Thursday, August 13, 2009

The goals are set, the starting date is too!

So, I finally decided on all my goals. Some are easier than others. Some I'm starting right away, and some I will need to wait to start on until we figure out our current situation. I will edit/add new goals if this house thing goes through, because I'm sure there are things that I will want to do to the new place if we get it (like paint the kitchen a light yellow color =) ) because some of those goals will no longer be needed. I'm going to break it down into categories to kinda help me keep better track of all the ones I need to do daily/weekly/monthly and so forth.The starting date will be the Monday after we get back from our vacation August 24th, 2009. That will put day 1,001 to be May 21, 2012. Which means there are 3 Thanksgivings, 3 Christmases, 2 and 1/2 baseball seasons, and 3 football and basketball seasons.

12. Get up every day at the same time – 8:00 am **NO MORE sleeping in!!**
13. Eat breakfast every morning
14. Brush and floss every day **this one will be hard for me - I never floss**
11. Drink 96.5 oz of water per day (based on 193) weight x .5 = oz H20 needed ( new water bottle = 32 oz - 3 bottles a day)

1. Start a 1001 days blog and document progress weekly
21. Work out at least three times a week
26. Complete the 100 Push Up Challenge (implement this and the ab lounger into my thrice weekly workout - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays)
15. Pack lunch 4 days a work week

8 and 9. Make something new for dinner once a week and post in blog
51. Watch all movies on the AFI 100 list (4 movies = Sept 2009, 3 movies each month after)
64. Spend time with my nephew at least one day a month
65. Have a girls night w/a girlfriend once a month
90. Read 50 books. I have decided that my first books are going to be: Born in Ice, then Born in Shame, then The Time Travelers Wife.

So I looked up the AFI 100 list for movies and I think I'll go in order. The first four are:
Citizen Kane (1941) - never heard of it
Casablanca (1942) - been wanting to see this movie
The Godfather (1972) - been wanting to see this too
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - never heard of it

I had to skip Gone With the Wind because it's not available yet, but the rest are queued in Netflix and ready to go!The first "other" goals I'm going to work on once I'm back are:

2. Write thank you cards for the wedding
10. Design and complete recipe book.
22. Lose 50 pounds - healthily **this is kind of combined with the running and water weekly/daily goals**
53. Finish crosstitch kitty project
27. Get some of my flexibility back by stretching (each and every time I run)

I do believe I'm ready to start! =) One last week of freedom and then I'm cracking down!

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