Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh man have I missed you!

Hey there!
Gosh, it's been forever since I had a chance to post on here, and most of it has been internet/computer problems. Apparently, my desktop contracted a virus (sounds like an STD jeez) and would not let us access anything that would need to connect to the internet to work! It is seriously annoying, and still is not fixed. I have so much to catch up on with you!
First I have to catch you up on my pregnancy so far: I am now 26 weeks along in my pregnancy, and for the most part the doctor says I am doing well! The baby is measuring perfect and the heartbeat is steady and strong so everything is good on that front! On the Gestational Diabetes front, things are not as good, but not that horrible either. They have now put me on some meds called Glyburide, and it seems to be helping although my blood sugars are still not where they should be.

Oh and one more thing!!

We had our anatomy scan about a month ago, and we got a really good shot of in between the legs and its most likely (like 98%) a girl!!

We have decided to name her Natalie Elaine Farris =) Here are a few ultrasound pics:

We have picked out a theme for the nursery at Target called Batik Butterfly, it is light green and lavender. So cute! Here is one of the patterns on the sheets in the set:

I love it! My two best friends are each throwing me a shower. Amber will be throwing my work shower on July 20th and Jess will be throwing my family/friends shower on July 31st. Its going to be fun!

We have also decided to hold off on a professional grade camera and buying a nice digital camera instead. We just don't need something that expensive right now. I may still get one someday, but I figure I'm not going to have enough time to figure out how to use a camera like that correctly before the baby gets here and I don't want to take bad photos of my baby girl!

The baby fund saving is going decently, although we have been borrowing from it when we shouldn't have been. As long as it gets paid back I am not worried. But that is the money for my time off, so it is really important. It will come together ok, I know it will.

We have had some recent financial troubles with our car. The ignition switch went bad on it on Mother's Day (HORRIBLE TIMING) and we found out all of the teeth that make an igition turn were dirty and sticking so that our keys wouldn't turn the ignition anymore because the teeth were stuck! So our mechanic cleaned it out and its been working fine ever since, but we had to pay almost $150 bucks to get it fixed, PLUS we didn't have the car for almost FOUR days! It was very inconvienent.

As far as my Day Zero List, I am starting over. I have been having trouble with wanting to revamp my list every six months, so I decided instead of a three-year span, I'm going to do 52 goals in 52 weeks, and start a new one every year. The new goals are posted on the side of my blog (or will be soon - depends on if I have time to get to retyping them today) and I will give you an update on how they are going soon!

I think that's all I really needed to catch up on!

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emmers22185 said...

Love reading your blog posts! Girls are so fun!! Maybe one day I will get motivated enough to do something like your "day zero" list.

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