Monday, June 1, 2009

More planning!

So I have been looking frantically trying to find a base that I can put my cupcakes on that would be easy to DIY. I really can't afford to buy a stand so I was just going to make one. I came across this on another knottie's website, and I think I can recreate this with relative ease.

Bonus that the cupcakes are blue! I reallllly want turquoise icing. Alas, white icing, turquoise wrappers, and red cake is what we decided. I'm still going to do the strawberry "heart" slice in the center of each cupcake like this though! =)

We had a very productive weekend!

Saturday, my sister, my nephew Gabe and his stroller, and my Maid of Honor and I went to Davids Bridal to pick out her dress. She had three that she liked, and ended up choosing this one in mermaid:

She will be carrying red flowers to pull in the red colors.
I also got the dress I will be wearing to my shower, which is really bright and colorful. I will try to get a pic of me in it sometime this week to show you all.Sunday, Jess (MOH) and I went with Mike's Nan and Mom to the craft stores to pick out ceremony decorations. We found out later that the arch that I wanted was too tall, and so now we are going to "create our own." Nan found some flowers at Kmart that we are going to hang in an "arch-like fashion" in between two posts and have the pillars that she bought on Sunday on either side with a flower arraingement on them. I think that will be good as far as decorating. We aren't going to need much else. I am hoping that we can take that and move it from the ceremony to the reception and hang it up there as well.We may have a snaffu with Mom's house. The city is planning on installing her sewer (she has a septic tank right now) in July and they have to tear out the deck to put it in!! I'm so nervous, but hopefully they won't do it July 4th weekend, and they'll wait until after the wedding to start. They don't give you any warning either, they just show up and start. Ack. Say a little prayer for me!So that's all we have for now! My hair trial is this weekend, then I have two weekends, then the shower, and then my wedding! AHHHHHHHHHH =)

34 days and counting!!! Excited, nervous, scared, happy....omg!

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