Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Zero Update (twelve weeks)

Well, I had tons of fun this past weekend, and I have been so busy with my new workout buddy I haven't even had time to blog!

Today is technically Week 12, Day 80, since I missed my post on Monday and only took the time to tell you what Hubby got me for my birthday - which was fantastic and I love him SO SO much! =)

So, I am now into month three, and I already have a few things done for this month. This past Saturday I went to visit my nephew at my mom's house, and killed two birds with one stone. Hung out with my mommy some, which I had been meaning to do for a while, and got to see my nephew CRAWL for the first time (for my eyes, he's been crawling for about two weeks now!!) during the visit. I promise to take some more pictures of him REALLLL soon! He is getting SO big, and he is a handsome little devil! I love him so much!

I also spent some time with my best friend, Jess today! She asked me to come over to her house, and we watched the Garfield Thanksgiving and Christmas specials together, and just hung out for a while. It was really nice. I'm still one "girls night" behind from last month, but I already have a date set for the next girls night! CHISTMAS TREE DECORATING, on the 28th of November, with my Trishie at her house! Technically that is into Month 4, but then on the 5th of December she is coming down to my house to help me! I am so excited for Christmas I can't stand it, but I am trying to hold it in until after Thanksgiving! Let's see how well that goes. LOL

I also completed another goal this week, #24 - take an arobics class at a gym. Since I joined Golds I have started to do Zumba classes and I love them! But, I still want to take an actual dance class at a studio (if it is possible) so I moved that to a seperate goal to replace those apartment goals that I won't be doing anymore, since we don't know how much longer we will be here.

I have also determined that based on the number of movies I have already seen on the AFI 100 list I need to watch about 3 of the movies a month to get them done by the end of the time period. We have started watching Star Trek: TNG and have completed three episodes, and I believe I have watched disc one of season one of the Gilmore Girls already too.

I also finished the new Sisterhood book - it was so good! I am now finishing up Eclipse, and then it is probably on to the Lynne Spears book about the troubles with her two girls. I'm actually intreagued with this book, it should be a good read.

I have started the data entry on my recipe book, and I already have a good chunk of it done. Depending on the situation tomorrow night, I may be able to get more of it done.

On the to-do list this month:

Visit with my Grandmother either Thanksgiving time or Christmas time.
Get back to getting up early, breakfast, and brushing/flossing daily. I NEED to stop sleeping in, it is bad for me.
Complete a new recipe for dinner and blog about it.
Keep up my fitness routine, and my diet routine w/cutting out soda.

That's all I can handle this evening. It's 2 am and I have to work in the morning. I will write more soon!

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