Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Express My Happy House Challenge Plus Week 3 Recap

I am totally bombing on this challenge. I am getting super frustrated with always having to clean something I JUST CLEANED 18 HOURS BEFORE. Sometimes even less than that. I'll clean my kitchen counter by the sink (underneath where the DIRTIEST CAT IN THE WORLD sits in the window) and by the time I wake up there will be hair all over it, and the baby bottle drying rack will be lying on the floor - AGAIN! So, then I say eff this, and don't clean for the next three days, and it just is SO bad that I don't wanna touch it when I DO get around to cleaning again. I really need to get rid of that cat. I love her, but she has GOT to go. Luckily, Hubby's Dad has a farm. Hopefully she will be happy there. I will miss her, but not as much as I miss a clean house!!

I'm not going to even post my stats on the daily challenge, because I didn't do it - not ONCE the whole week. I feel like a dirty, lazy, loser!

I don't have pictures of my bathroom, because somehow they got deleted. But here's how the bathroom shakes down:


Deep clean shower/bath
Deep clean floor and baseboards
Clean all mirrors and glass
Clean light fixtures
Scrub toilets including the base
Clean cupboard interiors/exteriors- discard unnecessary items
Clean counters and all items on counters
I think I did pretty good. Not the best, but not the worst. I hope this week is easier. 

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