Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Zero Update

I got my new planner for the year today, and got down to business!

Some things that I'm going to be working on in the coming month:

~ My cross stitch project - I only have half of a color, and the backstitching left to do and then it will be complete! I'm so close I can taste it, and it's been bugging me because I've been working on this darn thing since I was in the 8th grade!
~ My daily photos - I haven't even STARTED on March's photos yet, but that's ok because I will have plenty tomorrow! I am going to a meeting for my job, and on the way home I'm going to meet on of my friends, Ida for lunch! I'm so excited because we live so close, and we've wanted to meet up for a while! AND, that's my girls day out for this month too! CHECK! =)
~ Book reading - I am almost done Why We Suck, but I'm sharing it with my Hubby so it seems to be taking alot longer than normal for me to finish it.
~ My personal movie list - I just got The Time Travelers Wife in the mail today and I'm so excited that I'm probably going to watch it tomorrow night! I will eventually post this list and keep you updated on what I thought of each movie.
~ Planning our Chicago vacation and starting to save for it.
~ Working on my sodoku puzzles
~ Working on a budget and a payment plan/calendar for the kitchen wall so that we can keep track of what is due when and how much.
~ I haven't decided for sure yet, but I think when I finish my cross stitch, I'm going to start on my GS vest and fix the patches that are on there, and sew the rest on.
~ Daily things that still haven't been started.
~ Continue on my weight loss journey, and my eating right, and not drinking soda.
~ Continue with Rescue Me, Gilmore Girls, and Star Trek
~ Continue (not) working on my story - seriously its all in my head I just haven't started writing it yet! I'm afraid it's going to sound like a 5th grader wrote it.
~ Continue work on my recipe book, decide which one I am going to use, and stick to that decision.

Ok I think that's enough for now...I don't think I'll be any closer to completion of all those, but it's a good goal to have and it will keep me busy.

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