Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day Zero Update (six weeks)

Today is day 43/1,001, (week 6) and nothing too terribly much has changed this past week. I polished off another Twilight series book, and a person who I waited on last week was very sweet and left the book he was reading for me, because I told him how much of a reading nerd I was. I think I am really going to enjoy it, he said it was an FBI type book where the main character has to find an assasin (kinda like CSI-ish I guess) and I am totally into that kind of stuff, so I think I'm going to read that next. The book is called Mortal Prey by John Sanford. After that I will read the newest book in Fern Michaels' Sisterhood Series entitled Razor Sharp, and then I will read the final (and my favorite) book of the Twilight Series. So that should keep me occupied on books well into November.

So, I am horrible at making promises to myself and have not sent out the thank you cards yet. I am going to do them tomorrow, and will post proof. It should only take me about an hour, because there is only like twenty of them.

I also purchased my page protectors for my cookbook today, so I can start printing off my recipes! YAY! =) Can't wait to get them done so I can take pictures and show you!

I think I am going to switch the new dinner thing back to once a month, I thought I could do once a week but it is proving to be quite difficult with the new schedule that I have, and the fact that I can't find recipes fast enough. Plus Hubby has already requested tuna cakes AGAIN! He loves them! They are definitely becoming a staple in our dinner routine, and I am thankful for that because it gets us away from evil Hamburger Helper. =)

We ordered our tickets yesterday for the KISS concert for Hubby's birthday! We're both really stoked. And also the end of this month there is a Paramore concert that if it is in the budget we are going to go to that one too! I really hope we can afford it because I would love to see this tour, the new album is GREAT! Only two songs that I skip over, and if I'm in the right mood, I will still listen to them. If you haven't listened to it, BUY it. I guarantee you will be a fan afterwards.

I found out today that another couple that Hubby and I went to school with is expecting a child. I am so jealous of all of them. They all have houses and good jobs and nice cars and a family on the way, and here we are still renting a sh*thole bottom half of an ancient house with a crappy landlord who never fixes anything, have crappy jobs - one of us just getting cut to part time and having to go back to serving on the weekends, and one of us in danger of his store shutting down and losing his job altogether, and almost not being able to feed ourselves and our pets on a weekly basis, because of the lack of extra money from all of the bills we have to pay just to keep our heads above water. I feel so helpless. Hubby and I want a baby very badly, but I don't want to bring a child into this world yet, if we're not sure if we can even buy diapers right now. I mean I could cut corners whatever way we need to (cloth diapers, breastfeeding if I can that kind of stuff) but still, babies grow out of clothes quickly, and yes we would get alot of help, but it would still be very hard, and we are not stable enough to even get a homeowners loan, so I know we need to wait. We don't have very long to wait I don't think, because our credit scores are ALMOST good enough. We will try again next summer, hopefully by then our situation will have improved.

Okay journal entry over. If you made it through that I applaud you. I am in a very sour mood tonight. Hopefully I will feel better in the morning.

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