Friday, May 15, 2009

51 days to go!

It's been 10 days since I've written last so I'll give you a heads up on what's been happening so far, and tell you what's on the schedule for this weekend and next week!

So since the 5th I've been in PLANNING MAJOR mode!! I got our invitation list finalized, figured out what kind of food we are going to need, worked on what we were going to use to decorate both places, as well as made appointments for my hair trial (free as a gift from her! I love you Breanne!), meeting with the pastor, nail appointment with MOH the day before, the bridal shower, and decided what the cake was going to look like! (We have decided to do cupcakes for guests, and a small cake for us to cut) I also made plans with Mom as to when we were going to bake everything, and cook the food, etc, made plans for the rehearsal the day before, and so much more!!

So on the agenda this past week wasn't much because I was so busy with work and Tupperware. We were going to do the registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Wednesday, but we decided to put it off until tonight. I had a Tupperware meeting last night, so tonight I am going to my mom's to email the girl that I really liked for photography, (she is a photog major at the local college) and give her my offer of 150 dollars and food at the reception. Hopefully, she will be interested, and we can go from there! Then it's off to BB&B to do our registry. I already have some things on there that I added from the website, but we still have some things left that we need to put on there.

Tomorrow, my schedule is pretty open during the day. I plan to sleep in until about 11 o'clock, get up, shower, and then go get all the things I am going to need to do our invitations!! I need to go to AC Moore to get the invitatations, the ribbon, and some white cardstock, then to the post office to buy about 100 stamps! (44 dollars - OUCH! lol) Then that evening, my MOH and I are going to print, cut, assemble and seal my 45 invitations!! I'm so excited, and I will take pictures and post them on Monday, because I will be so damn excited about the first ACTUAL thing that I have done for the wedding that I can touch and feel!!

Sunday, we have a meeting with our pastor, Pastor Arnold. He is VERY nice, and I like him alot. We are meeting him for coffee, and I plan to take the vows that I found that we like, and an example of the hand ceremony which I really want to do, since Mike thought that both a unity candle and a sand ceremony was cheezy. Then that evening, we are going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the WWE Pay Per View. Should be interesting, because our favorites are fighting each other. I have a feeling he won't be speaking to me after the match ::winks:: =)

Monday is quite busy as well. Our invitations will go out in the morning before work. I am going to find out the weight of our invites before I take them to make sure one stamp is enough. My mom is a rural carrier, so I may borrow her scale from her to make sure. After work we are going to Mike's little cousin's Tball game, should be fun, and then we are headed to his Nan's house to talk about the decorations for the ceremony. We are buying a white arch with lights from the craft store and decorating with tulle and flowers (we're buying the tulle, his nan said she would buy the flowers) for a focal point for the ceremony.

Tuesday I am REALLY excited about! Mike and I are going dress shopping! Yes, I am taking him with me, no I don't care anymore. He is the person who I care about, and he is the only one I am trying to impress, so I want him to like it. Anyway, I have a credit to David's Bridal, and they are having their 99 dollar gown sale right now, and they also have a "damaged" section that I am going to check out. They said that the gowns go fast, so get in there as soon as we can. So my mom is going to come, and me and my MOH will go back on the 31st to pick out her dress, and our jewelery!

Wednesday, is a BIG day for us. On my lunch break we are going to get our marriage license!! I am so excited to do makes it official because we only have 60 days to use it! =))))

So, that is what is immediate on the agenda! That's alot, but I really feel like I'm starting to get things checked off the list, and it's becoming real!! I'm so excited!! =)

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