Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New Girl...

I am so glad that football is back! I really missed it, and so far my Colts have done well! Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I have to work during my game tonight. I will probably be watching it alot, I just hope that I can keep concentrated on the job as well. I shouldn't have a problem.

The first night at work went well, it is not a hard job, and it was actually busier that morning than it was that evening. I think alot of it had to do with there were five servers in rotation and I believe I got skipped once or twice, but that's ok. I'm the new girl. Maybe tonight will be better. I already ran into quite a few people that I know there, and I think I may have a few regulars already! Which is nice.

Other than that, nothing big has happened. I think I am going to put off my weight loss goals for a few weeks, and see how much exercise I get with this new job. I may only need to run once or twice a week now, with working this job on the weekends. I still want to work on my abs, and I AM going to complete that push up challenge someday, but I am just putting it on hold for a few weeks. I have three years to get it done, although I also plan to have a baby sometime in the next year or two, so that could mess it all up right there, lol. I'll get on it maybe after the Christmas season. I'm sure I will lose a little bit right now anyway, with the added activity that this job is going to give me, which is great.

I also got to spend time with my nephew and my sister last night, as well as her new live-in boyfriend. I like him, but I don't know him yet so we shall see. Gabe was so cute last night, and he's doing SO well with sitting up on his own! The 12th was 9 months for him! He's getting so big, and he's starting to sing and use his voice to make noises, and he's very playful and interactive. I feel like by seeing him only once a month I miss so much, but at least I got to see him. Andrea is coming over on Tuesday to help me clip cats' claws, and maybe help me give them baths, so I will probably see them again that night =) I'm so glad. I was missing them both alot.

I'll update tomorrow on what my goals for the week are going to be. I WILL GET THOSE THANK YOU CARDS DONE THIS WEEK AND SENT OUT BEFORE OCTOBER FIRST! YOU HEAR THAT RACHAEL??? DO IT!!! sheesh

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