Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's official!

I got my social security card in the mail yesterday! So this weekend I get to get my driver's license, and then change my name on EVERYTHING, get a new work email, and officially become Mrs. Farris at work!! yay =D

So, we've been married now for nine days and it doesn't feel THAT much different. I mean we already lived together so that wasn't different, we already pay everything together so that isn't different, and Mike says he just feels wierd because of the new ring on his finger. (his first and probably ONLY piece of jewelery of his lifetime) It's great knowing that we're finally married, and the congratulations are wonderful. I think I can get used to this! No, it really is fantastic, and I couldn't ask for anything more, and knowing that he is going to share the rest of my life with me is the best thing a girl could ask for.

So, now that there's no wedding anymore, I am moving on to a weight loss goal. I'm going to try to get back in shape and stay there. I weighed myself at 185 this morning. Embarrassing I know, but it's better than it was. At one point I was pushing 200, and that's when I got the wake up call. I want to lose about 55 pounds.

Starting next Monday, I am going to run around our block every evening after work, except when it rains. IF that happens, I will try to find an exercise tape of some sort to do inside for 30 minutes. But I do enjoy running. So that's the plan, I just need this week to enjoy the last of the leftovers, and then I'm all for it! Plus I still need to track how far a mile is around our block.

Well wish me luck!

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