Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Recap

2009 was good to me, I can't wait to see what 2010 brings!

1. The biggest day, of course, was my wedding! It was a wonderful, fun-filled, family-filled day and I couldn't ask for anything more than what I got - my HUBBY =)

2. Trish and Eric's wedding took place one month after mine, and I was so excited to be a part of it! It was so fun, and I think the beach wouldn't be such a bad place to live =) Maybe someday!

3. I started my Day Zero goals, and my blog. I love having a place that I can go and write things about my life and what is going on, so that I can look back on it later! It's like having a virtual diary and I love it!

4. I got back on the weight loss wagon. Yes, I took a pit stop for the holidays, but I'm back on track starting Monday! I hope that I can drop the weight for good this time!

5. My nephew, Gabe, celebrated his first birthday this year. It is a wonderful thing watching him grow up, and so far I have seen him crawl, stand up on his own, and he has started babbling and now says "mom (mamamama)" and "dad (d-d-d-d-d-d)" I can't wait to see more firsts with him!

6. I FINALLY got to put up my Christmas tree this year! I know it's silly, and a little CRAZY considering we were moving THE WEEK AFTER, but I couldn't help it! I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday, and I have been waiting for FOUR YEARS!

7. I got to meet my favorite WWE wrestler, Batista. Yes, I acted like a 5th grader with a crush, but WHO CARES?? It's BATISTA!!

8. I got to see KISS in concert. OH-MY-GOD. I will never forget it! I mean, they do almost the same show every year, but that's what's fun about it!! They are amazing, and I wish they could keep touring until they're 95 years old! lol

9. I went to my very first NFL football game this year. Granted, it was preseason, (it was the Jets we had alot of fun, and it was definately an experience I will not readily forget!

10. I have met some great people over the course of this year, that I am thankful for meeting. All my girls from the thank you for supporting me and helping my plan my wedding in 60 days! Sarah, Jacqui, Kati, Ida, Ashely O. - I hope we will get together someday! I'd love to meet you ladies!

So there you have it! I wonder what this year will bring? Maybe a baby? Who knows!

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