Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drivers License and Florida

So I finally got my new driver's license, and now I'm good until 2012! Nice. It's actually a good picture too! It's my first one that's been halfway decent at least.

It's been 17 days since the wedding, and I still haven't even STARTED on the thank you notes. I am going to try to get them finished this weekend so that they are done before we go on vacation.

Speaking of vacation, that's where the worries come in. I'm not sure we can afford to go. We have a good amount of money coming to us in the time that we're needing it, but with everything that we owe and all the bills that are due I'm not sure we can afford it and still keep a roof over our heads. We're going to sit down tonight and see if it's possible. I hope we can go, because this is supposed to be our "honeymoon" and I don't want to have to sit at home and be at work all that week and be thinking "We should be in Orlando right now." We shall see.

Other than that there's been nothing exciting going on in our lives since the wedding. Just living, coping with the new snugglebug kitten (who LOVES to lay on my NECK - and no air conditioning to battle her little body heat) and just trying to settle in and relax a little. I'm hoping that we can get everything done that we need to and be able to head to Florida the first week in August.

Here's hoping! =)

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