Friday, October 2, 2009

Special My Husband Rocks Friday

In honor of Hubby's upcoming birthday on Monday (Oct. 5) my husband rocks this weekend because he is a good sport (most of the time lol)

This is what I did for him about three years ago for his birthday:

You will have to excuse the grainyness of the photo it was taken with a cameraphone some time ago. Yes, those are red and yellow balloons STUFFED into his car. It was great! And he was such a good sport about it, but he KNEW that I did it, and he still laughed with me. I still don't know how he got home that day.

This year, he has been SO accomodating with everyone's wishes BUT his own. He wanted to have his dad up for his birthday dinner, the he didn't want but his mom and grandmother insisted on, and his mom said no. So instead of making a big stink, he's going out with his dad another night. I mean come on! This is the big 2-5, and he's not going to go out? This is not the same hubby as a few years ago. He is content with having a birthday dinner and that's it. Doesn't want to play it up. I may convince him to go out with me afterwards so that he can have a little fun.

So, my hubby is a very classy man, and he rocks! Happy birthday (in advance) honey! And here's to three months on the same day!! =) I love you!

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