Friday, August 7, 2009

Fair warning...I'm going to whine.

So, it's not really a secret that Mike and I aren't sound financially. The wedding really strapped us and we SKIMPED (not that my wedding looked cheap, it just WAS cheap lol) in order to still pay our bills. Well apparently one slipped through the cracks - our storage unit.

Now, its five months later - and our stuff is gone. No letters, no phone messages, no phone CALLS, and I call to see if we can settle and he tells me he sold it about 5 days ago. We are devastated. Alot of my childhood things were in there, and his collectible transformers that they no longer make, and our spare bed and....well alot. I couldn't believe that he wouldn't leave a message, because I THINK he may have called ONCE but I didn't recognize the number because he called from his cell phone, so I didn't answer it. But STILL why would he not leave a message?

So now, he said he would contact the guy he sold my stuff to about getting it back, but he can't guarentee that we'll get everything, if ANYTHING, back.

Included was my grandmother's toy chest my mother gave to me full with my old baby stuff, blankets and my classic (antique) pooh bear lamp. I feel like crying, and I know I can't take him to court because we violated the lease agreement by not updating our address with him. BUT STILL, if he wanted his money bad enough WHY would he not leave a message? Because of his laziness our stuff is gone - I would have found a way to get him the money sooner if he had just left a message!!

I'm so depressed about this. I know it's just "stuff" but I really feel a HUGE sense of loss over this. I feel so stupid, like I can't make it out here in the "real world" because we're struggling financially, and because of that now I have lost almost half of my possessions. And I feel bad about Mike losing alot of things that were really special to him, too.

This sucks. This

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