Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Zero Update (Ten weeks)

Today is Week 10, Day 70! And I have some FaNtAsTiC news! I have found a workout buddy! I am so so so excited about this, because she is about the same weight as me and wants to lose about the same amount, and she used to be in the marine corps so I know she will be dedicated and help my lazy ARSE get to Zumba class! And her name truly fits her now: Angel =) She is my workout Angel!! lol I can't wait to get started, we are going to a $5 Zumba class on Tuesday evening.

So I think this is going to motivate me to get back on the wagon on alot of things. First, no more soda, except maybe one a week for a treat, because I love my cherry cokes at work. Second, eating breakfast every morning. Once we get the house cleaned up I am going to start getting up early again to eat breakfast and brush my teeth and such. Hubby is just going to have to suck it up and either get up with me, or sleep like crap for another hour. His choice =)

I'm already challenged with this darn Sudoku puzzle, and its driving me crazy! lol

I haven't done my recipe book yet, but if we get done the cleaning that we have to do today before its too late I may start on it tonight, because it shouldn't take me long as I don't have THAT many recipes yet.

The new Sisterhood book is really good so far, but I haven't picked it up in a few days, because of this whole Haunted Week thing for my facebook game. I also had started on the background profile of one of my characters in my romance, but haven't done anything more with it so far this week. I will probably work on it a little bit here soon. It's not like there is a rush to get it done. I have three years to write it, I'm sure I will get inspiration in due time.

I think that's all the catch up I needed to do! Now for a little fun. My birthday is this Friday, and Halloween was this past Saturday. I won't post the pictures, because they are the reason for this new workout plan being created, as I am totally embarrassed at how big I have gotten, but we had tons of fun, and if you really want to see the pictures, you can search for me on Facebook, they are there in all their overweight glory. I am losing this weight! I am thinking about taking before and after pics to motivate me further.

That's it! Have a good day, world!

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