Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, the drama isn't over but there is some good news. The guy they sold our stuff to still has most of it. It was supposed to be delivered back to the storage unit guy this past weekend. The bad news is he hasn't called me, so I don't know if it's there or not. I'm going to be giving him a call sometime today if I haven't heard from him.

Also our internet is back, and apparently we have alot of uploading on the computer that needs to be done. Hopefully we'll get everything settled and be able to be online tonight to check everything. Thank GOD.

I am sick as a dog. The sore throat started Saturday night and has steadily gotten worse. Sleeping was horrible last night, especially with the kitten constantly trying to sleep on my head. LITERALLY on my head. Plus, we have fleas from the kitten. That's already been taken care of, I gave her a bath last night and she did ok, but I think I made the water too cold because she kept trying to jump out when I wasn't holding on tight. Her little heart was going a mile a minute. As soon as I got her in the towel and rocked her a bit she was fine. She's such a little sweetheart, I love her to death. The other four cats got their hertz treatments and the fleas should be gone by tomorrow or Wednesday - hopefully.

I'm really excited about doing this 101 goals in 1,001 days blog, but now everything may be put on hold for a while and here is why: (get ready for the good news!) We may be buying a mobile home! Mike says it's great - he's already seen it. He delivered furniture to this couple today who moved out of it and moved in next door, because it was too big for them to clean! It's three bedroom, huge kitchen, huge back porch, fenced in yard (we can get a puppy!!), and two huge storage sheds as well. We're going back to look at it tonight, and might be talking to the finance people as well if we're interested! I don't really care what it looks like, it sounds fantastic and it's only 15,000! That's how much my car cost! So, I'm excited. Say a little prayer for me that everything goes well and I'll keep you updated!! =)

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