be set!

I am decorating tomorrow, and will be putting pictures up tomorrow evening! So, for humoring me with the music, the tree, and the decorations....


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day Zero Update (fifteen weeks)

So....sorry I didn't update last week, but with the holidays and everything I wasn't really focused on Day Zero stuff. That's ok, because I'm going to give you the rundown now on how everything has been going!

Today is Month 4, Week 15, Day 101!! I thought it was fitting that I'm posting on day 101, kinda cool. Anyway, I've worked on a few things this past month, but my main focus has been the Gym. I no longer have a workout partner, Angel decided that what we were doing wasn't working out for her and she wanted to lose the weight faster, so we have now split off and are doing our own thing. I'm trying to find another partner, but lately I have been fine with going on my own. I've been doing well, but I didn't go at all last week, and with the holidays and how much I ate, that's probably not a good thing. I have laid out a schedule for myself, and I am going to start following it religiously on Monday. NO MORE SLEEPING IN, I've got to get on a regular pattern.

Of course, girl night #1/Christmas decorating was a success! We had so much fun and there's only two more days till we see each other again and decorate MY house!! YAY!

In addition to that, Mike and I went on a double date with our friends Laurel and Tom last night, and we had a really good time! We went and saw Old Dogs with Robin Williams. It was good, but it was SHORT. I would recommend waiting until it comes out on video to see it. Then we went back to our house and all watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past together. CUTE movie! And you gotta love Matthew McConaughey - so hot. We will have to do it again! I love hanging out with them. They are getting married next year, and I'm so excited for them!

We have also determined that we are going to be moving out. We hate our landlord and we're just tired of him never fixing anything and always hounding us for his money, when he has never done ONE thing to make our place a better place to live than the sh*thole that it is. So, my sister and I are looking for places right now, I will hopefully have some good news soon! We're trying to move in by January 1st. So I may have to put aside some of my goals for a bit until we get all settled in. I am excited though, because that means I will get to spend more time with my nephew, and see my sister more often. And this will help her out with the single mom stresses of one income. I will let you know whenever we find something!

Watching the movies on the AFI 100 list has not been on my top priorities. I'm thinking about revising that particular goal, because I'm honestly just not that interested. I'm leaving it for now, I may end up getting back into it, but I may not.

I'm also going to have to think of something to replace my seeing Gabe once a month now as well. I don't know what yet, but I'll work on it.

I have most of the wedding photos printed now, and just need to get them into the album and photo guestbook. So that goal should be complete soon.

Other than that, there's really nothing to report.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Thankful For...

Wow, so I haven't been on to update in forever, but first I want to comment on the day today! Thanksgiving is special for many reasons. It is the start of the holiday season, which is my favorite time of year, and it is the first occasion of the season where the whole family comes together, which is something that I always love. Here is a photo of my side of the family at dinner this evening! We stuffed ourselves, and Hubby and I had SO much to take home too! I will be eating yummy turkey sandwiches and sweet potatoes for the next week! YUMM!
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for many things:
1. My family

Left to right: Me, Hubby, Grandma, Rod (mom's husband), Andrea (sister), Gabe (nephew), Chad (Gabe's Dad), and Mom. =)

2. My nephew, and getting to watch him grow right before our very eyes!

Here is a close up of my heartbreaker nephew - he is getting so BIG! =) And he has a new trick! I was watching him play in his pack n' play and he literally JUST started pulling himself up on his own, so it is only a matter of time until he takes his first steps! I am so excited for this, and kinda hoping it happens by Christmas! (although that is probably wishful thinking.)

3. My hubby, with whom I am SO happy in every way. He is everything and more to me, and I don't know what I did to deserve such a man, but I will take him

Here he is with Chad, passed out warm and comfy with full bellies =)

4. For all my wonderful friends, without you I wouldn't have a fun life at all! I love this season because it brings out all the love, and I am definately feeling it today!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
The countdown to Christmas is ON! 29 more days!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Catch Up - MHR and Day Zero (thirteen weeks)

Catch up. Yeah. Wow. I've been a slacker this past week!

Ok first, my MHR post. I'll go ahead and do two, since it will be Friday in about two hours anyway!

First, my husband rocks because he has been TOTALLY cool with running me to the gym, staying late at work, and coming back to pick me up, just so that I can get healthy. I love him so much for supporting me in this, and I hope that he gets on the gym bandwagon with me, and gets healthy as well!

Second, and this will be childish but I dont care....My Husband Rocks because he is going to a midnight showing of a certain movie tonight! Which one, do you ask??


My hubby rocks =)


Ok, now for the Day Zero stuff.

Today is week 13, Day 87. Last time I posted I was working on a few things:

First, a correction. I thought I hadn't finished Eclipse yet, but I already have. So, whenever I get back to feeling like reading again, it will be the Lynne Spears book. Just have been all "bookwormed out" lately.

The fitness routine is going well. I was told not to expect results for about 8 weeks, because that is how long it takes for the extra water weight to start burning off. I am starting from scratch on muscle, but sooner or later I will start to gain that and that will burn fat as well. I've been going to classes almost every day, Zumba and BodyPump, and I love it! I also had a personal training session that went really well yesterday. I plan to do another one next Wednesday.

I'm not sure if I'm going to get over to my Grandmother's for Thanksgiving, but I definately want to go see her between now and Christmas. I will call her soon to set something up. Hopefully, Andrea and Gabe can come too.

The getting up early is still not happening, nor is the brushing and flossing, or eating breakfast. Those are SO hard for me, because I literally roll out of bed in the morning most of the time with just enough time to get to work. I need to start going to bed at like midnight, and getting up at 8 am again. I felt better after the inital getting used to it, and I don't really know why I stopped. Not to mention that my teeth are starting to hurt again, and its gross that I don't brush every day. I need to get back to it. I promise to do it before the month is out.

My recipe book is not going well. Somehow I deleted the completed pages that I had, and now don't have the names of the dishes that were lost, or the pictures to remember what they were. I'm really sad, because they were things I really wanted to try, and I've just been very discouraged since then and haven't wanted to work on it. I promise to get back to it soon.

That's about it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Zero Update (twelve weeks)

Well, I had tons of fun this past weekend, and I have been so busy with my new workout buddy I haven't even had time to blog!

Today is technically Week 12, Day 80, since I missed my post on Monday and only took the time to tell you what Hubby got me for my birthday - which was fantastic and I love him SO SO much! =)

So, I am now into month three, and I already have a few things done for this month. This past Saturday I went to visit my nephew at my mom's house, and killed two birds with one stone. Hung out with my mommy some, which I had been meaning to do for a while, and got to see my nephew CRAWL for the first time (for my eyes, he's been crawling for about two weeks now!!) during the visit. I promise to take some more pictures of him REALLLL soon! He is getting SO big, and he is a handsome little devil! I love him so much!

I also spent some time with my best friend, Jess today! She asked me to come over to her house, and we watched the Garfield Thanksgiving and Christmas specials together, and just hung out for a while. It was really nice. I'm still one "girls night" behind from last month, but I already have a date set for the next girls night! CHISTMAS TREE DECORATING, on the 28th of November, with my Trishie at her house! Technically that is into Month 4, but then on the 5th of December she is coming down to my house to help me! I am so excited for Christmas I can't stand it, but I am trying to hold it in until after Thanksgiving! Let's see how well that goes. LOL

I also completed another goal this week, #24 - take an arobics class at a gym. Since I joined Golds I have started to do Zumba classes and I love them! But, I still want to take an actual dance class at a studio (if it is possible) so I moved that to a seperate goal to replace those apartment goals that I won't be doing anymore, since we don't know how much longer we will be here.

I have also determined that based on the number of movies I have already seen on the AFI 100 list I need to watch about 3 of the movies a month to get them done by the end of the time period. We have started watching Star Trek: TNG and have completed three episodes, and I believe I have watched disc one of season one of the Gilmore Girls already too.

I also finished the new Sisterhood book - it was so good! I am now finishing up Eclipse, and then it is probably on to the Lynne Spears book about the troubles with her two girls. I'm actually intreagued with this book, it should be a good read.

I have started the data entry on my recipe book, and I already have a good chunk of it done. Depending on the situation tomorrow night, I may be able to get more of it done.

On the to-do list this month:

Visit with my Grandmother either Thanksgiving time or Christmas time.
Get back to getting up early, breakfast, and brushing/flossing daily. I NEED to stop sleeping in, it is bad for me.
Complete a new recipe for dinner and blog about it.
Keep up my fitness routine, and my diet routine w/cutting out soda.

That's all I can handle this evening. It's 2 am and I have to work in the morning. I will write more soon!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm the birthday girl!


I am so happy =) He actually listened to what I wanted for my birthday and got it! It's so pretty and warm!

That is all. =)

My Husband Rocks!



I'm the big two-five, ugh! lol So, haven't done much this morning except went to a bodypump class with Angel, (KICKED MY ARSE!) and I'm going to lunch with my mom here in a few. I have to work tonight, which should be fun, and then afterwards my maid of honor, Jess, Hubby, and Ben and I are going out to dinner. Should be fun, and I'll get one drink. MMMM I can taste the Applebees already!! Yay!

So, my husband rocks and all I'm going to say is this:

I LOVE SURPRISES! He managed to order something for me, and I didn't know. Don't know how much it costs, where it came from or anything! I have deliberately not checked the bank account because I don't want to ruin it, but I will know tonight!! I can't wait to tell you all what he got me!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Zero Update (Ten weeks)

Today is Week 10, Day 70! And I have some FaNtAsTiC news! I have found a workout buddy! I am so so so excited about this, because she is about the same weight as me and wants to lose about the same amount, and she used to be in the marine corps so I know she will be dedicated and help my lazy ARSE get to Zumba class! And her name truly fits her now: Angel =) She is my workout Angel!! lol I can't wait to get started, we are going to a $5 Zumba class on Tuesday evening.

So I think this is going to motivate me to get back on the wagon on alot of things. First, no more soda, except maybe one a week for a treat, because I love my cherry cokes at work. Second, eating breakfast every morning. Once we get the house cleaned up I am going to start getting up early again to eat breakfast and brush my teeth and such. Hubby is just going to have to suck it up and either get up with me, or sleep like crap for another hour. His choice =)

I'm already challenged with this darn Sudoku puzzle, and its driving me crazy! lol

I haven't done my recipe book yet, but if we get done the cleaning that we have to do today before its too late I may start on it tonight, because it shouldn't take me long as I don't have THAT many recipes yet.

The new Sisterhood book is really good so far, but I haven't picked it up in a few days, because of this whole Haunted Week thing for my facebook game. I also had started on the background profile of one of my characters in my romance, but haven't done anything more with it so far this week. I will probably work on it a little bit here soon. It's not like there is a rush to get it done. I have three years to write it, I'm sure I will get inspiration in due time.

I think that's all the catch up I needed to do! Now for a little fun. My birthday is this Friday, and Halloween was this past Saturday. I won't post the pictures, because they are the reason for this new workout plan being created, as I am totally embarrassed at how big I have gotten, but we had tons of fun, and if you really want to see the pictures, you can search for me on Facebook, they are there in all their overweight glory. I am losing this weight! I am thinking about taking before and after pics to motivate me further.

That's it! Have a good day, world!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Zero Update (Nine weeks)

So, this past Saturday was my two month mark with Day Zero! Today is Day 64, and I am now into Week 9, and I am falling behind.

Some of my monthly goals did not get met last month, but I will make up for it this month if I can!

#65. Have a girls night with a girlfriend once a month. - I wanted to spend some time with my friend Heather, since I haven't seen her since before the wedding, but she never called the day we were supposed to hang out, and honestly, I wasn't going to call her, because I'm still a little miffed that she didn't at least call me to congratulate me on getting married, and didn't show up to my CASUAL BACKYARD reception. So, this month I will do two girls nights, or try to hang out with two of my girlfriends on the same night or something.

#86. Do 50 things for Mike that I know he will love. - This one is hard for me, because he pretty much does what he wants and it is really hard for me to sneak anything in that will impress him or make him happy. He is not into the sappy stuff, so I would feel stupid bringing him home a flower or a card "just because." This is a toughy for me, but I need to start working on it, and I will!

There are a few on the "apartment" section that I have started to replace, because I can't stand our landlord, he is a jerk, therefore, I am not making an effort to make our place any better for his benefit. So:

#22 - Lose 50 pounds - healthily is being broken up into two goals - 25 and 50. This goal will now be 22. Get a professional massage.

#38. Fix picnic table and #39. Lay gravel on back path have been replaced with Lose 25 and 50 pounds, respectively.

#42. Paint the front porch w/Mike will be changed to 42. Complete the World's Longest Sudoku Puzzle.

I am still thinking of more things that I want to do in the next 2 and 3/4 years to replace the remaining 3 apartment goals that I want to replace, but when I think of something I will add it and let you know!!

I also need to get back on the ball with my daily goals:

Brush and floss every day
Eat breakfast every morning
Get up at 8:00 am every morning

And need to start packing my lunch more, cut soda and tea out of my diet again, and I have also started getting ideas for my romance, and I started on that sudoku puzzle last night - but that is fun for me. I need to get on the ball and finish my recipe book, now that I bought ink for the printer. I will work on that in the next week or two and try to get it done.

I also finished that FBI-style book a few days ago! It was so good! I think even Hubby will like it, he likes that kind of stuff, and it really kept me guessing until the very end! I am now reading the new Sisterhood book, Razor Sharp, and so far it is goooooood. But they always are =)

We are going to visit some family over the next two days, I'm going to try and take some pictures and post them here for memories. =) I'm going to start trying to do that more often.

I think that's it! I'll be checking in on Friday for MHR Friday! I WILL be posting Friday, darnit.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

Oh man I am so sorry guys! This weekend was crazy and I didn't have internet access or the time to sit down to do this post until Saturday, and then I had to book it to work because I realized I was going to be late!

So, my birthday is coming up and I am actually excited. I am going to be working on my birthday but I think it will be fun! I'm going to buy myself a button or something that says "It's my birthday" and wear it around and have some fun =) But, that's not why my husband rocks, and that's what this post is supposed to be all about! So, the reason my husband rocks this week is because he is letting me get my hair re-done for my birthday, even though we really don't have the extra money to be spending on it. He said not to worry about it, and I am excited! This is the color I want:

This is Maria from the WWE. This is the most tame photo I could find with the haircolor she had that I coveted over. She has now moved on to a darker magenta red color, but I still love this natural red look. I will have it!!

What do you think?

So, because he is cool with me going THIS red, and getting it done well ( and thus paying the money it will take to get it done well)

My Hubby ROCKS =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rest In Peace, Kenneth Richardson

So I finished Mortal Prey last night. It was SO good! I'm going to have to buy more of his books, I like his writing style and the way he kept me guessing about whether or not the main character was going to catch the bad guy all the way up to the very end!

Next on the list is the next book in the Sisterhood Series, which I will probably read in about two days. They are relatively short, but action PACKED! I can't wait to see what those ladies get into in this book! After that, is Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight Series (and my favorite - I'm trying to resist!) and then I have two new books - Lynne Spears' book about Britney and Jamie Lynn, and a new Janet Daily book! I'm excited to read these too.

I also bought this MASSIVE sodoku puzzle that I plan to start on! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sodoku, and I plan on replacing this with something on my list, because it is going to be a massive project and it is going to take me a while to finish it! (Plus there are a few things on my list that were honestly "filler" and I have no desire to do them. lol)

The service for Kenny was very nice, he got a flag for being a veteran and everything. It was very short and sweet, the way he would have wanted it. I am definately going to miss him.

Will be back tomorrow for MHR Friday!! =)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Zero Update (eight weeks)

First off, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I have to apologize this week for not making any posts, and to getting sidetracked yesterday. My stepdad, Kenny, passed away this week, actually Thursday evening/Friday morning at about 1 am.

He had gone into the hospital a few days before and didn't want anyone to know, so I didn't get to say goodbye. He's not married to my mom anymore, but I still considered him a father figure in my life, and although it was hell living with him when he WAS married to my mom (he doesn't live well with others, he was a very solitary guy) I still considered him my stepdad after the divorce, and made it a point to go see him, and to invite him to my wedding. He didn't come to the wedding, so the last time I had talked to him was when he had told me he had fallen again and that he couldn't make it to the wedding. I told him I loved him during that conversation, and I hope that he knew that I meant it.

Since I don't know what kind of condition I will be in on Monday, I wanted to get ahead and go ahead and do my Day Zero Update. Today is Day 54, and next monday will be Week 8, and the two month mark falls on the 24th, which is next Saturday.

So, as you know on the 13th we went and saw KISS =) The concert was PHENOMINAL. We had such a good time, and the only thing that sucked is once we got in there we weren't patted down or anything and could've brought our camera, as many other people did. Still, it was a fantastic time and here are the before and after pics of us:

and our tickets and one of our metro passes =)

We had one HELL of a good time, and Buckcherry, who opened, were actually quite decent as well! It was a good night.

Unfortunately, I won't be going to see Paramore at the end of the month either. It's an MTV tour and there's going to be like 5 bands, so we're not going to get to see that much Paramore, so I would rather wait for their actual tour.

Other than that I have just been working on my cross stitch project and reading this new book, which is really good so far. I think Hubby will like it, which is a good thing.

I am itching to pick back up on my weight loss, and sleeping habits, as well as eating breakfast. I think I'm going to try to incorporate it into a schedule and figure out when I can do it. I'm going to work on that this week, and try to work it in next week.

I think that has everything caught up. I will probably be posting again for MHR Friday.

My Husband Rocks!

My husband rocks this week, because he doesn't laugh at me for the things I love. =)

We had potentially scored some tickets for a concert for one of my all-time favorite bands, who I have really wanted to see again for a LONG while now. These guys:

YES, HANSON. Yes, they are still around, still making FANTASTIC music, and NO they are NOT the teeny-bopping little Hanson Brothers that you remember from MMMBop. They are older, married, fathers, and more mature in their music than ever before! Every album they put out, in my opinion, is better than the last, and I have been DYING to see them in concert again for about two years now.

Unfortunately, the deal fell through, and we aren't able to go (something about willcall not letting them switch the winning tickets into another name for us) but up until that point Hubby was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY going to go with me =))) I love him so much for this, because I know he doesn't really like their style of music, but I REALLY want to get him to go to a concert because their music is even MORE fantastic live, and it is much harder than their studio recordings.

So, because he was willing to go to a HANSON concert with me, and is SUCH a good hubby...

My husband ROCKS=)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

So, I am really bad at posting on time, but here is my MHR post for the week.

My husband rocks for exposing me to new things that I never would have gotten into otherwise. Like sports, wrestling and the focus of this post - ROCK MUSIC =)

The main reason I am writing this, is because I am so excited that Hubby is taking me to see these guys tomorrow night :

That's right - KISS!!!

We can't wait!!! He has every single album and I love every single song he has ever played for me. He has seen them a few times in concert, this is supposed to be their last hurrah, and I haven't seen them yet at all. He says it is an experience that I have to have, and I agree.

My Hubby Rocks =)

Day Zero Update (seven weeks)

Today is Day 49/1,001 and this past week I had LOTS of birthdays. My husband, his best friend, his best friend's dad, and my sister. Last night we had a small party with NO singing, no candles, and no alcohol for my sister's 21st birthday. I made her my tuna cakes, which were just as fabulous as last time, shells and cheese (one of her favorites), and brownies with chocolate frosting. I have pictures of her and Gabe, my nephew that I will add to this post later. I didn't take pictures of the food, because I suck. lol So, I believe I can cross off my #64 for this month - spend time with my nephew. (As you can see from my previous post)

I will be crossing off another BIG one tomorrow - #30: See KISS in concert before they retire. I-AM-STOKED. I cannot wait. The only thing that sucks, is they are not allowing cameras to the event, and I really wanted to get pictures of us there and of the explosions and such. Oh well. I'll still try to get a picture of us before we get on the metro in our outfits!

I'm thinking that I am about ready to get back on the getting up early, and working out when I can. I slept in again this morning, and I have been dragging all day. I know that it is going to be hard for the first few weeks to get used to getting up, but I really need to do it, so I can eat breakfast and get ready and just wake up before going in to work. I'm not sure where in my schedule I will be able to fit working out in, but I am going to try. I'm not going to get upset if I miss a workout here or there, but I am going to do my best to start back up. It's getting colder so I may have to buy some good heavy clothing to run in soon.

The next big project on my list is finishing my recipe book. And I want to finish my cross stitch project as well, and begin on my design for my "collage wall". I was searching the internet and found these programs where you can scan in a photo and it converts it into a pattern, and I am seriously thinking about ordering one, and doing a pattern for each of my kitties, and then hang them on the wall with photos of them surrounding it. Just a small one, maybe 12 in x 12 in. It's an idea. It would be really cool to do a cross stitch of one of our wedding photos, wouldn't it?

So, that's what is new! =)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's finally done. The thank you cards are printed, being signed by the Hubby right now, and will be addressed before going to bed and will go out in the mail tomorrow. THANK GOD.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day Zero Update (six weeks)

Today is day 43/1,001, (week 6) and nothing too terribly much has changed this past week. I polished off another Twilight series book, and a person who I waited on last week was very sweet and left the book he was reading for me, because I told him how much of a reading nerd I was. I think I am really going to enjoy it, he said it was an FBI type book where the main character has to find an assasin (kinda like CSI-ish I guess) and I am totally into that kind of stuff, so I think I'm going to read that next. The book is called Mortal Prey by John Sanford. After that I will read the newest book in Fern Michaels' Sisterhood Series entitled Razor Sharp, and then I will read the final (and my favorite) book of the Twilight Series. So that should keep me occupied on books well into November.

So, I am horrible at making promises to myself and have not sent out the thank you cards yet. I am going to do them tomorrow, and will post proof. It should only take me about an hour, because there is only like twenty of them.

I also purchased my page protectors for my cookbook today, so I can start printing off my recipes! YAY! =) Can't wait to get them done so I can take pictures and show you!

I think I am going to switch the new dinner thing back to once a month, I thought I could do once a week but it is proving to be quite difficult with the new schedule that I have, and the fact that I can't find recipes fast enough. Plus Hubby has already requested tuna cakes AGAIN! He loves them! They are definitely becoming a staple in our dinner routine, and I am thankful for that because it gets us away from evil Hamburger Helper. =)

We ordered our tickets yesterday for the KISS concert for Hubby's birthday! We're both really stoked. And also the end of this month there is a Paramore concert that if it is in the budget we are going to go to that one too! I really hope we can afford it because I would love to see this tour, the new album is GREAT! Only two songs that I skip over, and if I'm in the right mood, I will still listen to them. If you haven't listened to it, BUY it. I guarantee you will be a fan afterwards.

I found out today that another couple that Hubby and I went to school with is expecting a child. I am so jealous of all of them. They all have houses and good jobs and nice cars and a family on the way, and here we are still renting a sh*thole bottom half of an ancient house with a crappy landlord who never fixes anything, have crappy jobs - one of us just getting cut to part time and having to go back to serving on the weekends, and one of us in danger of his store shutting down and losing his job altogether, and almost not being able to feed ourselves and our pets on a weekly basis, because of the lack of extra money from all of the bills we have to pay just to keep our heads above water. I feel so helpless. Hubby and I want a baby very badly, but I don't want to bring a child into this world yet, if we're not sure if we can even buy diapers right now. I mean I could cut corners whatever way we need to (cloth diapers, breastfeeding if I can that kind of stuff) but still, babies grow out of clothes quickly, and yes we would get alot of help, but it would still be very hard, and we are not stable enough to even get a homeowners loan, so I know we need to wait. We don't have very long to wait I don't think, because our credit scores are ALMOST good enough. We will try again next summer, hopefully by then our situation will have improved.

Okay journal entry over. If you made it through that I applaud you. I am in a very sour mood tonight. Hopefully I will feel better in the morning.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Special My Husband Rocks Friday

In honor of Hubby's upcoming birthday on Monday (Oct. 5) my husband rocks this weekend because he is a good sport (most of the time lol)

This is what I did for him about three years ago for his birthday:

You will have to excuse the grainyness of the photo it was taken with a cameraphone some time ago. Yes, those are red and yellow balloons STUFFED into his car. It was great! And he was such a good sport about it, but he KNEW that I did it, and he still laughed with me. I still don't know how he got home that day.

This year, he has been SO accomodating with everyone's wishes BUT his own. He wanted to have his dad up for his birthday dinner, the he didn't want but his mom and grandmother insisted on, and his mom said no. So instead of making a big stink, he's going out with his dad another night. I mean come on! This is the big 2-5, and he's not going to go out? This is not the same hubby as a few years ago. He is content with having a birthday dinner and that's it. Doesn't want to play it up. I may convince him to go out with me afterwards so that he can have a little fun.

So, my hubby is a very classy man, and he rocks! Happy birthday (in advance) honey! And here's to three months on the same day!! =) I love you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Zero Update (five weeks)

Hello! Today is technically day 36/1,001, and I didn't update yesterday like I said I would. Well, I'm here now!

As I said in my post a few days ago, I am going to put my weight loss goals on hold until after the Christmas season. I am going to keep limiting my soda and drinking only water, but working out is just not "working out" with my current schedule. I need things to settle down a bit and get into a pattern before I start "working in" my workout sessions. Plus, Hubby STILL has to put the ab lounger together, and I am NOT looking forward to the push up challenge, although I know that it is going to help my upper body strength. I have to start with the girly pushups, which means I will probably be repeating the program once I can do 100 girly pushups.

Other than that, I am almost finished with my crosstitch project, I have one color of squares left, and then the backstitching and I am officially done! I am so excited, and will post a photo of it when it is completed. =) I am also almost finished re-reading New Moon, just in time for the movie to come out in November.

I am going to get my thank you cards finished this week. That is the only big goal of mine. I HAVE to get that done, it's rediculous that it has taken this long and I feel horrible. In fact I think I will do that tomorrow and go ahead and take them to the post office since I'm off work. I WILL DO THIS! NO EXCUSES!

I am running out of new dinners to try, but Hubby found this recipe (on of course - football, sheesh) for honey mustard steaks that sounded pretty yummy so maybe we will try that this week. It looks like I may have to start looking for recipes again. Anyone have any good ones for a hamburger and cheese kind of guy?

Brushing and flossing are still going well, eating breakfast every morning isn't but it is a work in progress. Packing lunch hasn't been happening either, but we need food/lunch supplies at home in order for me to do that, and it just disappears too fast w/snacking. We will get there on that one.

We're also going to the KISS concert on October 13th, so that will be another check off on the list (which is number 30) in a few weeks. I am actually really freakin excited about it.

Side Note: Paramore's album Brand New Eyes came out today!! I so want to go get it after work, but I know I will probably have to wait until tomorrow. But YAY!!! =)

That's it for now! See you on Friday for another MHR post!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New Girl...

I am so glad that football is back! I really missed it, and so far my Colts have done well! Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I have to work during my game tonight. I will probably be watching it alot, I just hope that I can keep concentrated on the job as well. I shouldn't have a problem.

The first night at work went well, it is not a hard job, and it was actually busier that morning than it was that evening. I think alot of it had to do with there were five servers in rotation and I believe I got skipped once or twice, but that's ok. I'm the new girl. Maybe tonight will be better. I already ran into quite a few people that I know there, and I think I may have a few regulars already! Which is nice.

Other than that, nothing big has happened. I think I am going to put off my weight loss goals for a few weeks, and see how much exercise I get with this new job. I may only need to run once or twice a week now, with working this job on the weekends. I still want to work on my abs, and I AM going to complete that push up challenge someday, but I am just putting it on hold for a few weeks. I have three years to get it done, although I also plan to have a baby sometime in the next year or two, so that could mess it all up right there, lol. I'll get on it maybe after the Christmas season. I'm sure I will lose a little bit right now anyway, with the added activity that this job is going to give me, which is great.

I also got to spend time with my nephew and my sister last night, as well as her new live-in boyfriend. I like him, but I don't know him yet so we shall see. Gabe was so cute last night, and he's doing SO well with sitting up on his own! The 12th was 9 months for him! He's getting so big, and he's starting to sing and use his voice to make noises, and he's very playful and interactive. I feel like by seeing him only once a month I miss so much, but at least I got to see him. Andrea is coming over on Tuesday to help me clip cats' claws, and maybe help me give them baths, so I will probably see them again that night =) I'm so glad. I was missing them both alot.

I'll update tomorrow on what my goals for the week are going to be. I WILL GET THOSE THANK YOU CARDS DONE THIS WEEK AND SENT OUT BEFORE OCTOBER FIRST! YOU HEAR THAT RACHAEL??? DO IT!!! sheesh

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moving? Or not...

So, I went on my interview yesterday, and everything went really well! I am excited to start there, and I think I am going to fit in really well into their little group. I am also excited because it sounds like the place REALLY picks up for the football games, so it SOUNDS like it's going to be really busy and that I'm going to be making pretty decent money! I start Friday morning at 10:30, and if she thinks I can handle it, I am going to stay that evening and take tables! Yay for instant money in my pocket without the wait for training!! Woohoo! It sounds like it's going to be super easy too. Touch screen ordering system, rotation based serving situation with 3 people (that includes myself = good amount of tables) and pretty much a laid back fun atmosphere with pizza, subs and beer paired with football and fun! I can't wait to start.

Also, we went house hunting yesterday, and I have to say that we saw ALOT of cute mobile homes. Some we know were out of our price range, but some we think we can swing, and I'm excited to see if we get approved. We're putting an offer on this cute little place with a ramp on the front porch for Hubby (he has bad knees) an AWESOME kitchen with a DISHWASHER for me. (I'm a simple gal, but I HATE doing dishes) It came with appliances, had a nice sized master bedroom with a garden tub in the master bath, and two other bedrooms for our office and Hubby's "toy room" for all his collectibles. I didn't take any photos, and I am trying not to get my hopes up, because I don't think we will get approved, but we don't know unless we try. So, PLEASE say a little prayer for us that we get approved, because to live in a place we OWN instead of throw our money away on rent would be HEAVEN, and then we can get a dog =) Well, Hubby thinks so anyway!

EDIT: I just received word from our relator that our credit scores are still too low. You know what I hate? Being SO close and yet being SO far away. Hubby's credit is seriously like THIS = close to being good enough for the loan! Bad news is, we can't pay off some of his debts for a while. The good news is, is that once we do that we will probably qualify. I hope maybe this spring we can try again. I know a few things that would be really easy to get off of there, it's just a matter of getting the money to do it. It just would have been nice to be paying TOWARD something instead of throwing away 6600 dollars a year on a place that won't eventually be ours, and has all these rules about what we can do to the place and not do to it. Oh well. Back to the grind.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day Zero Update (four weeks)

Today is day 28/1,001! This week also marks the one month cutoff!

WARNING: There may be a spoiler in this thread. If you want to read The Time Travelers Wife, or you haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading NOW!

I finished book number four last night. I stayed up until two a.m. to finish this book because I was right in the climax of the book and I couldn't put it down! Oh man. I was so let down!! If you know anything about the book you know that the main characters are in love and he is a time traveler. Well, in a letter to her, he tells her that he will see her when she is 89 years old, and leaves out all the details because he wants it to be "unrehearsed". THE AUTHOR NEVER TELLS YOU WHAT HAPPENS!! I was so upset! I was left with so many questions:

What happens when he walks through the door? What does she say when she turns around to see him? What do they talk about? What about Alba? Is she a professional violinist? Does Clare play their daughter's music for him? Is Alba married? Does she have children? Does she still time travel or did she decide to do the gene therapy? Do her children time travel too? Do Henry and Clare make love one last time?

And the biggest one: What does he say to her as he fades away for the last time? Does he quote another poem about undying love? Or just a simple "I will love you, always" ?

I'm so let down! I hate to be left hanging! Ugh! I hope that the movie ties it up better than the book did.

As my favorite TAPS members always say: "On to the next!"

As for the rest of my Day Zero goals for this month:

My weekly goals are not going well. I am getting back on the wagon this week! I'm going to workout Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week since I am off work those days. I think that will become the routine. The only one I managed to keep up with is blogging! I love this, its almost like a diary, and I love knowing that I'm documenting my life and can go back and read it and remember the fun!

As for monthly, I didn't get to spend time with my nephew just yet, but it isn't for lack of trying. Scheduling is always an issue. Maybe I can talk her into coming over to the house with me this evening and hanging out with me. If not, I get to have him all day on Saturday. I think I am going to go pick him up though so that Hubby can have some more time to sleep than if she brought him here at 6 am.

I crossed a few things off the list in these first thirty days and I feel very proud of myself so far...but my biggest hurdle is going to be getting on a weight loss routine. I'm going to do it! Starting this week! I feel healthier, I just don't look it yet. It will come. BACK TO RUNNING!

Goals for this week:

1. Get back on the workout train starting on Wednesday.
3. Work on crosstitch.
4. Finish New Moon. (I have a feeling I'm going to get through 50 book fairly quickly with how much I love to read)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

The reason that my husband rocks this Friday is he is trying to open up his food tastes and is letting me do more of what I want to cook in the kitchen. I made him Melissa D'Arabian's salmon (I made them with tuna) cakes last night! I could tell that he wasn't too excited about it, but he ended up really liking it! I hope he continues to be open minded because this is the most fun I have had cooking in a LONG TIME!

Because I love when he lets me cook for him.

My husband rocks =)

New Digs!

Hey there! Checking in!

I am well on my way of completing another check - # 10, my recipe book! I have finished designing the pages, and now all I have to do is get all the recipes into the format and print! That is going to be the time consuming part.

I am also planning on finishing our thank-you cards this weekend, or at least by Tuesday night of next week. I am tired of thinking about them, and not doing anything. And, they need to be done. So I will be working on that soon. That will be another check for me!

My mom and I were talking today about family portraits. We can get 14 sheets of photos, a 10x13, and a cd of all the poses for $140.00! That's a really good price. I am excited about getting them done, and getting some casual, professional photos of the hubby and me. Exciting!

I think that's all I have to update on! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Employment Hopes

I went on an interwiew yesterday for the Buffalo Wild Wings in Hagerstown, and he seemed to really like me! Hubby said that he overheard them talking and said that the guy had been doing interviews for over an hour, so I know they're needing someone. He did say that they were looking for someone with more open availability, but he also said that he was impressed with my experience and training, and that if I am willing to work with him, then he would more than likely be willing to work with me. I'm going to give them a call over there in a few days to talk to him and see where we are at. I need this job, so please say a little prayer for me! If I don't get it, I am not sure at ALL what I am going to do, and the money runs out this paycheck. After this I am officially down to part time money.

Since I am getting paid this weekend, I am going to get some ingredients to make TWO new dinners this weekend and next week! I am planning on doing Rachael Ray's fried ravioli and maybe a chicken dish of some type. There is a chicken and rice dish in my Campbell's cookbook that I'm interested in, and we will probably go for that. I am also really interested in the recipe that I saw on this weeks episode of 10 Dollar Dinners - it was a shrimp linguine with a garlic butter type sauce and it looked really complicated (like in the way that I will probably use every pot in my kitchen to try to make this thing) but it also looked REALLY yummy and apparently...CHEAP which is TOTALLY my style. So, I told Hubby to watch the episode and if he thinks that he will like it then we'll try it. We just had Olive Garden yesterday (never ending pasta bowl yay) so I don't think he'll be in the mood for pasta for a few days. lol

As soon as my schedule gets a little more settled I am going to start with the workouts again. I am also going to start back with the 8:00 am wake up time tomorrow. I am back to being tired all the time again, and I want to eat breakfast in the mornings!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day Zero Update: Day 21 (three weeks)

Today is day 21 of 1,001. I've pretty much been MIA this week, and I apologize! I'll get back into it soon I promise. I've been really stressed out with finding a job, and now my two week buffer is gone, and if I don't find a weekend job soon I'm going to get behind on money fast.

I haven't been working out, I haven't cooked a new dinner for this week yet, however I have been doing good on my water, and not drinking too much soda, but it hasn't affected my weight at all from what I can tell, so I'm a little bummed about that.

I crossed another book off the list: Twilight. I started on New Moon, but then purchased The Time Travelers Wife, so I am going to read that first. I'm about a quarter of the way through and so far it's really good.

I also crossed another item off the list - #16. Create computer-based address book w/birthdays & either print or backup on disc. I now have an excel document full of red blanks with information that I still need but hey, it's created! I'm working on getting the rest of the info for my birthday card list, and for my christmas cards this year!

Still no Netflix, so no more progress on the movies. I think by the time we get it back I'm going to have to do four or five movies a month just to watch them all by my cutoff date!

Other than that, there's really nothing to report. I'll get back on the wagon here soon. I promise. I am considering revising my "workout goals" to me not so many things. Just one "lose 50 pounds healthily" without so many different things that I have to do each week. Of course, working out three times a week will still be my goal, but that way I won't feel so bad if something comes up and I only workout two times that week.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

My reasoning for why my husband rocks this week is pretty deep. I have been having alot of stress-related outbursts and overall general laziness this week, because quite honestly this whole getting my hours cut in half at work is really depressing me. On top of that, I can't seem to find a part time serving job, which is the only way I will be able to make up that money that I'm losing, and have a safe barrier just in case I don't make my monthly quota and don't receive commission. Not that it would happen... (I hope) Anyway, he's been so supportive and has taken "the beating" this week of my sharty moods, and that is why my husband rocks this week.

Because he puts up with my crap.

My husband rocks =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day Zero Update (2 weeks)

So today is Day 14 of 1,001. I feel like I have so far to go, and I'm already slipping up.

This Labor Day weekend was very hard for me. I didn't stick to the getting up at 8 am rule, and I didn't stick to any of my other daily goals. I had a few sodas, and didn't brush my teeth every morning, although I think I only missed one day this past week, which was Saturday. We had a good time this weekend, however, hanging out with our friends and family. No pictures, unfortunately, but I can assure you there is going to start to be more, this blog is kinda boring without it lol.

I did my initial test for the 100 push up Challenge, and it's going to take me longer than I thought. I am going to have to start out with "girlie push ups" and probably have to repeat a few weeks until I can do regular push ups. But I'm ready to start, and I will be doing my first of three workouts Wednesday evening. This week is going to be Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and then will return to Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday next week. I completed my three workouts this week, which I was very proud of! I feel good about it, but I know that I didn't eat as healthily as I would have liked this week, and I'm going to continue to work on that.

I also stopped with the vitamins, they are making me way too nauseas. I'm going to find something else to take. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave them for me!

I'm about a quarter of the way through Twilight now, and I made some progress on my crosstitch, finishing off two more colors. I have eight colors and the outlining left and I am officially finished with a project I started back in 8th grade!

I actually am going to have to hold off on the movies for a month or so, the payment didn't come out of the bank account so we haven't been getting the movies. We will probably be able to do it next week, but wont get the movies I need to watch for a cycle or two. I'll be able to keep up, though because we watch movies ALL the time.

I didn't have time to work on my recipe pages, but I'm not worried about that. I'm more worried about getting the recipes typed into the computer. Maybe I can find some cute cooking themed stationary to use instead. Anyone have any ideas for categories? I'm thinking Appetizers, Entrees, Side Dishes, Desserts, and Drinks. Anything missing?

Next Saturday is Trish's at home reception for her wedding back in August, so I am unable to take my nephew next weekend. I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to take him and spend some time with him, maybe I will have to do it on a Sunday. Not sure yet. I have to figure out my job situation first, which was why I couldn't take him this weekend either, as I was applying for jobs.

I also crossed another thing off of my list this week: I beat Bowser in Super Mario Bros! I was distraught to find out that I was always ONE HIT AWAY from KILLING HIM! For TWENTY YEARS!!! ugh. lol Well, I beat him! That's #76 complete! My next goal is to beat Lion King for SNES. My problem is the second level. I can never seem to get it right, and always end up losing all my lives trying to jump back over these logs that fall once you jump on them. (I know I'm speaking Greek to some of you, I apologize lol) I have found a walk through to help me if I get stuck but I'm hoping that after I get past that part that I won't need it.

Goals for this week:

1. Three workouts including week 1 of the push up challenge.
2. Work on crosstitch.
3. Continue reading Twilight.
4. Play some Lion King and see if I can get past the second level.
5. GET ON THOSE THANK YOU CARDS!! I dont even have that many, there shouldn't be any excuse.
6. (not on Day Zero list) Find a job and get hired already!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Update and Doug's Concert

So I'm going to do my weekly updates on Mondays.

I did one workout last week, and I felt good about it. Hubby says he is going to start going with me so we will see. I am going tonight after we get home from walmart before I cook my taco bake. (look for the recipe and photos tonight or tomorrow - sorry so late!) I don't think I'm going to start on the 100 pushup challenge until next Monday because I want to do the initial test on Wednesday so that I have a while to rest up to start the workout.

I'm doing well on the breakfast and "getup-time" in the mornings, although I did sleep in on Sunday and skipped breakfast. I tried to get up, but I was just exhausted. That's ok, though I am not expecting perfection right away. I knew there was going to be days that I don't make it through, but I pride myself in getting up, eating breakfast, brushing and flossing, and taking my vitamins 6/7 days last week!

***Later that evening***

I went and spent time with my girlfriend, Angie this past weekend as well. We had a good time, we cooked wings and cake and had some drinks, ate, and watch the movie "He's Just Not That Into You". It was a decent movie, but I probably won't watch it again. That's one down for #65, 142 more to go!

I have also finished my second of fifty books. I loved this series when I read it the first time, and this time is no different, although this time I think each book ended before I wanted it to, like there should be an anti-climax and there wasn't. I don't know what book I'm going to be reading next, but I'm thinking that until I have the money to buy The Time Travelers Wife (I'm waiting for it to come out on video so that I have more time to read the book) I'll probably re-read the Twilight Series in preparation for the movie in November!

Goals for this week:

21. Work out at least three times a week - Monday is down! Wednesday and Saturday to go!
26. Complete the 100 Push Up Challenge: do initial test Wednesday, and implement this and the ab lounger into workout. (and stretching)
51. First movie on 100 list: Citizen Kane (1941) - watch this (probably Saturday)
53. Work on crosstitch kitty project
10. Work on design for recipe book pages.

I also get my nephew next weekend (9/12), so that's #64 down for this month! I'm excited to have him to myself for a day.

I made the taco bake for dinner, it was good, but it wasn't FANTASTIC. I'll post about it tomorrow evening when I get home.

Doug's concert was great! (I forgot to blog about this earlier) Everyone got up and danced and clapped and had a good time. He plays some great stuff. If there was a way to post some of his music I would. They're a christian rock band called Doug Farris and Company. Keep a lookout for them, if they can get some exposure I think they will be pretty big on the Christian Music circuit! Here are some photos from the big night:

Doug (lead vocals and guitar)

Doug (guitar)
Backup vocals (long haired Dougs wife if I'm not mistaken)

Rockin a solo
The group at the end for a final song
I had a great time!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling off the wagon already?!

So, Wednesday I totally fell off the workout wagon. I know that I didn't say EXACTLY what days I HAD to do my workouts, but I was supposed to go run and because of the work news (getting my hours cut) I really was upset and didn't want to do anything. Mike cooked dinner, because he's a good hubby, and I read my book the whole evening in order to escape a little bit.

Thursday, I was lazy and read the whole morning before taking Mike to work. I barely ate breakfast, and I felt bad for it. Like literally, I had no idea how fast my body would become accustomed to having food in my tummy in the morning. (3 DAYS! that's it?) Not to mention that the multivitamin I've been taking (one a day women's) makes me feel sick if I don't eat with it. I made sure that I got some milk so that we could make dinner (crappy hamburger helper) and so that I can have breakfast in the morning. On top of that, I woke up on my own at 7:57 that morning! Already my body is telling me to get up! I had no idea it would happen that fast.

Today, my body woke me up at about 6:00am, but I stupidly fell back asleep instead of getting up. I feel so run down because my body tried to shut back down and didn't have enough time to with all the distractions. (aka Indy trying to sleep on my head - again) I did eat breakfast and my multivitamin didn't make me sick this morning as bad, but I think I may still try another brand. Or maybe, I'm getting too much in those vitamins and that's what is making me sick. I don't know. I'll ride it out for another week and see what happens.

Water goal is going great now, I haven't had but a half a soda since I started, and I'm going through about 50-60 oz a day just on my own not thinking about it. Brushing and flossing is going well, and my gums have stopped bleeding! My teeth feel healthier already. I've managed to get up at 8am everyday, and eat breakfast too. (however pathetic it was)

I don't think the cooking blog is going to happen until maybe Sunday night, so I apologize in advance! Anyone who wants the taco bake recipe, be ready for it this weekend, because I am going to make it, even if I have to go to the store myself! We're trying to hold out, and take his dad on his shopping trip that we always take him on. (He doesn't drive)

I'm excited for this evening! It's hubby's uncle's concert! He's a Christian Rock singer, and from what I've heard on his cd, he is very good! I can't wait to go and hear/see him sing. (This is also my boss, just in case you were wondering)

My only disappointment this week is I wasn't able to bring myself to get on the workout wagon. Yes I climbed the stairs at the football game, but I would've done that anyway. And I'm going to try to work out tonight before the concert, but I'm not sure that I'm going to have time. I'll at least run when I get home and then hop in the shower. Tomorrow I'll do my run, stretching, abs, and push up test. Then I'm going job hunting. Hopefully I won't have to look any farther than Buffalo Wild Wings. Monday, the Workout War begins! I will DO THIS!

Wish me luck, and have a good weekend all!

My Husband Rocks!

So even though I'm not sure if the Hubby reads this blog or not, I want to do this for him, and as inspiration for all you new married ladies out there!
In this day and age with the divorce rate being so high, it is common to get caught up in all the bad and none of the good. I am guilty of this, and it almost split Hubby and I up before we ever got married! A lot of people have this twisted idea of what marriage should be, and what it's not. With all the romance novels out there spinning these perfect love stories, it is hard for us to grip the reality of the work it takes to make a relationship, and a marriage successful. One of these things is regulary telling your partner about the good that he/she does in the relationship, and telling him/her why you love them so much.
I encourage you bloggers to do this for your special someone as well, even if he's your husband-to-be or even if there is no ring on your finger yet! Do it! He may do nothing but grunt when he sees your post (like mine most likely would) but inside it will make him feel like a million bucks!

That being said - here is my reason for this week that my Hubby rocks:

He supports me in everything and anything I want to do.

I'm sure that he didn't WANT me to do this blog, and I'm sure that he doesn't WANT me to go back to serving, but he is supporting me. He has never once said that I shouldn't do this Day Zero stuff and he's been encouraging me almost on a daily basis. And when something rocks my world and makes me sad, he is right there to hug me and kiss me, and come up with a plan and a solution. I don't need much help with coming up with a plan, because I am a constant thinker - I swear my mind goes a mile a minute - but he is always there to provide another angle on something that I may not have thought about.

My husband rocks =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Water, water, water...

So, I really struggled these past two days, and today as well, with my "required" water intake. I really think that 97.5 oz of water a day is a little too much. At best both days I think I injested about 70oz. So I am going to change the wording to this:

Cut soda out of my diet except for one soda/tea a week, work toward none at all. (0/143)

This doesn't give me an unrealistic amount of water to drink that I can't obtain, it basically just says "drink only water." I think I can handle that.

Other than that, daily goals are going well. I had to DRAG my behind out of bed this morning, but I finally made it up and to the kitchen for breakfast about 10 after 8, but didn't fall back asleep during that time. I just hope it gets easier soon.

To make matters worse, I just found out today that I'm going to have my hours cut at work. I am going from 35 hours a week down to 20 hours. If I don't make my minimum goals I no longer get commission. So, I am going to have to go back to serving (waiting tables) on Friday and Saturday nights. Mike wants me to work at Buffalo Wild Wings so that he can come in and watch sports while I work. I'm going to go fill out applications on Saturday.

This I know that we'll be ok if I go back financially, but will we be ok mentally? When I worked for Applebees, it was a big strain on our relationship. I hope it's not that way this time around.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day ONE!

So I'm officially starting today, this marks day ONE! And, good news I already have a few to check off!

First I would like to mention that a good friend, Sarah, has decided to do the challenge as well and is starting today too! I'm not sure if she is going to blog about it or not, but I'm excited that I have inspired her to do this as well! I know a few other girls that may be doing it as well and I'm excited to check #88 off my list!! (a few times over! good luck girls!)

I actually didn't have much trouble with my daily goals this morning. The alarm went off at 8 am (#12), and I laid there to wake up for about 5 mins with Indy, my kitten, and then it was easy to get up and trod out to the kitchen to make breakfast (#13) - waffles yum. Then it was easy to go to the bathroom, put my contacts in, and immediately think "brush teeth/floss." (#14) Done, done and done! =)

Drinking the water is going ok - its 3pm and I've drank about 40 oz of my required 97oz. I figure with the game today, I will fill my bottle up once before leaving work, and drink that with dinner when we stop.

Lunch was easy to pack today, because I had leftover $5 footlong from Subway from yesterday. Tomorrow may be more of a problem, I may have to go get "supplies" for dinner and lunch tomorrow when we get home from the game tonight.

Speaking of the GAME, there is a BIG check off my list! #46 - See an NFL football game live! WOOHOOO =)

I made a "mock schedule" of what my weeks are going to look like in order to get everything done, and I realized that I'm not going to be able to work out today like previously planned. I was going to do one of my three times weekly workouts after work, but now I can't. SO, to balance that, I am going to run up the stairs at the game, since we're sitting pretty far up. I think that can count as the equivalent of a workout, so I only have two more workouts this week, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. I will stretch, run a mile and do my push up challenge on Wednesday. On Saturday I will incorporate my ab lounger as well for my sexy tummy =)

So here is the schedule as it stands right now, barring anything having to be switched around:

Mondays and Wednesdays:
8:oo am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush and floss teeth - relax
8:45 am - Mike drops me off at work
5:00 pm - off work
5:15 pm - workout: approx. 1 hour- 1 mile- push up challenge- stretching- ab lounger (100 crunches) - only Monday (2x weekly)
6:30 - make dinner, pack lunch for next day

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
8:00 am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
8:30 am - take shower
9:15 am - take Mike to work
9:35 ish - dry hair, work on projects (crosstitch, story, reading, video games, address book, thank you's, etc)
10:15 - drive to work
6:30 - off work(Tues)
6:45 ish - make dinner, pack lunch for next day
(Thrs) 7:00pm - pick Mike up from work, go home make dinner and lunch

8:00 am - wakeup eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
8:45 am - Mike drops me off at work
5:00 pm - off work
5:15 to 6:30 - free time
6:30 ish - make dinner for food blog - take photos, and save recipe

8:00 am - wakeup, eat breakfast, brush teeth and floss
9:15 am - (optional - if needed) take Mike to work
FREE to do whenever:Workout approx. one hour : 1 mile, push up challenge, ab lounger and stretching

So, I'm well on my way! I will update again next Monday to let you know how the week went! I can do this!! =)
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