Thursday, September 17, 2009

Employment Hopes

I went on an interwiew yesterday for the Buffalo Wild Wings in Hagerstown, and he seemed to really like me! Hubby said that he overheard them talking and said that the guy had been doing interviews for over an hour, so I know they're needing someone. He did say that they were looking for someone with more open availability, but he also said that he was impressed with my experience and training, and that if I am willing to work with him, then he would more than likely be willing to work with me. I'm going to give them a call over there in a few days to talk to him and see where we are at. I need this job, so please say a little prayer for me! If I don't get it, I am not sure at ALL what I am going to do, and the money runs out this paycheck. After this I am officially down to part time money.

Since I am getting paid this weekend, I am going to get some ingredients to make TWO new dinners this weekend and next week! I am planning on doing Rachael Ray's fried ravioli and maybe a chicken dish of some type. There is a chicken and rice dish in my Campbell's cookbook that I'm interested in, and we will probably go for that. I am also really interested in the recipe that I saw on this weeks episode of 10 Dollar Dinners - it was a shrimp linguine with a garlic butter type sauce and it looked really complicated (like in the way that I will probably use every pot in my kitchen to try to make this thing) but it also looked REALLY yummy and apparently...CHEAP which is TOTALLY my style. So, I told Hubby to watch the episode and if he thinks that he will like it then we'll try it. We just had Olive Garden yesterday (never ending pasta bowl yay) so I don't think he'll be in the mood for pasta for a few days. lol

As soon as my schedule gets a little more settled I am going to start with the workouts again. I am also going to start back with the 8:00 am wake up time tomorrow. I am back to being tired all the time again, and I want to eat breakfast in the mornings!

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