Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's almost here!

So this will be my last post as a single woman! I have three days left, and everything is pretty much done. I am ready to marry him, ready with my whole heart and soul. I wish it was Sunday already!!

Here's the rundown of what my next three days look like:

Tonight: I am going to finish cleaning my house, and finish my photocard project for the guestbook table (no big deal - VERY unstressful) and just relax as this is my last day that relaxing is possible. I am going to chill out on the couch with a book and Mike, or watch a movie with him or something unless he has plans which then I will just chill with myself. lol

Tomorrow: Unfortunately I was SUPPOSED to get the day off, but I have to work. So at five, I am off to mom's to scrub her kitchen floor for her, vacuum the carpet and couches (cat hair) and clean up anything I can to help as people will be inside sitting and to use the bathroom. Mike is going to pick up his ring from the jeweler. Then after mom's I'm going to head up to Mike's Nan's (the ceremony site) to drop off some of the stuff for the ceremony. Then when Mike gets off work he and Ben are helping put the canopy up, and I am off to dinner with my Maid of Honor.

Saturday morning: Back to mom's to ice the cupcakes and refridgerate them, make the pasta salad, and decorate the reception area. Get the speakers hooked up and ready, etc. At some point I need to clean out the car, because it's our "getaway car". Then around 8 pm all my girls are coming over for a sleepover and girlie party at my house. Mike will drop me off, and take the car up to nan's, where he will stay that night.

Sunday: Head to mom's and pick her up, drive to the ceremony site with my girls, and get ready up there! Ceremony, reception and then it's off to the hotel!!

Monday and Tuesday (and Wednesday now): Mike and I are off work, my boss gave me Wednesday too, now that he's making me work on the 3rd when I was supposed to be off. We are unsure what we're doing yet, but I know we had an idea of going down to D.C. to the Smithsonian museums and such, and just tooling around there all day. We shall see, I just know I want to be with my new hubby, the rest doesn't matter!

OMG I'm getting married!!!! That's it I'm good now =) lol

For the last time - signed,

Rachael L. Repp =)))))))))

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