Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've been a reading FOOL!

So, I have some catching up to do. First, I have read six books since I last wrote, the last one that you know of is Lone Calder Star by Janet Dailey. It was a very good book about a family who owns a ranch who's head guy gets run off by a rival ranch in the area, and the struggle to outsmart the rival and regain control of the land, ranch and town, and fall in love along the way. I was a little disappointed with how FAST the two main characters tell each other they love each other, but all in all it was a good book. The next book I read, was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoyed the book very thoroughly, and I am excited for the movie.
The next book I read was called French Silk, by Sandra Brown. Honestly, I want to find more of her stuff because I read two of her books and she is amazing! French Silk is about a girl with a lingere line, who gets caught up in a murder investigation of an evangelist. There are lots of twists and turns, and a few steamy romantic scenes and let me just say, READ IT. After that, I read another of her books called Breath of Scandal. It is about a girl who is raped her senior year of high school, and basically flees the town, only to come back and get revenge on the men who raped her, which also happen to be the only family who owns any of the businesses in town. She brings in a big factory and gets the revenge she deserves. It was a fantastic book. The next book I have read is called Gentle Conqueror. It is set back in the renaissance era, and it is about a young maiden who's castle is conquered and she is forced to marry the man who now reigns. She ends up falling in love with him, and there is plenty of action in this book as well. It was a good book, although it wasn't exactly my kind of writing style. The last book I have read was called The Lucky One. I won't go into too much detail, but it is basically about a soldier who finds a photo of a girl in Iraq, and it brings him good luck, so when he comes home he goes on a cross-country trek to look for her. I loved it, and it is a must-read. It was a Christmas present from Byron and Sarah - thanks guys! So my book count is now up to 17/50, and I think it will stay there for a while.

I think that's all for tonight, I'm tired. More tomorrow!

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