Sunday, March 6, 2011

The saddest day I've ever had was today.

My husband and I found this little darling one day before our wedding on July 4, 2009.

Hubby had heard a faint meow coming from the basement and went down to check it out. This tiny little kitten emerged. He brought her upstairs just as I was getting home from errands, and I instantly fell in love. She was rambunctious, loving, and cute as a button, not to mention scared and hungry.

She became my world, and a few things became quite obvious:

1. She loved us both instantly and showed us often with neck cuddles.

We cuddled on almost a daily basis. She knew when I got home and instantly came running to greet me. She hung out with me as much as possible, and when she wasn't lying tucked into my neck purring her heart out, she wasn't far away, usually curled up against me with some extremity of her little kitty body.

2. From the time she was little, she slept in the wierdest (and cutest places/positions):

 I loved that she could always find a comfortable place to sleep, no matter where we were or what part of the house she was in at the time.

3. Eddie was HER man:

 Every time I turned around they would either be sleeping together, grooming each other, or playing with each other. I called them my lovebirds.

Lately, Indy and I have had this ritual where when I go into the bathroom in the morning, she comes and jumps up on the sink and from there crawls into my arms for cuddle time. She has been doing this for about three months now. It was our time together, and this morning was no different.

She came in and I gave her a few rubs and she nuzzled my neck on each side, and then I set her down to put my contacts in. I turned around and all of a sudden she is breathing heavy and twitching and her legs are all stiff. I picked her up and she took a ragged breath, and then it was sheer pandimonium. I'm not sure what happened - we think it may have been a stroke, heart attack, or seizure. Either way, she was gone. We gathered her up as fast as possible ( I was freaking out) and drove to the nearest animal hospital, only to find it closed. It didn't matter, I truly believe she was gone as soon as she felt herself in my arms. I just couldn't let her go, I kept holding her and petting her and whispering "I love you's". There was nothing I could do. We buried her in the yard as it was raining, and later tonight it turned to snow.

So, now I must say goodbye to the best cuddlebug I know, my Beeber, Independence, my wedding kitty. You were closer to me than any kitty I've ever had, and you always knew when I needed you just for some love and affection. You were the best cuddler, and your purrs in my ear I will never forget. I will miss our "Mommy and me" times, I will miss you greeting me at the door, I will miss your squeaks, I will miss your eyes, and your silly little bicolor face. I will miss you always getting in the way at the worst times, and I will miss you always butting in when I'm late for work for one last cuddle - knowing that I won't be home for a few hours. You weren't here long enough to say hello, let alone goodbye. I will say this...

I love you, and Mommy will never EVER forget you. I will miss you every day - FOREVER. I love you so much, Beebs - and I will see you again someday.

Sleep well, and wait for me.

Mommy loves you.

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