Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ten Days Left!!

TEN days left. That's it. I have SO much to do this weekend, thank GOD my big paycheck is coming in. I need to buy TONS of supplies, I hope it's not going to be too much money.

Plans for the weekend: Tomorrow night I am taking Mike down to get his ring sized. Hopefully it will be the right fit and his fingers are back to normal.

Saturday I am dropping Mike off at work, because his good buddy Ben is taking him to a race for his "bachelor party." (since he's not having one - he's getting everyone together to play basketball) After I drop him off I need to go get the cupcake and cake supplies and bake the cakes, let them cool, and freeze them for icing the day before the wedding. Then it's back out into consumer America to pick up all the REST of the supplies I need, and maybe try to make the bouquet and corsages for the moms that night.

Sunday is my bridal shower at 2:00 pm. I am sure it's going to be fun, and I will be home in time that I can start working on the signs, the decorations, and other projects I have lined up. At some point I also need to finish the playlist (which STILL isn't complete - but it's almost done whew)

It will be a VERY busy weekend and week to come, and after that I'll be a married woman!!! HOORAY!! =))

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