Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

I know, I know. It's becoming a MHR Saturday instead of Friday, but this is when I have the most time to blog it seems!

Ahem...anyway, the reason my husband ROCKS this week is a simple one: He has a very kind heart. And this is why:

We are MOVING - again - for the 1 billionth time (it seems)!

Now, you ask, why does that have ANYTHING to do with him having a kind heart? Because, we are moving in with my single-mom sister and my nephew! We are having some trouble financially, and aren't able to save as much as we would like to, so we are moving in with her to help her with my nephew, and help her with her finances as well!

When we originally agreed to move in together, we had decided NO ROOMATES. We just didn't want the hassle and trust factor that is involved with having someone else live with you. But, (1) we trust my sister, (2) the economy is pretty much forcing this on us.

I am excited, because I am going to get to see my nephew grow up before my eyes, and that is a wonderful thing!

My Hubby ROCKS

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