Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Last Hurrah Babymoon

So before I get into the drama of this past weekend, I would like to share with you some pictures from our "Babymoon"!

After I got discharged from the hospital on Monday and rested for the rest of the evening, everything seemed to be fine. On Tuesday I followed up with my OBGYN and they sent me over to my delivery hospital for a non-stress test to make sure I wasn't contracting anymore. They also gave me a steroid shot to help with her lung development in case she does come early, which is very likely now that I have had positive labor. They told me no working, and that I would need to go home and put my feet up, but we decided to go to the game anyway, since it was our two year anniversary (omg!) and since I was feeling good and wasn't going to be doing a lot of walking anyway. It was so fun! Between the three games that we went to, we lost two and won the last one. But it was super cool to sit behind the Cubs bullpen and watch the pitchers warm up! The last game was an AWESOME win, the Cubs were down 8-0 and came back and won 10-9!! Here are some pictures from the games:

 I also wanted to share some pictures of the progress of the baby's room. I haven't really gotten to do much, but I will get to the reason behind that in just a little bit.

 This is her dresser which was bought for her by my Dad and Stepmom, Lisa. Thank you guys we love you!

They also came over last Friday and helped us paint her bedroom purple! Doesn't it look fantastic!!?

I printed off the letters that I want above her crib. It reads : Life is but a dream... Right now the dresser is sitting there but it will actually be moved to the back wall under the window. The letters will be painted up on the wall in dark purple. I also have a wooden letter project in the works that unfortunately I can't work on at all right now.

This is the first baby gift package that I got from some of my AMAZING customers at work. There is a baby blanket, a few onsies, bottles, two rubber ducks, a rattle, a bottle brush, a few bibs, a stuffed bunny rabbit, and her first piggy bank! They are so sweet! I want to document all my gifts like this!

So, the reason I can't paint the walls or do my wooden letter project is because....

I am BACK. in. the. hospital. My water is now "cracked" and leaking and sent me back into contractions on Sunday morning. The doctors said I wasn't doing enough to be determined to be in active labor, so they have put me on bedrest and pumped me full of fluids (although I am now off of them because they are feeding me) and now I just get to wait. And wait. And wait. There's no going home since there is a chance my water could break, but I don't think I'm going to be having this baby for a few days or MAYBE even a week or so. It's going to suck being cooped up in this hospital bed for days on end, but she's still WAY too early to be coming into this world. And the plus side is that all the nurses are super great and are making sure that  I am happy and well taken care of. They are definitely making this easier, because while I enjoy being lazy, I definitely do NOT enjoy being confined to bed, or being away from my pets. I can only hope that either by some grace of God she stays in and they eventually let me go home with strict orders for bedrest, or I have little Natalie here soon. I was hoping for an August baby, but little Natalie is SURE being impatient! Let's just hope that she can stay in a few more days.

I will update soon!

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