Thursday, June 4, 2009

31 days to go!

So, I have been trying to get ahold of the photographer who said she would be interested in shooting our wedding with no luck. We emailed once, and she emailed me right back, and then called and left me a voicemail and I left her one immediately after, and since then there's been no correspondance from her side. I'm worried, and if she doesn't want to do it, I wish she would just call me so I can try to find someone else. I think that if I don't get ahold of her by this coming Friday, I will have to look for someone else to shoot the wedding. I'm sad because I really liked her, but this is honestly very unprofessional of her.

Other than that, nothing big has happened lately. Mike's Nan got the decorations for the ceremony (she paid for that and for Mike's outfit as our wedding gift) and I am starting to worry that the ceremony site is going to look better than the reception site, and it's just going to look like a plain old party instead of a reception. I can't afford to buy anything great and wonderful, because I'm pretty much broke. I'm trying to envision everything without spending 5,000 big ones, and I just can't do it. We're going to have to at LEAST rent chairs from SOMEWHERE but who knows who would have chairs for 4th of July weekend at this point? Probably no one. So, then what do we do? We've asked everyone if they are willing to bring their own, but so far no one has checked yes. I'm worried there aren't going to be enough places to sit, that the place isn't going to look like a wedding reception, and that people are going to get bored and leave!! (Which isn't good since more than half are only invited to the reception because Mike wanted a SMALL ceremony!) I'm worried, and stressed. I don't know if I can pull this off.

Hair trial this weekend! Will post pics on Monday!

Say a little prayer for me ladies! 31 days left!! AHHH =)

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