Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moving? Or not...

So, I went on my interview yesterday, and everything went really well! I am excited to start there, and I think I am going to fit in really well into their little group. I am also excited because it sounds like the place REALLY picks up for the football games, so it SOUNDS like it's going to be really busy and that I'm going to be making pretty decent money! I start Friday morning at 10:30, and if she thinks I can handle it, I am going to stay that evening and take tables! Yay for instant money in my pocket without the wait for training!! Woohoo! It sounds like it's going to be super easy too. Touch screen ordering system, rotation based serving situation with 3 people (that includes myself = good amount of tables) and pretty much a laid back fun atmosphere with pizza, subs and beer paired with football and fun! I can't wait to start.

Also, we went house hunting yesterday, and I have to say that we saw ALOT of cute mobile homes. Some we know were out of our price range, but some we think we can swing, and I'm excited to see if we get approved. We're putting an offer on this cute little place with a ramp on the front porch for Hubby (he has bad knees) an AWESOME kitchen with a DISHWASHER for me. (I'm a simple gal, but I HATE doing dishes) It came with appliances, had a nice sized master bedroom with a garden tub in the master bath, and two other bedrooms for our office and Hubby's "toy room" for all his collectibles. I didn't take any photos, and I am trying not to get my hopes up, because I don't think we will get approved, but we don't know unless we try. So, PLEASE say a little prayer for us that we get approved, because to live in a place we OWN instead of throw our money away on rent would be HEAVEN, and then we can get a dog =) Well, Hubby thinks so anyway!

EDIT: I just received word from our relator that our credit scores are still too low. You know what I hate? Being SO close and yet being SO far away. Hubby's credit is seriously like THIS = close to being good enough for the loan! Bad news is, we can't pay off some of his debts for a while. The good news is, is that once we do that we will probably qualify. I hope maybe this spring we can try again. I know a few things that would be really easy to get off of there, it's just a matter of getting the money to do it. It just would have been nice to be paying TOWARD something instead of throwing away 6600 dollars a year on a place that won't eventually be ours, and has all these rules about what we can do to the place and not do to it. Oh well. Back to the grind.

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