Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday Weekend Recap

So, I know I am posting this super late, but I can't sleep and I wanted to tell you all about my birthday weekend! It was great =) We had alot of fun, alot of good times, and alot of good food!

Here goes!



52 in 52 update post
Work at 5:15 pm


Make my rainbow cake I don't have a mixer. And didn't want to have to eat it by myself!
Pinterest Project Saturday - plastic bag dispenser
Babysitter - work at 4:00 pm Mike came home early again.

Sunday (BIRTHDAY!)

Wake up - watch Jets gameLunch with my nephew and his Dad He did drop by to say hi, poor buddy was so cranky!
Shopping at the Outlets - pick up my Jets quilt purse
Shopping we did Monday, the guy ended up not having the right purse. I will be posting about what I DID buy tomorrow =)
Dinner with Hubby and Natalie @ Outback - they sang to me: gotta love my co-workers!


SUSHI with Jess while hubby is at workMaybe some cleaningRelax and enjoy time with Hubby and Natalie
Dinner @ the mall and SHOPPING!

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Purchase some boots and skinny jeans!
Go to see the new Justin Timberlake movie "In Time" The movie was SO good! A definate recommendation from me!

I still have more festivities to come! I am taking tomorrow off work, and Hubby's mom is taking us out to dinner, hopefully to Winchester, where I can shop for a new, cute shirt to wear for our family photos that I want to do. We also have a few necessities that we need for the baby as well. Then Wednesday, Hubby's Dad is supposed to be taking us out, and MY Dad and Stepmom still want to take us out as well! =) I love my family!

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