Thursday, June 30, 2011

To wash or not to wash?

Oh my you have no idea how it feels to be able to blog again! I am hoping that now that I can post from my phone that I'll be able to put up a new post every day! (Except maybe Sundays since those are my days with the Hubster)

So I wanted to bring up a decision that the Hubster and I made regarding the baby: cloth diapering - and get your thoughts!

Positives: the kind that we registered for are shaped just like disposables and have snap closures, and all the reviews said that they are great for girls because they load the liners from the back which means you would pull the liner out the same way, thus keeping the front to back wiping method you are supposed to use with girls to avoid infection. They are also big enough that she should be able to wear them all the way up until age two, which is about when I plan to start potty training with Pull-ups or something of the sort. They also have a disposable liner that is flushable that you can buy for when you go out so that you don't have to lug around stinky used diapers all day.

Negatives: The biggest one is price. I know once we get them we won't have to buy any other diapers, but $100 for six diapers is crazy to think about! Not to mention the fact that we are probably going to need at least three dozen! OUCH! I just hope that I can find a way to purchase them if I don't receive any from the baby showers. Another downside is extra laundry. I am going to have to do at LEAST one load of diapers every morning. I just hope that I don't get discouraged.

So, weigh in! Do you think its a good idea or a horrible one? Is it as easy as it sounds or am I crazy for attempting it?

I will be waiting to hear your thoughts!

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emmers22185 said...

i cloth diaper my girls... if you want to give me a call I can give you a bunch of advice. I have learned a lot and I can probably keep you from making some of the mistakes we did! message me on fb and i will give you my number!!!

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