Friday, February 26, 2010

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Ok so, here's my good news for the week. Hubby and I are going HERE this summer:

And while we are there we are going here:

I am so beyond excited! Not only because I FINALLY get to see Wrigley Field and stand in front of the big red sign but because I am checking off TWO of my Day Zero goals! (#34 - visit Wrigley Field and # 47 - take the honeymoon Mike and I never got - JUST THE TWO OF US) And it's fitting because we are going ON our anniversary (Probably looking at a five day or so trip, because we are actually going to drive there.)

I am so stoked!! I can't wait, and I kinda thought it was a little cheesy and un-romantic to spend the anniversary of your first year of marraige at a baseball stadium, but this is the reason why we are who we are, and I love my husband, and I love my Cubbies, and I can't wait to see Chicago!!

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