Monday, August 24, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Sorry I've been gone so long! We went on vacation for our friends Trish and Eric's wedding and I just got back to work today. We want to go back, like now. We actually didn't want to go home!

So let me backtrack. The last time I posted I told you that the guy had our stuff. Well we went to check on it, and really the only thing that we "lost" was a box of Mike's old wrestling tapes. We're sad, but we'll get over it. We're just going to have to make it a goal to start transferring them all to DVD as soon as we get the unit paid off and go get our stuff. We ARE just going to go get our stuff once everything is paid off. Right now our balance is $250.00. Each month that we don't pay he is adding on the price for a small unit, which is $55.00. So, hopefully we should be able to pay it off sometime in January or February and get our stuff back. Until then he's holding it hostage, which is totally understandable. At least we got it back, and can learn from our mistake.

I also posted about us getting our internet back, which is so nice. I really should be posting this tonight from home, but for some reason I think better here at work, and it's easier to blog here.

I finally got over my cold, I still sneeze and sniffle and cough every once in a while, but mostly the coughing is brought on by laughing, so I'm willing to make the exchange. The flea problem apparently wasn't solved, so we have to get to Walmart and get some kitten safe drops to put on her neck. Hopefully that will get rid of them for good, because it is ANNOYING. But, she's too cute, so she's forgiven. We'll get it taken care of.

So, we saw the mobile home - and loved it, but here's the kicker, it's not a privately sold kinda deal. They are dealing with a realtor, and that means financing. We're still going to try, but I'm not very hopeful about it. I'll send in the application, and if they tell us no, it will be what I'm expecting. I loved the place and I could see JUST where everything would be, and it was PERFECT, but we just don't have the credit.

Now, on to vacation. Everything was PERFECT. On Saturday, Mike and I just lazed around. Same thing Sunday and Monday, lazed around, did a little shopping, packed for the beach. Monday night we went down. I drove for probably about 5 hrs straight on NO sleep. The sun was up when we got down there for the rehearsal, so I didn't get to nap. Rehearsal went good, then we went down to the beach. The water was BEAUTIFUL that day! We floated in the ocean, did some boogeyboarding, and just played around. About six we finally left and drove an hour to our hotel, checked in and I slept the clock around - almost thirteen hours, but hey I was running on 29 straight hours of being awake! So, we get up the morning of the wedding and drive in. We get ready and get going.

The wedding was beautiful. Trish looked gorgeous, and everything went perfectly for them. There were dolphins playing in the water behind the arch before the ceremony (SO perfect) and the ceremony itself was beautiful. There are pictures on my facebook, if anyone wants to look at them, comment and I'll add you. After they were pronounced, the coolest thing happened. They got a FREE FLYOVER! That's right, we're thinking the two planes saw the ceremony and decided to flyover and tip their wings to the happy couple! It couldn't have been timed more perfectly and it was the icing on the top of the cake of a perfect wedding day! We went in and ate dinner, and lazed around, and then Mike and I called it a night and drove back to the hotel.

The next day, Mike and I drove back down and went shopping. We bought our requisite shot glass, a picture frame to put a picture of us from the beach in and hang in our new lighthouse themed bathroom (once I get the and I bought a shirt. We looked for a turtle buddy for Donny, but apparently its illegal to sell them anywhere but SC. So now Leo for us this trip. We'll get them all eventually.

Then we went to the North Carolina Aquarium. I have to admit we were a little disappointed at the size of it, but we're spoiled with the Baltimore Aquarium being so large. From there we went to the Wright Brothers First Flight Museum, and took photos at the memorial and at the "reinactment" sculpture. We saw jockey's ridge from a distance, but I knew I was not in the mood to roll down some sand dunes, so we're saving that for next time. Then we went back to the beach. The riptide was CRAZY that day! Mike and I got out of the water at least three times to walk back up the beach after being carried down the way! It was because of the storm out in the ocean, and they red flagged swimming the next day. So after that, Trish and Eric invited us to dinner and to stay the night, and we all went for a walk on the (CRAZY) beach that night! The waves were CRAZY and we all got soaked, but it was fun. And there were crabs EVERYWHERE! It was fun taking pictures and chasing the little guys.

The next day we packed up and went home. My eyes swelled up for some reason, and it was pretty bad, I had to keep ice on my face for almost 5 hours before it died down and I could drive. We got back into town and hung around the apartment, and just decided to be a little lazy again.

Then Sunday we went and saw Summerslam at BWW. It was fun, I guess. I'm starting to get bored again with wrestling. None of my favorites are really doing much right now, so I'm just kinda "blah" to it all.

Tonight, is the football game in Baltimore, which means I can cross another thing off my 101 list!! I'm so excited to see an NFL game live, and I have a feeling it won't be the last!

If you got through all of that, I applaud you!

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