Monday, October 12, 2009

Day Zero Update (seven weeks)

Today is Day 49/1,001 and this past week I had LOTS of birthdays. My husband, his best friend, his best friend's dad, and my sister. Last night we had a small party with NO singing, no candles, and no alcohol for my sister's 21st birthday. I made her my tuna cakes, which were just as fabulous as last time, shells and cheese (one of her favorites), and brownies with chocolate frosting. I have pictures of her and Gabe, my nephew that I will add to this post later. I didn't take pictures of the food, because I suck. lol So, I believe I can cross off my #64 for this month - spend time with my nephew. (As you can see from my previous post)

I will be crossing off another BIG one tomorrow - #30: See KISS in concert before they retire. I-AM-STOKED. I cannot wait. The only thing that sucks, is they are not allowing cameras to the event, and I really wanted to get pictures of us there and of the explosions and such. Oh well. I'll still try to get a picture of us before we get on the metro in our outfits!

I'm thinking that I am about ready to get back on the getting up early, and working out when I can. I slept in again this morning, and I have been dragging all day. I know that it is going to be hard for the first few weeks to get used to getting up, but I really need to do it, so I can eat breakfast and get ready and just wake up before going in to work. I'm not sure where in my schedule I will be able to fit working out in, but I am going to try. I'm not going to get upset if I miss a workout here or there, but I am going to do my best to start back up. It's getting colder so I may have to buy some good heavy clothing to run in soon.

The next big project on my list is finishing my recipe book. And I want to finish my cross stitch project as well, and begin on my design for my "collage wall". I was searching the internet and found these programs where you can scan in a photo and it converts it into a pattern, and I am seriously thinking about ordering one, and doing a pattern for each of my kitties, and then hang them on the wall with photos of them surrounding it. Just a small one, maybe 12 in x 12 in. It's an idea. It would be really cool to do a cross stitch of one of our wedding photos, wouldn't it?

So, that's what is new! =)

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