Monday, August 16, 2010

"Ketchup" continued...

Hello again!

Super excited for today, I've got lots to do plus tonight is my first night serving (officially) but I wanted to take the time and finish my post on my Day Zero Challenge:

I believe I left off with #40:

40: try 2 new recipes a month - I'm am SO far behind on this. I should have 24 recipes in already but because of the break I took I only have 3. I hope to get cracking on this soon!

41: I'm (hopefully) going to get one of these out of the way this coming weekend, depending on my schedule! Laurel and Tom are hopefully coming over for dinner, I just have to make sure I'm off work and they are too.

42: I don't know when I'm going to do this, as classes cost money, but hopefully soon - I think it'll be fun!

43: Will be taken care of this November, because even if I don't have a full blown party, I'm still baking this cake for myself!!

44: I'm not sure if I'll do this this year, or next - but either way it will be simple because it will only be for the two of us.

45: My recipe book is in progress - I decided on which one I wanted to use, and have started filling it in, but some of the recipes I want to try before writing them into my book, since I only have so many pages

46: Bread is one of those things I am totally afraid of in the kitchen because it's so easy to mess up. I hope to get up the guts to do this soon, so that we can stop spending money where we don't need to.

47 and 48: Pending funds to buy them.

49: Birthday cards have always been a hard thing for me. I always forget until its too late. (like today is my best friend's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS! but alas, no card sent) I'm trying to work on it.

50: I can't WAIT to send out Christmas cards, even though Mike thinks its totally pointless.

51: Girls night out once a month is going well, I seem to just keep up with this goal without really trying. Mostly if Mike is going out I'll find something to do with a girlfriend.

52: Dunno when, dunno who.

53, 54, and 55: These are in the designing/planning stages. I still have to determine which pictures I want and what will look good on that size of a wall. Hopefully I'll have some plans soon.

56 and 57: These two will probably be done some time next spring, because I don't want to plant my tree this late in the year.

58: The yard sale will probably have to wait until next year since we don't have our storage unit paid off yet.

59 - 68: These are all in the future. Don't have the money right now.

69: Date night is good - Mike and I are actually planning to go more than once a month, probably closer to twice.

70: In the works. Need money.

71: Have two payments left! WOOHOO

72: I don't think we'll trade my car in right away. We have to get some money back in case they want more of a down payment (since my car isn't worth much)

73 - 76: Not really working on these so far, but will get to work soon now that I have a steady job again.

77: Haven't started on this yet.

78: I've found a pattern that I like but it is hard to read, so I may have to choose another one. I will also have to buy the colors a few at a time, so it will be a process.

79: again - need money.

80: I've got a great idea (write about what you know) and I will probably end up posting bits of it here to get an idea on if it's any good or not.

81: I love to read, so this one is easy.

82 and 83: these are going well, but I haven't worked on them lately.

84 and 85: I haven't started doing this yet - I'm thinking maybe I'll start on Thanksgiving? That seems appropriate.

86: This has been started but I haven't worked on it lately - again, need money to print off the pictures

87: This one is so hard, because Mike is a very narrow interest guy - sports and gaming. That's, about, it.

88 and 89: In the works, but no luck so far.

90: Actually this one should be 2/6 so far, I'm down one for this past year, and for this current year so far.

91: Ha! Nowhere near starting this right now, need money for the program

92 and 93: These will hopefully happen for my birthday this year, that's what I want.

94 - 101: Not started yet, or waiting on money. Nothing to report on those goals.

So you see, I have alot started, just not alot to show for it yet. I'm super excited for all these goals, and I hope I get some of them checked off soon!

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