Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

Oh man I am so sorry guys! This weekend was crazy and I didn't have internet access or the time to sit down to do this post until Saturday, and then I had to book it to work because I realized I was going to be late!

So, my birthday is coming up and I am actually excited. I am going to be working on my birthday but I think it will be fun! I'm going to buy myself a button or something that says "It's my birthday" and wear it around and have some fun =) But, that's not why my husband rocks, and that's what this post is supposed to be all about! So, the reason my husband rocks this week is because he is letting me get my hair re-done for my birthday, even though we really don't have the extra money to be spending on it. He said not to worry about it, and I am excited! This is the color I want:

This is Maria from the WWE. This is the most tame photo I could find with the haircolor she had that I coveted over. She has now moved on to a darker magenta red color, but I still love this natural red look. I will have it!!

What do you think?

So, because he is cool with me going THIS red, and getting it done well ( and thus paying the money it will take to get it done well)

My Hubby ROCKS =)

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