Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm going to kill a photographer....

UGH! My stupid photographer!!! Hubby just called and said that our photos came in the mail today - should be a "yay" right??? NOOOOOOOO.


Are you freaking kidding me????? You would THINK, being a PROFESSIONAL, that she would check and make sure the flucking CD works before sending it to me! And now she won't answer her phone, I left a message on BOTH phone numbers and an email! I am trying VERY hard to keep it in check, because nastiness ONLY gets you so far, but I admit that my voicemails were a TAD less than nice.
I mean seriously, she SUCKED at the wedding, had to ask ME which photos I wanted instead of posing and clicking, because I SHOWED HER what I wanted and gave her photo examples to KEEP, and then this happens???

I am about to EXPLODE. She better respond or I am booking my AZZ to her house and DEMANDING my photos AND my money!!!


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