Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Five more days!!

So last Sunday was my bridal shower and it was BEAUTIFUL! My maid of honor, Jess, did a wonderful job and I can't thank her enough! Here are some pictures from the day

Here are the finished flowers:

Close up side view of my bouquet - it is a mixture of cream hydrangeas, pale yellow carnations, white roses, mini daisies and a few sprigs of baby's breath. It is wrapped with ribbon of our colors. There will be four additional ribbons which I will have my kitties wear the night before so I can have them with me =)

And the top view:

This is Jess's clutch. I purchased it at David's Bridal and added a silver rose to the front. I know she will love it!

These are the mother's pins. They consist of the same things as my bouquet.
  Here are the memory roses I made to go on three chairs for our grandparents who have passed on.

My cake servers personalized with our ribbon
And the cupcake tower. Our cake to cut will be on the top with our topper on it, the next layer will be a staggered row of cupcakes and then the rest will be on the bottom.
This is our guestbook (red) and our wedding album (a shower present from my bestie Trishy) The guest book will be a digital photo of each person and then a card to write whatever they like on it side by side in the photo album.



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ten Days Left!!

TEN days left. That's it. I have SO much to do this weekend, thank GOD my big paycheck is coming in. I need to buy TONS of supplies, I hope it's not going to be too much money.

Plans for the weekend: Tomorrow night I am taking Mike down to get his ring sized. Hopefully it will be the right fit and his fingers are back to normal.

Saturday I am dropping Mike off at work, because his good buddy Ben is taking him to a race for his "bachelor party." (since he's not having one - he's getting everyone together to play basketball) After I drop him off I need to go get the cupcake and cake supplies and bake the cakes, let them cool, and freeze them for icing the day before the wedding. Then it's back out into consumer America to pick up all the REST of the supplies I need, and maybe try to make the bouquet and corsages for the moms that night.

Sunday is my bridal shower at 2:00 pm. I am sure it's going to be fun, and I will be home in time that I can start working on the signs, the decorations, and other projects I have lined up. At some point I also need to finish the playlist (which STILL isn't complete - but it's almost done whew)

It will be a VERY busy weekend and week to come, and after that I'll be a married woman!!! HOORAY!! =))

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

18 Days and a marriage license...

We're getting married! =) Mike and I went on my lunchbreak today and got our marriage license! Thirty six dollars, and now we're officially ready!

Some updates....

I ordered my shoes, garter, and our cake topper this past weekend. They should be in anytime now, hopefully within the next week. I hope it doesn't take too long because I have to start practicing walking in my wedding shoes!! =)

I also met with the photographer on Sunday, she is great! I can't wait to have her shoot our wedding, she seems so positive and creative! I'm excited =)

On the agenda for this weekend is calling people who haven't RSVP'd yet (there is still 28 of the 94 left) calling the pastor to finalize everything, and then I'm going with my Trishie for her alteration fitting on HER wedding dress! (her wedding is in August, and I'm a bridesmaid) I'm excited for her, we will have some fun.

Then Sunday is the family picnic in Hagerstown, with all my cousins and aunts on my dad's side. We haven't seen each other in a while, and my cousin Dana won't be at the wedding but at least I will be able to see her that day! She is also making a pair of earrings for me that I will wear in the wedding if they match my pearls well. If not, I will probably just go buy a pair of pearl studs and be done with it. Mike doesn't like dangle earrings, so I may only wear them for the reception, I don't know. It depends on how long they are!

Next Saturday we will be baking the cupcakes and cakes, and then that Sunday is my bridal shower!! It's getting so close I can hardly stand it!!

18 days!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hair and Makeup Trial

So this past Saturday I had my trial for my hair with the FABulous Bre! She did SUCH a good job and it's going to look PERFECT! So without further ado, here are the pics:

The back close up:

The front close up:

Taken later on that evening. My hair lasted a full twelve hours and did not shift at ALL, all that fell were the curls on my neck, and that's ok because they still look great loose!

And the back after the twelve hours. (There are 104 bobbi pins in there....yes...I counted LOL)

And here is the makeup trial. Dark brown eyeshadow on lids, golden on browbone. Brown eyeliner, bottom lashes only. (cuz I don't know HOW to do the top...I can't figure it out lol) Mascara, foundation and normal blush. Pink strawberry Cover Girl Wetslicks lig gloss. All makeup is Cover Girl =)

And my day-of jewelery. Strand of pearls, and then matching set of earrings and bracelet:

And here they are on me:

I have also determined my "somethings":

Something old: my grandmother's (dad's side) diamond ring she gave to me a few Christmases ago.
Something new: My dress.
Something borrowed: My grandma's (mom's side) wedding rings.
Something blue: My cubs garter =)Now less than a month to go!! 26 days!!!! =)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sometimes it pays to be mean!

Man, one SLIGHTLY terse email, and I get a response! She has agreed to do the photography for the wedding for $200, and we get a copy of all the photos! I am so excited! I set up an appointment to sit down and talk with her, and I think I'm going to take about 10 of my most favorite I-have-to-have-this-photo photos, so that she can make sure to include these in her work.

So, crisis averted! Now....what to do about reception site decorations...still a mystery! We shall see! =)

31 days to go!

So, I have been trying to get ahold of the photographer who said she would be interested in shooting our wedding with no luck. We emailed once, and she emailed me right back, and then called and left me a voicemail and I left her one immediately after, and since then there's been no correspondance from her side. I'm worried, and if she doesn't want to do it, I wish she would just call me so I can try to find someone else. I think that if I don't get ahold of her by this coming Friday, I will have to look for someone else to shoot the wedding. I'm sad because I really liked her, but this is honestly very unprofessional of her.

Other than that, nothing big has happened lately. Mike's Nan got the decorations for the ceremony (she paid for that and for Mike's outfit as our wedding gift) and I am starting to worry that the ceremony site is going to look better than the reception site, and it's just going to look like a plain old party instead of a reception. I can't afford to buy anything great and wonderful, because I'm pretty much broke. I'm trying to envision everything without spending 5,000 big ones, and I just can't do it. We're going to have to at LEAST rent chairs from SOMEWHERE but who knows who would have chairs for 4th of July weekend at this point? Probably no one. So, then what do we do? We've asked everyone if they are willing to bring their own, but so far no one has checked yes. I'm worried there aren't going to be enough places to sit, that the place isn't going to look like a wedding reception, and that people are going to get bored and leave!! (Which isn't good since more than half are only invited to the reception because Mike wanted a SMALL ceremony!) I'm worried, and stressed. I don't know if I can pull this off.

Hair trial this weekend! Will post pics on Monday!

Say a little prayer for me ladies! 31 days left!! AHHH =)

Monday, June 1, 2009

More planning!

So I have been looking frantically trying to find a base that I can put my cupcakes on that would be easy to DIY. I really can't afford to buy a stand so I was just going to make one. I came across this on another knottie's website, and I think I can recreate this with relative ease.

Bonus that the cupcakes are blue! I reallllly want turquoise icing. Alas, white icing, turquoise wrappers, and red cake is what we decided. I'm still going to do the strawberry "heart" slice in the center of each cupcake like this though! =)

We had a very productive weekend!

Saturday, my sister, my nephew Gabe and his stroller, and my Maid of Honor and I went to Davids Bridal to pick out her dress. She had three that she liked, and ended up choosing this one in mermaid:

She will be carrying red flowers to pull in the red colors.
I also got the dress I will be wearing to my shower, which is really bright and colorful. I will try to get a pic of me in it sometime this week to show you all.Sunday, Jess (MOH) and I went with Mike's Nan and Mom to the craft stores to pick out ceremony decorations. We found out later that the arch that I wanted was too tall, and so now we are going to "create our own." Nan found some flowers at Kmart that we are going to hang in an "arch-like fashion" in between two posts and have the pillars that she bought on Sunday on either side with a flower arraingement on them. I think that will be good as far as decorating. We aren't going to need much else. I am hoping that we can take that and move it from the ceremony to the reception and hang it up there as well.We may have a snaffu with Mom's house. The city is planning on installing her sewer (she has a septic tank right now) in July and they have to tear out the deck to put it in!! I'm so nervous, but hopefully they won't do it July 4th weekend, and they'll wait until after the wedding to start. They don't give you any warning either, they just show up and start. Ack. Say a little prayer for me!So that's all we have for now! My hair trial is this weekend, then I have two weekends, then the shower, and then my wedding! AHHHHHHHHHH =)

34 days and counting!!! Excited, nervous, scared, happy....omg!
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