Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day Zero Update (fifteen weeks)

So....sorry I didn't update last week, but with the holidays and everything I wasn't really focused on Day Zero stuff. That's ok, because I'm going to give you the rundown now on how everything has been going!

Today is Month 4, Week 15, Day 101!! I thought it was fitting that I'm posting on day 101, kinda cool. Anyway, I've worked on a few things this past month, but my main focus has been the Gym. I no longer have a workout partner, Angel decided that what we were doing wasn't working out for her and she wanted to lose the weight faster, so we have now split off and are doing our own thing. I'm trying to find another partner, but lately I have been fine with going on my own. I've been doing well, but I didn't go at all last week, and with the holidays and how much I ate, that's probably not a good thing. I have laid out a schedule for myself, and I am going to start following it religiously on Monday. NO MORE SLEEPING IN, I've got to get on a regular pattern.

Of course, girl night #1/Christmas decorating was a success! We had so much fun and there's only two more days till we see each other again and decorate MY house!! YAY!

In addition to that, Mike and I went on a double date with our friends Laurel and Tom last night, and we had a really good time! We went and saw Old Dogs with Robin Williams. It was good, but it was SHORT. I would recommend waiting until it comes out on video to see it. Then we went back to our house and all watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past together. CUTE movie! And you gotta love Matthew McConaughey - so hot. We will have to do it again! I love hanging out with them. They are getting married next year, and I'm so excited for them!

We have also determined that we are going to be moving out. We hate our landlord and we're just tired of him never fixing anything and always hounding us for his money, when he has never done ONE thing to make our place a better place to live than the sh*thole that it is. So, my sister and I are looking for places right now, I will hopefully have some good news soon! We're trying to move in by January 1st. So I may have to put aside some of my goals for a bit until we get all settled in. I am excited though, because that means I will get to spend more time with my nephew, and see my sister more often. And this will help her out with the single mom stresses of one income. I will let you know whenever we find something!

Watching the movies on the AFI 100 list has not been on my top priorities. I'm thinking about revising that particular goal, because I'm honestly just not that interested. I'm leaving it for now, I may end up getting back into it, but I may not.

I'm also going to have to think of something to replace my seeing Gabe once a month now as well. I don't know what yet, but I'll work on it.

I have most of the wedding photos printed now, and just need to get them into the album and photo guestbook. So that goal should be complete soon.

Other than that, there's really nothing to report.

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