Wednesday, May 20, 2009

THE One...

Mom and I went dress shopping last night, and I found my dress! It's a Galina chiffon gown, but I don't know the style number. Here is the picture of it from David's Bridal's Website
It was on sale for $298!! I was originally looking for around $150, and the $99 gown sale was going on but I was literally ONE size too big, everything was 14's and I'm a 16. It's not what I had envisioned for my dress originally, (I wanted lace) but it was so light and comfortable I know that I will want to wear it all day! And I'm thinking that it may be possible to shorten it after the wedding so that I can wear it again. Maybe I will dye it the aqua color of my wedding. I also think it would good in yellow. I'm not sure yet. My mom (bless her heart) is picking it up today, and taking it home to her house! I may be visiting it soon to get an idea for jewelery. I may not do anything but earrings and a bracelet, though. I think a necklace would almost take away from the neckline - what do you think?

The front: (me looking at the back and not paying attention to Mom)

From the side (look it hides my tummy! I'm still determined to lose about 5 pounds though this month before the wedding!)

What do you think??? I love it! I'm so excited, and I know Mike is going to love it too! Mom also bought a dress, she ordered this

My maid of honor and I are going to go in to pick out her dress on the 31st of May. I still need to call and make the appointment. Next on the agenda is getting our marriage license, which we were supposed to do today, but we're running short on cash this week, so we're going to wait until next Wednesday, and getting the playlist started (which I started last night) and book the photographer. We also are going to have to start buying food for the party little by little, but the good news is the 26th of June I get my check with commission which is going to be approximately $1100, so I think we'll be ok in terms of buying food. Hair trial is on the 6th so I have to make sure I have my headband finished by then. (which I am making)

I am also going to have to talk to Mike's grandmother about possibly doing the straps on my dress for me in addition to the dress for Trish's wedding. I'm sure she will do it, she likes doing that kind of stuff. I will try to take it up to her sometime in the next week or so!

AHHHH I'm getting married!!! LOL

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