Tuesday, May 5, 2009

61 days!

That's how many days I have to plan this wedding from beginning to end! EEEEEP! So I need to go in planning overload right now. Here's what we have done so far:

Officiant: penciled in (meeting needs to be scheduled)
License: can get up to 60 days prior - OMG that's tomorrow. EEEP!
Venue: ceremony (his nan's house) reception/party (mom's house)
Dress: $135 credit at David's will check their "damaged" section for a good deal
Hair: Friend Bre doing it - probably about $35/40
Makeup: me (I want to look like me anyway)
Shoes for me: Those Dorothy shoes were like $32.99. Getting them.

Not done:

Mike's outfit

So not counting food, or cake, or invitations, I'm already looking at $375.00. I'm sure that we'll probably end up around 500-600 range.

Here's to 61 days and HOPING!!!

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